1313 Cemetery Way 8

1313 Cemetery Way 8
The Path to Memory II

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Forget Me Not

As the door parted the sounds of the sea could be heard.  For a brief moment John's mind went to the biblical parting of the Red Sea.  That was just an odd thought.  The creepiest thing was yet to come.  For just beyond the door defying Death was Merlin's ghost. 

The woman with him sent chills through to his soul and.  She radiates the coldness of the grave but had an errant beauty to her.  John stood frozen in her gaze.  Her raspy graveled voice ripped forth shaking the air and the walls.  "Hello John Ravenwood do you know who I am?"  John stood still frozen the echo of her voice erasing his strength.  Her voice boomed again "The man who challenged my father I am not impressed."  As the chill wore off John found his voice "no I don't know who you are but one thing I can say you are the cutest scary thing I have ever met."  Merlin could do nothing but laugh he had his proof this was John his dear older brother. 

Though eons had separated them however much things may change, the more they stay the same.  The woman began to speak again but this time John was not phased.  "I am Hecate a servant of Death."  She had long slender elegant features.  "And I am John Ravenwood defier of Death; I have come for my brother's soul fragment and to achieve my goal.  If I have to go through you I will." 

My father said you were brash and defiant he was right he gave me a message to give you.  Death knows what you Claire and Merlin have been up too.  Though he is still angered by your existences.  He told me there is a great difference between someone who can accomplish something and someone who can't.  He told me to test your resolve.  The item you seek is behind that."  Her long fingers rose forming a pointing hand there was the crystal Merlin had always carried at the end of a path filled with flames.  The crystal ball was behind a wall of black hellfire.  "Your goal lies at the end of the path beyond the flames.  Only the strongest of desires the firmest resolve can make it through.  Can you do it John Ravenwood?" 

"My brother I foresaw your soul splitting and you falling in with Claire once again.  In those flames you will see things shadows of the future some can be avoided while others cannot.  You must remain true."  John took a long hard stare into the flames.  You are telling me the flames will show me my future?"  "Yes and no John.  You have already challenged Death and overcome him in a way but you must know there will be consequences Claire has already paid her due now the remaining debt falls to you!"  Hecate loomed larger than life over him in her rasped and graveled voice "what will do John Ravenwood?  It is not too late to run away.  Your soul being split is a chance to escape the fate you slated yourself with.  All you must do is forsake that unnatural being and run!"

"I would rather die a thousand more times than forsake Claire!  I will set her free I must..."  John turned charging into the flames.  Merlin let fly a laugh "no matter his form my brother is still my brother, he reminds me of a young lad I once met or should I say the young lad reminds me of him. Arthur Pendragon its been ages since I even said his name."  John now stood in front of the blackest of the flames just beyond lay Merlin's crystal ball.  As the whole place jolted John went down on one knee his thoughts went to Claire.  The fight must be intense I really need to hurry.  As he reached for the crystal an image of a man and a woman crept through his mind The woman had orange eyes like the setting sun and the man had a set of green eyes that reminded John of a windswept meadow.  Beside the man stood three large ghostly animals one was a cat blacker than the flames surrounding him, one was a mighty dog that looked to be made of lightning and the final was a large flaming bird.  What he was seeing scared him.  The two stood alone staring skyward at a large planet like fortress filling the sky.  They were holding hands as they charged forward in a bright flash they were gone.   The scene quickly shifted to a graveyard surrounding a tree with a tire swing in it and again the scene shifted.  This time he stood before a heavily muscled man who seemed to be blind surrounding the man was a pack of ghostly electrically charged wolves.  What was all of this the images kept coming some filled with horrors beyond imagining and others just still frame images.  Like looking at the world through slow motion the scenes danced on by.  John did not back down he plunged his hands through the fire grabbing the crystal ball and just like that the flames vanished. 

"John...  John can you hear me?  He twisted his head side to side the voice was not coming from the room he now stood all alone.  "I am speaking directly to your soul my brother.  Take this ball to your sword and swap them my fragment will be the necropolis's new power source.  Also once they are linked it will rewrite a rule we set in order to not anger Death any more than we already had.  This will make it to where even if you die and come back you will not need to start from zero every time like in the past.  We don't have the luxury of time anymore.  Our ancestor's plan to kill him failed and if he breaks through with things in this shape it is all over Assedo and the other's may be able to stop him but they are beyond our reach their world has no Ravenwood blood in it and it has been barricaded by Daykin's awful power.  To win you need to find the lost history and learn about the sons of man: Daykin, Arcane and his spawn and finally the beasts.   Two powers were born into the world to balance them.  The powers of Lineage and the power of the living spirit.  There are other beings in the ranks of the sons of man, they are your best candidates for dark or evil soul fragments.  I am sorry John My fragment and book of prophecies are all I can do for you, live well my brother!"  With that Merlins voice fell silent as John stood alone.

He had emerged from the flames now more than ever he knew they had to win this time.  With the ball in hand more of his past life's memories flowed through him.  Could he ever wield that kind of power again?  All that mattered now was Claire and getting out of this place alive. 

TO Be Continues...

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Blog Series
Forget Me Not


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