1313 Cemetery Way 4

1313 Cemetery Way 4

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          "How did you know I had a dream?"  John was highly confused.  The last things he remembered were placing the last book on the shelf and then holding that strange sword hanging on the other side of the room. 

Waking up in Claire's lap was even more shocking.  How did he get there without waking up?   For that matter what time was it?  Clearly as far as he could figure hours had passed his parents were probably wondering where he was.  All he had told them when he left was he was heading out to run a few errands.  What he could tell from Claire's countenance was time did not mean much to her this should have been one of his first clues.  Claire had seemed out of place to him since the first time he had seen her.  There was something, well something was just off about her.  Then he realized it she was still in the bunny girl outfit and his head was in her lap.  Is she flirting with me or just insane?  As he looked up into her eyes his brain turned to jelly damn she was cute and damn this felt familiar like he had been here before, her warmth and smile reminded him of something long forgotten.

The question of time crossed his mind again and he sat up as if lightning had hit him.  "What time is it?"  "I have no idea John!"  As he looked he noticed a grandfather clock in the corner near the door.  "Don't bother John that old thing has been broken for years."  She was only about half lying the clock indeed did not work but it hid a secret.  Beyond it; lay the necropolis, this place was a literal graveyard but it existed in a very odd place.  It was inside a Victorian Manor.  Illuminated by crystal chandeliers and big stained glass windows, ghostly melancholy music echoes here.  There were literally thousands of graves there.  The oddest thing was the Grand piano located near the center, possibly the source of the music. 

This house was close to death and surrounded inside and out by it.  Fortunately for John this part of the house was still unknown to him.  In fact until recently this part of the house had been lost to Claire as well.  This place was waking up and she knew it.  Her time was coming would he be able to free her this time?  John would first need to accept her as she was and then he would need to regain his past life memories.  Eons of lost time and knowledge all of this was John Ravenwood the man she had fallen in love with a growing fancy that even tempted her to steal from Death and incur his wrath.  John was desperately looking around "Claire I have to go, I have been gone too long!"

All she did was smile.  "I will see you later John."  He was busy trying to figure out what time it was.  He glanced at his phone to find its battery had completely drained.  Of all the days to forget my watch!"  He muttered.  Claire was having fun with his hurry.  She knew a truth he would soon learn....

John Rocketed out the door "come back anytime John."  Past the graves as he got out the gate and down the worn path.  He could hear the church bells going off signaling the time.  Three chimes?!  He stopped dead in his tracks he had gotten there around...  What was going on?  He had been there several hours working on her library and he had even fallen asleep it could not still be Sunday could it?  As he came out of the woods a woman stopped him.  "You are playing with fire young man stay away from her she is not natural!"  "Mamm, do you mind answering a question for me?"  The woman looked puzzled.  "Why sure young man."  It is still Sunday and it is around three pm is that correct?"  Now she was really confused.  "Yes it is Sunday and yes it is around three."  The woman was of an older persuasion somewhere in her early seventies.

"I heard she paid you and your parents a little visit last night.  Young man she is... I don't really know what she is, but she is not human.  She looked just like that when I was a little girl.  That same long dark hair and those same lovely green eyes.  There is no question she is very kind but as for what she is who knows!"  "Mamm that is imposs..."  "impossible huh come with me young man I have pictures of her from when I was a child and some that even predate me one from the late 1890's on some of the first film ever used."  As she turned John was compelled to follow he could not resist, he needed to know. 

Her home was weathered and worn by the times it had existed through a large span of time.  A quaint little cottage.  The paint was peeling and the glass needed cleaning but clearly the up keep of this place was not really her concern.  She seemed more concerned with the spiritual and physical wellbeing of those around her.  Her time was drawing near and she wanted to help anyone she could.  "Young man you really should stay away from her the last young man I saw go in that place never came out and no one even seems to remember him but me but I know what I saw...  I was only four when I met him but he regularly came and went from that place and as I got older he never seemed too.  One day he went in there and I never saw him again.  He looked a great deal like you.  In fact when I first saw you I thought you were a ghost.  I knew she would come for you after I realized you were real.  The she beast is cunning and..."  John interrupted "I am sorry mamm but calling her a she beast is a bit too much she just seems like a very sweet and odd young lady."  Sweet and odd she is but she is still not human!"  The old woman slammed a pile of pictures down in front of John he began to thumb through them.  The oldest one had a date hand written on it 1892.  As he arranged them by date 1892, 1911, 1929, 1937, 1945, 1969, 1975, 1982, 1999 and the latest picture was from 2005. 

As he looked at them intently he saw it they all were pictures of Claire there was no mistaking that smile or those eyes.  More than one hundred years of history was covered in these photos.   Claire was more than a hundred years old and she still looked exactly the same.  It was as if time did not move at all for her.  Most people would have been terrified by this revelation but not John.  He wanted to know more.  Instead of fear his cat like curiosity drove him to not shy away.  The adventure of a lifetime lay before him.  He knew his destiny had found him.  "I can see nothing I say to you will deter you from her you look just like him young man and strongly enough his name was John Ravenwood just like you.  He drifted to this place in much the same way you did.  Maybe I am wrong and your souls are bound by ties deeper and more powerful the time in memorial my time draws ever closer and I wanted to reach out and warn you if I could but it appears I am too late.  She really is a nice person if you can call her a person.  Why don't you take them with you I have no more need for those pictures, he has come for me.

  As John turned around he caught a glimpse of a black cat's tail and a disappearing large shadow.  He swore an ominous male voice spoke out "Back again are we?  Run to her John she is waiting."  A smirking chuckle sent John running as if Satan himself was behind him.  Ten pictures in his left hand, as his right made contact pushing open the gates of 1313 Cemetery Way.  John had numerous questions and there she was waiting by the front door. A dark haired, green eyed otherworldly beauty named Claire Graveless.
To Be Continued...

1313 Cemetery Way 5

Also checkout my other works. Amazon Author Page


  1. The blog entries have left me wanting to read more. I love A.J. Phillips writing style. I am a Nicholas Sparks Romance fan I don't read much else but I have read every book and blog entry by A.J. Phillips. You all should read them too. You get lost in the characters and wrapped up in them like they are family. Strongly recommend everyone read this and all the books.


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