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Forget Me Not

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"Claire they look a little mad are we going to be okay?"  "Relax my love I already took care of it before we materialized."  "Claire... Claire..." Johns voice got louder and louder "she's got a fireball in her hand!"  "Relax John I got this!"  Claire held her hand up in a gesture that could only suggest hold on and yelled "nullified!"  The flames vanished and the three just stood in shock as they looked upon their uninvited guests.  "Everyone take a breath!" Claire let her voice boom.  "Which one of you is Gustav?" She politely asked none of them spoke.  It was obvious the girl wasnt Gustav and since the other man never twitched Claire gathered he was not Gustav either.  Which by process of elimination made the last one to her left Gustav; slowly she turned her head to look at him.  As a crooked smile came over her she noticed the triangle was tightening.

As the three made the triangle tighter a second young woman happened to enter the courtyard.  "Who are our guests?"  Jack was the first to answer.  As Claire took in the scene "you must be Jack, Merlin told me about you.  Resisting Raven's power like that, well done young man."  Turning to the young woman with the blue-green eyes.  "Hmmm blue-green eyes you must be Raven which makes you Gustav and the young lady over there must be Calyst, Raven's older sister."  Gustav stopped dead in his tracks "just who are you people?  You seem to know all about us."  Claire looked at him "wow you sure grew since I last saw you!  Little Goose.  As he turned a shade of red then purple Calyst could not help but snicker out loud "Little Goose no one's called you that since we were children!"  Gustav's eyes widened, he had seen her before just never in person.  You are Claire Graveless aren't you!?  As all fell silent everyone turned to look at him.  Jack broke the silence "you know her Gustav?"  "I know of her the elder told me one day that she and a man named John would appear.  He also told me do not try to fight her."  As he stood looking at them "but we already tried!"  Just then Claire spoke "yes you did little Goose.  And, a noble effort it was."  Gustav made no attempt to correct or back talk her or even looked like he would try.  For such a stern no nonsense person this was out of character.  For the short time Jack had known Gustav, a man that pulled him up by his shirt to threaten him the day they met.  This seemed rather odd.

Jack had moved closer to Raven and Calyst.  He still stood staring much the same way a cat looks at a mouse.  "Is it me or does Gustav look afraid of her and that guy?"  The woman with the blue-green eyes placed her hand in his "he doesn't just look afraid of her he is terrified.  Look at his hands, his fists are clinched.  That is how he used to be around me.  My chaotic ability used to terrify him."  As Jack thought about it he had been the same way with him too.  Of course Jack had nearly broken the guys arm at their first meeting.  Jack had also resisted Ravens ability to alter memory and the reality around it.

  Calyst had a lighter brown hair than her sister and was a little taller too, this was made more noticeable as she moved between her sister and Claire's Gaze.  "Jack take Raven and go, I have never seen Gustav scared before not like this, but this woman even scares me she is on a whole different level than us.  If she decides to she probably could kill all of us."  Raven tugged on her sister's arm "Be careful sis I have been trying to use my born ability to mess with her memory but..."  "I know Raven I saw your penitent stare neither one them seemed to be affected.  Jack was the next to speak "She yelled nullified when she held her hand up could she have sealed our powers I can't feel the beast within right now and my spoken words from my other born ability arent working."  Before Calyst could answer him a perimeter alarm sounded.  Gustav pulled a small crystal mirror out of his pocket.  He went as white as a sheet of printer paper.  The dimensional barrier that protected the compound had been breached. 

"Raven we have multiple Forelorns and the wolf pack incoming what do you want to do?"   As she stood looking at Gustav Claire pulled John aside "pay attention this is interesting I thought Gustav was in charge after your brother died but it looks like that girl with the blue-green eyes is the real leader."  John had no idea of the history of these people or of his brother.  Most of his memories were still M.I.A. lost in the jumble of multiple lives and his lost twin sister's soul.  Gustav asked again "What do you want to do?"  This time though he revealed why he was so afraid of Claire "Our powers have been sealed so at the moment all we have is Calyst."  Several explosions and crashes could be heard closing in, closer and closer.  "They are after the elder's legacy we protect it at all costs they can't have that."  Yelled Raven.  You heard her Gustav yelled Calyst.

  Claire was calmly watching the direction both of them had looked mumbling "so that's where it is."  Wrapping her arm around John she pulled him in close do you see where they are looking when the intruders break through you make a dash down that hall and find your brother's soul fragment."  John looked at her "What will you do?"  The state of their powers is my fault and as a close friend of your brother I will defend his sergeant family with my full might.

The attack was coming from two directions at once and as the walls crumbled away.  Merlin's four followers were bracing for what they thought would be their final stand.  Jack repeatedly tried to invoke his beast powers "Supreme beast who prowls the jungles, cutting the air with your roar, lend me your power forever more.  Jungle king!"  He had said it twice and nothing had happened most would have given up but not Jack Rhodes.  "Dammit work for me I need your power to protect them, I need your power to save the women I love!  Supreme beast who prowls the jungles, cutting the air with your roar, lend me your power forever more.  Jungle king!  The wind began to swirl around him as the transformation began.  Through sheer force of will Claire's spell had been broken as she smirked "Merlin told me he was special but he never mentioned this.  His desire to protect her pulled off a rule breaker spell." 

With every swipe of Jack's claws a tornado would follow.  His element was air and it seemed to respond well to his desires.  The wolf pack had temporarily broken off their attack as he shredded the Forelorns.  Literally hitting one so hard that he evaporated into a bloody mist.  Claire saw the look of horror on Raven's face as she fell to her knees "My life is not worth such carnage please stop Jack."  Jack Rhodes was no longer with them only an enraged demon was left.  Gustav looked at Claire "he loses all reason when he is trying to keep her safe.  This is the power that beat the fallen one himself.  He made Jungle king into a rule breaker when he breached your spell."  As he got to his knees to beg Claire "help us please I know we are in no position to ask for it but I beg of you."  "Little Goose I don't know where you got the idea John and I, are your enemies but get up and stop embarrassing yourself Merlin was one of my dearest friends and we are actually here on his request.  Or rather on his prophecy's request.  I will help you!"

By this time the wolf pack had retreated in horror Jack was too strong, too vicious and way too fast to get past.  Claire walked over to Raven "please don't cry dear those people have been dead for a long time.  Once you are Forelorn your soul has long since been lost to the void you become a walking shell containing the nothingness.  All you are is a lingering negative desire like Greed, Lust or Gluttony.  To be Forelorn you must be guilty of one of the seven deadly sins and commit the ultimate taboo in its name.  These things are no longer people.  They are pawns in his sick chess game and no dear I don't mean death.  But I will stop him!"  As her sentence ended one of their heads bounced by her and Raven.  As Raven watched it turned to dust.  Claire just kept her eyes forward "I told you so dear!" 

Down the hall John had come to a large door with no handles.  it did however have a large indention about the size of the book he was carrying.  As he stood there he gave his thoughts a voice "why do I feel like I am in a video game?"  The whole place was shaking; he really had no time to think any more so he slammed the book into the hole.  Much to his surprise nothing happened then he thought about it maybe it works like the library in Claire's home. 

"I john Ravenwood command you to open!"

To Be Continued...

Also checkout my other works. Amazon Author Page

Blog Series
Forget Me Not


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