1313 Cemetery Way 5

1313 Cemetery Way 5
The Time for Truth

1313 Cemetery Way 4

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John had returned again both figuratively and literally.  As the gate slammed open and he charged toward her.  She could see the pictures in his left hand.  Oh that woman she thought.  Claire knew she had to tell him the truth but feared the consequences John had come back to her again but this time he was broken.  He had been born as a set of twins, one male and one female each with one half of his original soul.  But then it hit her if he was going to run he would not have come back!  The first thing she would need to do is explain the loss of time in the manor at 1313 Cemetery Way time is relative and passes differently in different places, especially in different dimensions!!

As John ran he counted them again first by two's then by four's 36 pairs in all equaling 72 graves on the path.  This was just one of many mysteries to him.  This whole place was an enigma.  The cemetery looked incredibly old.  Another odd thing he had not noticed before were the obelisks surrounding the house one at each corner.  They were made from the same strange material he had seen in the library and just like the library they seemed to glow.  He had other questions on his mind though like who or what is Claire?  The woman in question was standing at the door waiting on him.  He had sprinted the whole way back to the manor.  He knew he had to get to Claire but did not know why there was just something about her smile and those green eyes behind it.  The pictures were enough to prove whatever it was; timeless would be the only real way to describe it.  As he panted trying hard to catch his breath he held the photographs up to Claire still tightly bound in his left hand.  "Not out here John, come inside I will answer all your questions.  Though my answer may seem a little farfetched."  As he breathed heavily he managed to get what he was thinking out in the open.  "As farfetched as an immortal girl with beautiful dark hair framing a set of timeless green eyes?"  You always were a flatterer John!  With a smile and a come hither wink she turned and went inside.

Seconds later the front door had closed behind the two of them.  "No one can over hear us in here John."  Before he could even ask "I already know your first question it is about the lost time between in here and outside."  John looked shocked "How did you know that?"  "John what would you think if I said because you have been here before and this has all already happened in the past?"  Claire had just dropped a bomb on him suddenly so many things fell into to place he had been here before not just in his dreams he had really been here.  "John you actually built this place along with your brother Merlin many lifetimes ago.  Merlin told me to say hi and bye to you by the way he recently passed on from this life."  The only Merlin he could think of was from the legends of King Arthur, but the mention of the name sent a shockwave through him.  The image of two small boys running through a field of flowing grass swept through his mind just like the breeze that would have blown through such a place. 

He remembered a chilling detail from when he was a child his sister Margo used to talk with an unseen figure calling him Merlin.  It started when the two of us turned six. Then the memory finally caught up to him I used to talk to him too.  He never physically spoke but he would answer us when we asked questions.  The image of the answer always appeared in our minds.  Claire could see she had struck a chord in him, as his tears began to flow.  John was crying for a brother he had never known at least not in this lifetime.  "Claire can I ask how he died?"   His voice had changed she could hear remnants of his former self giving her hope her John was still in there.  "He fell in battle against the personification of darkness and all things considered evil!"  The answer made johns eyes bulge a little, there were battles like that really going on.  Then again he was in a place with an immortal.  That thought put it all into perspective.   

After a long pause and his tears subsiding Claire began her story again.  "Time passes differently based on your relative position.  This house is multi-dimensional existing neither here nor there.  A powerful seal protects it and filters who can enter it.  Only one who has known death but has not died may enter here.  There are two exceptions to the rule.  Myself and you in your fully realized state.  This time was different I can invite anyone I see fit in but I did not formally invite you and you clearly don't have all your memories.  You beat the system this time.  When you returned to the world this time your soul was split and the you I have known throughout time was reborn as a set of twins of which one has died so by a strange set of circumstances you have known death and not died.  I was watching the gate when you came today I suspected you would be able to pass right through it.  So the card was a test.  Rather than answer the question she got nose to nose with him staring deeply into his eyes.  Only in her thoughts could she say it he looks at me the same way no matter what life we are in.  Her smile turned to a giggle as she drew back. 

"Why the protective setup?"  John had asked the million dollar question.  Claire hugged him tightly too her "I am so glad you are still you!"  John was beginning to understand why she was so strange based on the pictures and the way she was talking she must have lived for a really long time.  As she released him he caught hold of her hand "I know I can't walk away from whatever this is tell me more, Claire."  The look on her face was both of shock and relief he was not going to run.  "Claire! You are immortal aren't you?"  "Yes John I am immortal cursed to live for all eternity by Death himself.  For the crime of stealling from him.  And, what I stole was your life.  The day I first met you, you lay dying on a battle field clutching the sword now enshrined in the library."  Seeing the look on his face "yes John that sword is yours, that sword is the brother to one that no longer exists Excalibur.  Yours is called Dark Thunder.

"On that day I happened upon the remains of a battle and saw you in the center of a pond made from your own blood.  Death had already claimed you for his own but when I saw your eyes and handsome features a voice said don't let him die you have the power to save him.  I slid on my knees through your blood getting it all over myself.  In seconds I had you head in my lap performing the healing rite on you. At the time I was in possession of a powerful amplifier that had the ability to perform rule breaker magic.  Many centuries later it became known as the Elven Light.  Death was furious I had stolen you from his grasp.  As you lay dreaming in my lap he reached his skeleton hand out touching my forehead, it was then he took it not my life but my death.  Death stole your death from you? John was puzzled.  I am immortal because he stole my ability to die.  He did much more than that.  All will be explained shortly.  The knowledge I have to give you is too much for the waking mind.  The first thing we need to do is get you to remember your power.  Please John I need your help this place was built by you with the promise of setting me free.  I dont understand setting you free from what?  When I saved you I was cursed so my necklace changed ownership it became yours.  Years later we were on the run from the Ravenwood clan and Death caught up to us your time had come.  150 years had passed and I had not aged a day.  As you lay dying Death gloated over you telling you what he had done to me.  He made me the solution to a problem a previous generation had caused.  In a mad attempt to beat an evil entity named Daykin they had set a seal into motion that would remove magic from the world and leave only science behind.  If Daykin had died it would have worked.  Magic would be sealed and history would reset.  With the seal in place his power was cut in half, the real trouble was the seal screwed everyone.  Daykin lived and the end was set in motion.  Instead of two separate realities being born several hundred suddenly came into existence all with separate histories.  The problem was they kept being born more and more and eventually they would reach their limit and rebound on each other colapsing inward and undoing all of creation.  Death made me the immortal pillar the glue that binds it all together.  With the intent I would be alone and forever seperated from my one true love.

You had other plans and summoned the last of your strength to threaten Death to his nonexistent face.  You made a wish on the necklace to forever return to my side as many times as it took to set me free.  And, with that your body vanished with your soul.  I have walked with you through countless ages and watched you grow old and die more times than I want to remember.  I love you John.

As John sat quietly, his thoughts raced.  He now knew why he felt as though he was walking through a dream.  This was not his world his world was whichever world Claire Graveless was in.  He truly did not belong here.  A timeless love kept him.  Claire swooped in wrapping her arms around him as he gripped her tightly a flash of memory took him.  A scene like what had happened earlier in the library played out.  He woke up with his head in her lap.  The sun was setting and they were by a large tree he heard himself say you have such beautiful green eyes am I in heaven?  Before he heard her answer reality came knocking Claire had hold of his face looking him in the eye.  He gently took her hands in his.  I am home Claire!  Welcome home John!
Your memories have begun to return havent they?  Is there a way to get them back faster?  John with your soul being split like this I am not sure, before they would just flood back but this time with you being broken they are too.  You must reclaim your full soul.  Then the thought occurred to him Claire if I reclaim my sword will it help my memory?  Claire did not follow, but several minutes later John had explained the stone tape theory to her.  It was possible the sword had retained many of his memories like a recording of someones voice.  Before she could answer though John was on the other side of the room.
John slowly walked over to the sword encased in crystal.  With no thought of hesitation he placed his hand on it and spoke the words.   "Dark Thunder I John Ravenwood have returned." 

To Be Continued...

1313 Cemetery Way 6

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