Forget Me Not 4

Forget Me Not 4
Journal Entry 3

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Today is my first actual day in this place.  After sleeping here I have realized there is something a little off about the inside of this place.  The first issue is it is bigger in the inside than the outside.  This observation was confirmed when I got lost looking for the restroom.

I am sitting in what looks to be a courtyard.  Whether I am really outside I don't know.  It feels like late spring here and yesterday outside it was early fall.  There are the prettiest blue flowers mixed with the roses here.  I ran into Calyst a few minutes ago.  She said "the blue flowers are called Forget Me Nots my sister planted them because of the name and they are her favorite color."  Raven sure chose an ironically named flower to plant.  I wonder where she is today.  Probably avoiding me!  The elder arrived and startled me by calling out my name "Jack, good morning I trust you slept well?"  "Yes sir I did.  I want to talk to you about something."  He just smiled I wager he knew my choice already since I had nowhere else to go!  "Come with me Jack we need to test your power.  You can write more in that journal of yours later!"

At that point in time I had no idea he was even aware I had a journal.  I know losing a sense can make the others stronger but this guy was unreal.  I quietly followed him down the hall to a large set of stairs that led into what looked to me to be a black empty void.  However as we got closer to it, it just kept getting brighter.  I turned to look behind me and saw the inky darkness had swallowed the path behind us.  My heart pounded as my senses went into over drive.  I found myself standing in a large room with very high ceilings.  "Young man it is here I must ask you what your heart desires. Remember the world you came from is lost to you!"  I had only one answer and nowhere to go but straight ahead.  "I want to learn" was my only response.  After that it’s mostly a blur.  What I do remember: the old man had maneuvered himself close to the doorway if you could call it that and his final words before he performed the rite.  “I told you, you possess the powers of the beast.  Your type of power is the most elemental.  You are a living embodiment of a force of nature.”  I of course had no idea what he was talking about.

“Supreme beast who prowls the jungles, cutting the air with your roar, lend me your power forever more.  Jungle king!”  Once he finished I felt something turn loose inside me and then the next memory I have is me lying in a pile of broken rubble, half buried.  Raven was frantically digging me out.  Those beautiful blue-green eyes were tainted with fear and concern.  She let out a restricted sigh when she saw I was awake.  The walls showed damage that only high velocity spinning wind could have caused the room looked as if a tornado had hit it.  Raven helped me to my feet before vanishing in the confusion.  The elder was suddenly right behind me man he scared the crap out of me.  “It looks like your element is wind!”  I just stood dumbfounded “what do you mean?”

“My son you did this.”  His thin bony finger traced a path of destruction.   Then I found a piece of the wall that had what looked to be claw marks.  They had cut at least an inch into the stone.  I was in shock I had unbelievable power.  The only downside was I had absolutely zero control over it.  I had something in common with Raven.  “The elder knew my question even before I could ask.  “You are wondering if you will transform again.  The answer is no not unless you call out to it with your rite.  It took me a few minutes to realize he did not mean right as in this side or that he meant it in a religious sense, rite...  I asked a very honest question which seemed to make the others mad at me.  “Are you talking about a magic spell?”  As they all began to berate me I raised my voice like a roar “This is all new to me until a few days ago this was crap I read about in a fantasy novel.  So get off my back!”  You could hear its power through my voice.  Soon they all began to avoid me like they did Raven. 

“I recommend you start meditating with Raven and Gustav.” Was all the elder had to say.  My thoughts however, went to my first encounter with him.  I bet he’ll be thrilled to teach me…  Seriously did I do something wrong in a previous life, oh man….   Then it dawned on me this is your chance genius she will be there maybe you can get her to talk to you. 

As I rounded the corner out in the courtyard he stood arms crossed right over left.  The look on his face said it all.  Clearly he hated me but in all seriousness I did almost shatter his upper body.  I immediately tensed up; this was no way to start meditation lessons.  I scanned the whole area till I spotted her.  She was off in a far corner in the center of a huge growth of Forget Me Nots.  I could see her short black hair wafting in the breeze.  She looked so peaceful.  It was here I noticed that everyone who passed gave her a wide burst.  Gustav was in a very literal sense across the yard from her.  As I stepped outside I noticed he was keeping a good distance from me too.  Then he spoke never uncrossing his arms.  “Your name is Jack Rhodes?”  The smirk on his face was puzzling and a little creepy.  I think you will feel right at home over by those roses be sure not to replace or usurp their field boy!”  As he turned away laughing I was completely lost.  He was clearly going to act like a jackass so I decided to try and be friendly.  But before I could he was barking orders at me. “The elder told me to instruct you in the ways of the mind.  You need to discipline yourself.  Your power is as uncontrollable as hers.”  It was then I heard it she was crying, it was so subtle the sound could have been mistaken as a shifting breeze.  “Sit over there like this and let your mind go blank then visualize yourself as a beast.  Now pick the form are you Cat like, Bird like or Dog like.  Or are you something reptilian the first animal that pops into your mind will settle it.”

The first thing I thought of was a little black cat that I used to feed from time to time.  I could see him walking the earth like a miniature panther.  I let my mind wonder and live the life of a feral house cat.  I imagined myself rolling on my back in a sea of fallen rose petals.  I could feel the heat from the sun as if it was someone’s touch.  Every gusting breeze was like the earth was breathing.  I soon became aware of three drum like sounds.  As I focused on them each one gave me a different sensation.  One felt far off and was like a gentle flowing stream in the mountains isolated and cold.  The other reminded me of… it was regal and proper like the roses surrounding me.  When I focused on the third I could see a beast, prowling the jungle fast and alone.  Then it hit me these drums are heartbeats, mine, Raven’s and Gustav’s.  When I opened my eyes the elder was sitting right next to me.  “Tell me son what did you see?”

As I explained it to him his eyebrows raised over eyes that could no longer see.  “You saw their true spirits and yours.”  A chill ran over me like an out of control shopping cart on a downhill parking lot.  It was all happening so fast.  Then I noticed Raven was sitting right next to me.  She handed me a hand written note and like a flash of lightning she was gone.  It was kind of like one of those old cartoons where the guy runs and an outline of fading smoke is all that is left of him.

Dear Jack,

            I stopped a second as I thought we have not known each other long enough for her to give me one of those Dear John letters. We are not a couple…
Dear Jack,

            I am so sorry.  You must really hate me even though you don’t show it.  In an instant I destroyed your world.  I erased your family, your life.  I was surprised you did not run when you saw us.  I thought you were so handsome.  You looked as out of place as myself.  I kissed you a stranger because you showed no fear or contempt of me.  You looked at me as if I was a woman.  For a brief moment I forgot who I was and let myself be a girl.  I was sad and happy at the same time.  I was stealing a kiss from a handsome man and when I opened my eyes he would no longer remember me.  As we both know that is not how it turned out.  I know now it was your beast nature that took over.  You recognized something was wrong.  I have been torturing myself with what if’s?  My sister tells me you really are not mad at me, but I find that hard to believe.


            I sat staring at the letter wondering what to do next.  I decided to include it word for word in this journal.  And then I decided the best way to handle this was to answer her letter with a letter.  The first girl to confess herself to me and she thinks I hate her.  I had to try and fix this. 
Dear Raven,

            I sat staring at those two words and a comma for hours trying to put it all into words.  It was making my heart race.  Then it happened, a little black cat jumped up on my desk sat down on top of my journal looking smug with itself staring up at me.  It was several seconds before I noticed he was see through.  What on earth is happening now?  The sudden distraction helped though.

Dear Raven,

            You have nothing to be sorry for.  To be honest my life was a blank a no show.  I really just existed as I muddled through a routine not of my choosing.  I did what I needed to survive and nothing more.  The night I met you I was running late for work and probably would have been fired the second I got there.  As for my family I don’t have any they died when I was young.  I walk this world alone.  I will admit I think you are cute.  And, if you think about it what are the odds of finding someone who is resistant to your power.  Your sister is because of a blood tie and the elder due to immense power.  They all look at me as if I am a monster.  You really are cute.

Jack Rhodes

Do you know why Gustav was laughing at me and why he said what he did?

            At last it was perfect the only issues were finding some nice stationary to recopy it on and how to give it to her. 

Just as I wrote that.  Something fell to the floor behind me that sounded like a package of paper hitting the floor.  When I looked it was a package of paper bordered by kittens.  This place just keeps getting creepier.  But one of my problems was solved.

To Be Continued...

Forget Me Not 5

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