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Forget Me Not 7 The Summer Light Festival!

This is the final chapter to Forget Me Not.  There is more 1313 Cemetery Way coming and look for my poetry post on my Haunted Castles books Facebook page. Links Below!
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Forget Me Not
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Forget Me Not 7

The Summer Light Festival! What lies at the farthest reaches of one’s memory?

            From the very beginning this has been about memory.  What is it really?  No different than information stored in a computer’s hard drive.  And, Just like a hard drive memory can be corrupted or changed.  Through this process it is possible to alter the past giving birth to a reality of new possibilities but does that erase the previous timeline or does it merely create an alternative one?  This particular entry is for myself.  So like me it will exist outside the bounds of time and memory.  This journal has been to date a list of my observations and a…