1313 Cemetery Way 15

1313 Cemetery Way 15
Jack the Ripper IV
Jack’s Point of View

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“Who was that...?  Well I suppose it does not matter.”  The room was dank and dimly lit the only light source seemed to emanate from a series of tubes with what could only be described as fetuses.  A man stood over a table with a naked woman strapped to it.  Her breasts heaved violently as she drew terrified breaths.  The deranged fellow had used charcoal to draw dissection lines.  Earlier that night he had been chased by a young man.

A young man that was more agile than a human should have been in his opinion.  “Smile at babies!” His scream echoed as he yanked the young woman’s red hair from her head.  She could only let out muffled screams with her mouth sewn shut.  The cross shaped stiches went up on to her face creating a flower of life pattern over her face. Fortunately for her she had been unconscious for that part.  “I need your fear and your pain to give my babies strength.  Her eyes trailed over to a corpse shackled to the wall.  It looked to have been a police constable his hat had been ceremoniously displayed on a table next to him.  His spine had been forcibly removed.  On her left was a set of jars containing still beating hearts.  “I form my children around these still beating hearts” the devil himself could not smile like this.  The woman could do nothing but think oh god I’m going to die this man is going to kill me.  “Relax my dear you will die a little at a time.  These machines will keep you alive even without your innards.”  Her tears began to flow like a river “excellent show me more you will be the mother of my children.  What are you looking at?”  His eyes traced the path of hers “you like my knife? It was made from an old broken sword maybe you’ve heard of it Excalibur.  I have four more fragments built into my machines.”  Sliding his hands over her abdomen he smiled devilishly I see you are not a virgin no ring well my little Harlot that makes this easy.  The parent’s roll is not to make all the right choices for their children, but to teach them how to make those choices for themselves.”  After a long pause he laughed “you are not going to live that long!”

The young woman pulled against her restraints.  He just stood there, slowly he approached the left side of the table.  Suddenly he grabbed her breast crushing one in each hand.  “Keep your fingernails trimmed.”  Her eye trailed down to his fingertips as she groaned in pain.  “A person’s hands tell much about them.”

He slowly turned and walked away looking eagerly at his twisted lab full of creepy floating fetuses.  “Smile at babies… hello there, it’s your daddy.”  The woman had a river of tears flowing down her cheeks the terror of her situation had gripped her mind.  She was going to experience a living death.  The glimmer in her eyes had long since glossed over with the realization this man was the one…  He was Jack the Ripper bringing terror to all of London.

In another part of London Claire, Jack, Raven and Calyst were making plans for the night’s hunt.  Tonight was going to be moonless so the streets would be extra dark.  The only lights would be the flickering gas fueled street lamps.  “Jack you are by far the most mobile of us stick to the roof tops.  I will be the bait.”  Claire was still clad in a dress that screamed woman of the evening.  It had Victorian aspects to it but it was more of a steam punk fetish dress.  Still the point was to get his attention, retrieve the fragment and stop his evil plans.  At least that is what Jack kept telling himself as he climbed up to the roof tops.  Each one of them had a shard of the crystals Claire had brought with them.  Much to everyone else’s surprise the crystals had another purpose they could be used like cellphones. 

Jack was now perched like a gargoyle high above them.  As he stared at his crystal he could not help but think how scary the ancients must have been.  This crystal was more than magical it…  It was somewhere in between.  It represented a lost technology that makes even the world he was from look primitive.  The wind was picking up and he could see one of London’s famous fogs rolling in.  This was going to make the search difficult.  Then it happened he caught a familiar scent but John could not be here, he was at the necropolis with Gustav.  The scent was a little off though it was Johns but something was off.  Before he could think about it though…  “Jack do you copy?  Over!”  It was the love of his life Raven.  “I got you Raven….  Over!”  While he sat waiting on her next message the thought ran through why are we talking like poor excuses for truckers or bad spies?  “Claire is being followed coming your way.  Calyst is about twenty steps behind them.  Both are in silent running!  Over!”  Jack could smell them they were down wind of him but who was following Calyst?  It smelled like John…

Back at the necropolis John and Gustav were just about the leap through the gateway.  Luckily Claire had left it open.  Gustav knew the secret of the crystals already and as they landed the chase was on.  “Jack, Raven, Calyst, Claire anybody answer me this is Gustav you’re all in danger not from the Ripper.”  Jack had already leaped from the roof landing on all fours just ten steps behind Calyst in a roaring voice “You’re not John!  Just who the hell are you?”  An arrogant voice echoed out of the foggy night air “How cute a son of man thinks he can match me…  Me, John Ravenwood!   Cloaking darkness become my wings!  Shadow rush!”  The sounds of claws hitting metal echoed through the streets.  “Well aren’t you rare a wind manipulator and a cat type too boot.  You might be a challenge.  But you forgot about Claire didn’t you?”  Just like that he was gone no scent, no trace.  Raven came rushing out of the Fog with Gustav and John!?”  Jack stood staring at John as he returned to his human form.  The man did have an uncanny resemblance to him but was far more muscular.  What was going on?  “Jack there are two Johns.”  Raven was gasping for breath.  And, he realized he had just saved Calyst’s life.  “Explain on the run we have to catch up, he was going to kill your sister.” 

Claire was carefully monitoring the man following her, he stunk like death she knew it was their target but where had Jack and Raven gone?  She could not sense them.  Calyst was there but so was another presence.  It was masking itself, it did seem familiar though.  With a thud everything started to go black she had become distracted and the man had hit her with a blunt object.  This had been the plan; Calyst would either catch him or follow him from here.  “Smile at babies!” She heard him yell before the darkness took her.  “Hello Claire” a female voice called from the shadows “You’re Margo aren’t you?”  “Got it in one, but after all I am just another part of your beloved John.  The others are in danger he’s coming!”

To Be Continued...

Also checkout my other works. Amazon Author Page

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