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1313 Cemetery Way 15 Jack the Ripper IV Jack's Point of View

1313 Cemetery Way 15 Jack the Ripper IV Jack’s Point of View
1313 Cemetery Way 14
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Forget Me Not

“Who was that...?  Well I suppose it does not matter.”  The room was dank and dimly lit the only light source seemed to emanate from a series of tubes with what could only be described as fetuses.  A man stood over a table with a naked woman strapped to it.  Her breasts heaved violently as she drew terrified breaths.  The deranged fellow had used charcoal to draw dissection lines.  Earlier that night he had been chased by a young man.
A young man that was more agile than a human should have been in his opinion.  “Smile at babies!” His scream echoed as he yanked the young woman’s red hair from her head.  She could only let out muffled screams with her mouth sewn shut.  The cross shaped stiches went up on to her face creating a flower of life pattern over her face. Fortunately for her she had been unconscious for that part.  “I need your…