1313 Cemetery Way 14

1313 Cemetery Way 14
This Power’s Name is Lineage!

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“Hello there! How did you get into this place… No matter!  Slipping into darkness, your fear will echo here.  Three by three your challenges be, is it all just a dream, will you die here, or will you obtain your hopes and banish your fears?  Fear echoes as ripples in a pond remember this as you awake.  The darkness has found you what will you do?  John Ravenwood defied Death huh!  Just a warning John he may catch up to you here.  In dreams we play but where do dreams come from, this is the realm of nightmares.

            “It’s bad enough I am facing this… this thing, now I have to deal with creepy disembodied voices too!?  And, that poem, really!?”  John was still holding back the beast with its scythe, the landscape was as bleak as a desert except for a far off distant light what was it.  He could not help but wonder.  But he had other more serious things to deal with right now that thing has friends and they were closing in fast.  John jumped back just in time to avoid a glancing blow but the force of the wind displaced cut his cheek.  “Survive this John Ravenwood you must…” 

            At John’s bedside Gustav scrambled in horror as he saw the cut form on John’s right cheek.  It was clear something was happening but what?  Gustav desperately tried to awaken him but it was to no avail John’s spirit was far away facing what could be his greatest challenge.  These sorts of things are the very fabric of nightmares and they had claimed many souls throughout their existence. 

            “Margo said I had three choices.  Why would she…   That creepy poem, land of nightmares was right” 

Looking from side to side John had decided.  In his heart he knew he had to win no matter the cost.  Slowly and firmly he dug his heals into the dirt below.  One by one he took steps forward forcing the wraith back and with one last push he threw it.  As the creature, wraith or whatever it is flew back it lost control of its scythe.  Which as it spun by John’s left side narrowly missing him. 

He wasted no time in breaking away.  Quickly he ran toward a stand of gnarled looking trees.  It was here he spotted what looked to be fields.  Much like fields of Corn or Cotton but something was off.  The thing which had viciously attacked him had friends… lots of friends.  They were all swinging their oversized scythes at a group of strange bubble like objects which seemed to randomly spawn from the ground.  As John took deep panting breathes he sat pondering the question for several minutes until he noticed an entirely different type of creature this one was holding…   “No way!  That thing is holding a dream catcher…  What the Hell!?  Just how hard did Gustav hit me?”  John finally looked at the bubbles more closely “Those are people’s dreams!  What are those things doing?”  The creatures with the dream catchers were completely different from the wraith type.  Unlike the wraiths which floated effortlessly these things had under sized bat like wings on their back which seemed only capable of lifting them for a short time.  In hovering skipping jumps they moved from severed dream to severed dream.  The Wraiths were reeving the dreams and the muscular gargoyle types were harvesting them.  What kind of nightmarish place is this?

John had no time to even think about his questions one of the Gargoyle types had landed practically in his lap.  The thing stunk of old death, a rot that could not be described.  It had tentacles below its nose covering its mouth.  Its eyes burned like fire as it roared in John’s face.  The shock of displaced air knocked John rolling backwards as he came to a stop he took a defensive fighting stance fully intending to fight to the end.  The creature began to shake violently as it coughed or maybe it was a laugh.  Nothing could have prepared John for what happened next the thing spoke if you can call the sound of a fan belt clunking around in an engine speaking.  “A brave one huh?!  We will eat you, your soul and all.”  Holding the dream catcher firmly in front of itself it let fly the true horror of its power as a dark beam shot out of it John dove forward rolling just behind the beast.  “That’s going to be a problem!”  Rising back to his feet he quickly closed the distance between him and… before it got another shot off he slide between its legs kicking the dream catcher high into the air.  In seconds he was on the things back ripping at its wings as it cried out in pain.  “Damn you, you bastard human!  How dare you!”  No one had ever done something like this; his actions were completely without precedent.  Unfortunately its cry’s attracted some very unwanted attention as more like it closed in followed by the wraiths.  As John hammered its head with punch after punch it slowly collapsed to the ground.  As they surrounded him the final horror revealed itself the largest of them had arrived on the scene and it was pissed.  Calling it a blob of flesh could only palely describe the bulbous thing.  It was large like one walking fat roll but it gave off such ominous energy the others parted like the red sea as it approached.  The others weren’t just parting they were in full blown panic trying to get out of its way.  John’s mind had slipped back to what the creepy voice and his sister had said.  There were far too many to fight head on he needed a good defense.  Then he saw it there was a narrow gap in a group of rocks just off to the left of the big one. 

Without a thought John made a break for the rocks.  Just as the thing revealed its true power, it began to inhale and everything was being pulled toward it even a few of the wraiths were lost to the void.  The thing’s mouth was a literal black hole.  John had managed to dive through the opening in the rocks just in time.  As he pressed back against the rock he knew the thing would come for him.  As he looked around he saw a path in the distance realizing that Margo had dropped him through a back door to this realm.  Straight ahead looked like an ancient burned battlefield with a few more modern renovations like a giant crater and bullet hole ridden rocks.  There were broken scythes and dream catchers all over that area.

   He needed to act quickly.  As he thought about it he remembered Gustav saying his style of fighting was more defensive than offensive.  “That’s it I need the ultimate defense an immovable invincible and invisible shield.  It must conform to my body and expand to protect others with its might I am unstoppable.  Shields up bitches here I come!”  As he stepped from behind the rocks a blast from a dream catcher engulfed him.  As the dust settled his outline slowly took shape.  The creatures hung back frozen in shock never before had a being resisted them like this.  Lineage had found a proud new user.  This limitless power shackled only by a beings final thoughts as they took control over it.  The tables had turned and John smiled like a kid in a candy store.

“With this I can help her, with this we can win and…”  More blasts clipped his right side as the wraiths broke their scythes against what they thought was his flesh.  He stood silently taking every hit calmly analyzing his opponent’s moves.  As one got close enough he attempted to grab them and was unable too as he drew back for a punch he realized he could do that but the force was greatly reduced but that did not matter this power was about defense in the first place with it he could get close enough to attack.  John began his offensive first he attacked a wraith much like how he had when he first arrived this time though he wanted the scythe.  As he shut down his barrier he grabbed the scythe.  Quickly his hands grasped it and quickly it was severed from the wraiths hands by the triggering of his new found shield ability.  In the history of these dream demons nothing like this had ever occurred the scythe began to vibrate violently never before had a Nightmare weapon been handled by a mortal.  John shut down his shield and used the scythe to cleave the wraith he had stolen it from into torn rags.  And, with that move the weapon’s allegiance had changed.  John’s new found power absorbed it to forever be at his beckoned call.  John then set his eyes on one of the dreamcatchers “I want it, I need it.”

With his shield surrounding him he charged the beast.  Sensing it was out matched it tried to flee.  The beast was far too heavy for its wings and could only manage short hops.  The tentacles covering its mouth flew upward as it turned roaring toward John.  “Boy you…”  It continued to yell at John as he charged.  As the blast hit him he emerged on the other side shield down and scythe swinging.  In second the air was filled with a black bloody mist as the body parts bounced along the ground.  The dreamcatcher spun like a quarter as it settled to the ground at John’s feet.  Calmly he picked it up and turned to face his pursuers “I bet you things have never had your own toys used against you!”  Firmly he grasped the dreamcatcher holding it in front of him “Taste your own nightmare you bastards!”  As the blast fired off all went white and John found himself alone before a shrouded man “Hello John Ravenwood it has been centuries since we last met.”

John’s heart skipped a few beats as the memory surfaced in him.  Everyone knows this man for they are born with him at their side their constant feared companion.  “Hello Death what you did to Claire was wrong!”  “Still Defiant I love it even if only one third of your total being is here.  I met Margo she told me too F’off and disappeared.  Then there is the other one.”  The world around John had stopped, frozen “What do you want Death?”  “John you and that brother of yours never could resist sticking your noses where they don’t belong but now you have entered into an entirely different category of medaling.  Do you even know what you have done?  You are now one of the four proud wielders of a mighty power called Lineage it is a power passed down to you humans that few are even worthy of.  We had it locked away but thanks to your sister that is no more… Dammit John he can escape to other worlds now.  Claire’s roll as the pillar of all worlds had been weakening anyway.”  John stood staring at him blankly “are you talking about this daykin character Claire keeps mentioning?”  Death looked shocked John knew more than he thought.  “John you should know she knows these things because of memories that predate you.  Claire is the name you gave her.  In a time long forgotten she fought alongside the first wielder of Lineage Assedo and a celestial being named Saphreal.  Claire was once a powerful demon before she reformed as a human.  Daykin ripped her demon form from her and severely wounded Saphreal in the final fight as Assedo struck what was thought to be a fatal blow.  it was here a renegade from your family did it the seal that formed the multiverse and forever separated magic from science never understanding that they are one in the same Magic, it the faith that it works science is the understanding of how.  Hear me now…  You two cannot fail this time.  I am unsure of what is going on in the worlds of Assedo, Jeremy and Raven but I do know this they exist under Daykin’s will Assedo put himself into living death for nothing Daykin lives.”

“You two have other problems though, your other self can enter the necropolis at will and he can jump the dimensions without it.  He came for Margo and he will come for you.  He has all of your memories and powers.  He left you with nothing but potential.  Take those with you.”  John was still holding the scythe and the dreamcatcher.  Death suddenly lunged at him grasping his arms I will bond them to you and make them just like your sword but unlike it I have fused them into your Lineage ability go forth not as John Ravenwood but as the Lord of Nightmares and bring him to the dream!”

John sat up so quickly Gustav fell out of the chair next to the bed.  “Gustav we have to get to Claire and the others they are in danger!”  “Just lay down John you took a hard hit to the head.”  “Dammit man listen to me there is more than one John Ravenwood, Your friends are in danger he will kill them.”

To Be Continued...

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