Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

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1313 Cemetery Way 

This is the story of a memory.   Whose memory you might ask?  It is your classic story of boy meets girl or is it?!  My name is Raven I am not really an average girl.  One day I met the man of my dreams but as those things go I did not know it until I lost him and later got him back.  You see I was born with a bizarre power which I can't always control.  I can affect and manipulate memory to such a degree that reality and causality are altered to meet my will.  I belong to the Rule Breaker class of magical beings.  This is our story a memory for the ages.  It starts in the aftermath of my love's loss.  His noble sacrifice and cunning calculation.  Betting everything on me being able to save him.  Jack Rhodes what a man!

            It’s been a week since our battle I am still falling into fits of tears over the loss of my only friend Jack Rhodes a man who had every right to hate me but instead he accepted me. 

My sister and I belong to a clandestine group of people who can channel the forces around them at will using what are known as rites or amplifying something already in progress many would call this magic but it is really more complex.  Jack had joined us in our fight after two accidents brought him to us one he witnessed us using our powers and two his born ability shielded him from my born ability having an echoing and adverse effect.  The two powers fused forming strong consequences.  When he saw us he was calm and collected in fact he sarcastically said “this is not happening”. I hate my power, due to it everyone fears me and keeps me at a distance.  I have the power to erase one's memory so thoroughly that it effects reality.  Entire events can vanish as if they never happened.  I have had accidents with it.  When I get frustrated or upset I can lose control over it.  The effects cannot be reversed because they are a force of will.  When I approached him to erase his memory he did not run instead he complimented me “wow you are cute!”  so like an idiot I decided to adjust my tactic on how to go about it.  I kissed him on the lips this sort of motion usual means a drop in one's guard but not with him.  When I opened my eyes his arms were around me and he still remembered everything? "All that for a compliment, I know a good coffee shop nearby would you like to go with me?"  My sister and I were in shock, my power had never failed before. 

We both ran, my sister was smart enough to cast a trace rite on him but one fact was painfully clear.  Something had gone wrong, I was so embarrassed.  It was a day later when we caught up to him.  He was not happy with us in particular with me or that is what I thought.  But he showed no signs of anything we expected.  It was like he just accepted it.  His whole demeanor was off, he was calm collected and was willing to listen to all we had to say.  Jack Rhodes was the strangest man I had ever met.  He had only had one night, but he had put two and two together realizing my kiss is what deleted his life. 

What was strange is he was more aware of it than we were.  This man with no prior knowledge knew more about my power than I did.  His stand offish attitude deminished as we talked.  When I told him I could not reverse it he did not even raise an eyebrow.  He was creepily calm as he rubbed his hands together.  “Well I guess that means I am going with you guys.  Both my sister and I were confused by how well he was taking all of it.  He reached out his hand taking mine and introduced himself.  “Hello again my name is Jack Rhodes and I don’t believe I got yours?”  I answered “my name is Raven.”  Needless to say I was scared of him.  He was way too calm and for my power to have bounced off him like that.  There had to be something powerful lurking within him.  Would he seek revenge.  My sister made me ride in the back seat of our car with him.  His silence was terrifying.  Seriously if a strange girl erased my life like I did his I would be pissed.  He on the other hand just accepted it like it was nothing.  His smile really unnerved me he only seemed to do it when our eyes met. 

I soon learned Jack was the least of my problems.  Gustav was madder than a raging bull when my sister and I pulled up with him.  But really where else could someone who no longer exists go?  He yanked him up by his collar to threaten him but Jack never flinched.  Seconds later Gustav was begging him to let go.  In an eye blink Jack had pinned him to the ground.  His eyes had changed he looked more like a beast than a man.  The elder arrived seemingly from midair calmly asking Jack “young man I know he is quite rude but can you find it in your heart to let him go?”  It was like Jack had woken up from a dream.  “I did it again” I heard him mumble.  He was very apologetic as he tried to help him up.  The elder’s eyes met mine “Raven his being here is your fault is it not?”  My voice was shaky “yes sir” “then the both of you follow me.”  Jack was busy studying everything he could see.  Then we came to a doorway.  I was fully prepared for the coming lecture.  Then it happened Jack did something neither me nor the elder expected.  He stopped the elder from griping me out.  “Let’s talk about my options he said she feels bad enough no need to try and make her feel worse.” 

Jack was a very kind man.  The elder started to explain to Jack what had happened to him.  When Jack stopped him “sir I am aware that her power did this, but I don’t think it is all on her.  Something in me protected me from the direct effects of it but because I was shielded somehow it had to go somewhere.  “Son you are the first to resist her power outside of her family and myself.”  This was day one with Jack Rhodes

This formed a lasting impression with me.   Why did Jack choose to die for me...  Why?!  This man who by all rights had the right to hate me.  I never thought losing him would hurt so much could it be that somewhere along the way I fell in love with him?

Six months later

The city was in flames after the massive quake hit it.  Most were just trying to survive many were looking for loved ones.  The last thing on anyone’s mind was this was it, the ultimate battle of good and evil.  The Forelorns had managed to summon him, the legendary fallen one.  We had been tracking them for months but never found them.  We arrived just in time for them to complete the rites and see the fires bubble out of a rip in the air.  He was coming; Jack was already running at them fists flying.  They threw everything they had at him but beast magic users like him are notoriously tough their muscles are like a thick armor.  He was a very talkative fighter though always saying things like “not happening” and “access denied” the Forelorns were terrified of him.  Who wouldn’t be?  If you dowsed a man in gas and then set him on fire and he just walked out of the flames without a scratch most people would be pissing themselves.  In the time he had been with us his strength magnified and could no longer be calculated by the rules of reality.  The flames behind those eyes were enough to send shockwaves of terror through anyone’s soul.  Jack suddenly dove to the ground as his first attack passed through us.  He had dodged it but we were not so lucky.  Those feral senses must have been really handy.

My sister was the first to strike back.  “As the sun warms the Earth so too does the fire warm the hand of man.  Fire run!”  AS the flames rushed forward I cast mine.  “As the seasons change and the leaves turn crumbling to dust.  Wind burst!”  The two rites fused and became a firestorm.  Jack was running toward me as it happened, the monster swallowed our firestorm and then blew it back at us.  Jack shielded me and my sister as the elder let loose an attack of his own.  We did not even know the elder had found us.  When the quake struck he had commanded us to split up and save as many as we could.  So the three of us were alone against them, Jack who seemed impervious was bleeding the fire that had been returned to us had been changed into hellfire.  As I got to my feet I saw that my sister had been hit by debris a foot long shard of busted wood was sticking out of her chest she was alive for now.  Time was now against her, the clock was ticking cruelly as I watched her color begin to fadeas the elder unleashed his attack.

“The quaking of the earth will topple them, laying waste to all of man’s.  Earth tumbler!”  The ground shattered in a wave cutting a path of destruction toward the beast.  The thing did nothing but laugh at his feeble attempt, with something that sounded like a roar he sent it rebounding toward the elder.  The scene that awaited us once the smoke cleared was horrible.  The elder was dead, impaled by numerous needles like stone spikes.  My heart sank as I watched my sister dying and the beast taunting us.  “Use a healing rite Raven!”  “Jack her injury is beyond the rite’s power!?  It won’t work!”  Somehow amidst all of the chaos he had gotten his hands on the elder’s crystal ball screaming “then use an amplifier.”  I asked him “what are you going to do?”  “We can win, if rites have no effect then we will use physical attacks.” I yelled!  “Jack what are you?…”   His confidence  hell his whole state of being had changed.  He had handed me his journal, a written record of his new life with us gripping me tightly he gently kissed my lips.  As I fell to my knees he turned walking calmly toward that demon of demons.

“Supreme beast who prowls the jungles, cutting the air with your roar, lend me your power forever more.  Jungle king!”  This time something different happened, in seconds Jack was covered in a reddish orange fur with flecks of black striping all over him.  His appearance was very cat like.  His clothes exploded as his muscles grew.  “Raven, save your sister” he growled.  The ground beneath his feet buckled and broke as he lunged forward.  His speed was incredible.  That thing never even saw his first punch coming.  Jack had been right the monster was week to physical attacks, but how long could he keep it up?  For most of the fight I had my back turned concentrating on saving my sister Calyst.  Suddenly Gustav was next to me, without a word he began helping me.  Her color began to return as the bleeding stopped.  Gustav we have to help Jack as I turned to run he grabbed hold of me, “We would only be in his way this is a contest of beasts.  We could only hurt him at this point.  It is all in Jack’s hands.”  I struggled in vain to break Gustav’s hold not realizing this was the first time he had ever gotten that close to me.  I managed to peek my head over the rubble just in time to see Jack stab him with his claws and the two of them flying through the rip in the air with two tornado like shafts of dust swirling all around them Jack’s last scream echoed “Feral maelstrom!”  The rip fell in on itself and all fell silent.  The Forelorns were gone and so was jack.  I fell to my knees crying as my sister hugged me to her “Raven I am so sorry.”  “Raven!”  It was Gustav’s voice as I made my way to him I saw it written in blood by the claws of a beast.

As life passes from one world to the next death is obtained and with it a memory.  Remember me!  A chill crept up my spine as I cracked open his journal

            On the inside cover was a single stanza of written verse.  Once upon a crossroads, through ‘ever expanding seas of green and gold we met.  One life ended as many had forgotten.  A time to begin anew.  Again we met hidden by the Roses and Forget Me Nots.  Life moved forward told on the winds.  Remember me!  Signed Jack Rhodes!

            My knees dropped out from under me, had he foreseen his own death.  What did all of this mean?  Jack was truly an enigma.  

To Be Continued...

Also checkout my other works. Amazon Author Page

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