1313 Cemetery Way 2

1313 Cemetery Way 2
Meeting Amidst the Stacks

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Outside the Black cat the previous night:

"Hello Seraphim."  The storm had lessened and was slowly blowing over.  At her feet sat a small black cat.  As she reached to pet him a familiar voice graveled out of the darkness.  "I see you found him again Claire or he found you?!"  The very air seemed to quake in response to this feminine foreboding voice.  "Hecate its been a while, wait you prefer Caty these days.  With a snickering snort Claire was laughing "That is so cute!"  As the moon peaked through the clouds a slender figure pale as the moon with long dark hair began to take shape.  Claire stopped laughing the second she saw her smile.  As the wind burst by she stood in silence.  Until Caty broke it "His name is Bobby".  "Whose name?"  Claire now stood her hands on her hips, her dress wafting in the wind as her scarf fluttered.

"I fell in love Claire, me the emissary of death, a harbinger of doom.  I now understand what you have gone through and I want to know the whole story."  "Caty your father will be angry."  "I don't care Claire, what he has done to the two of you is too cruel."  "Both of you follow me then."  In a gust of wind the cat and girls were gone. 
Minutes later they were all standing at an iron gate the plaque was barely legible in the moon light 1313 Cemetery Way.  As Caty reached for it a strange energy struck out at her.  "Careful only those who have known death and not died may enter here!  Courtesy of John Ravenwood."  Caty looked puzzled how could he have done this, nobody can stop death, no one dares defy daddy!  So how did he?  "What are those graves Claire?"  "John was a prodigy he built it in his third incarnation, his goal to set me free of my punishment.  "I know daddy punished the two of you but I never knew why?"

"I stole from death!  I stole from your father!"

As the statement sunk in the three of them entered the house.  The clouds had once again buried the moon so the house looked like a hulking shadow.  Just another grave among many.  "Would you like some tea Caty?"  "Do you have Coffee?"  Coffee... you drink coffee?"  "Bobby turned me onto it, it is a strange human drink bitter but satisfying."  Claire suddenly lunged grabbing Caty.  Hugging her tightly "so cute."  she yelled.  "Coffee it is lets go to the library.  As they entered there were scores of books stacked everywhere.  The room looked as if a hurricane had hit it.  "The books began to reappear about a year ago."  Caty noticed Claire's entire demeanor had changed "John's Library had faded with the universe's loss of magic but then he did the impossible.  Arcane the vampire violated the Forever Forest of the Elves gaining the Elven Light.  Arcanes light did it all, magic has begun to return with a vengeance.  I pulled them all down so John can put them back making them permanently apart of this world."

"How do you know he will come?"  "He will, my love will return to me again and again and again!"  Her green eyes began to shed tears and in between sobs "you wanted to know why death your father punished me.  I see you didnt know, John's condition is not your father's punishment it is a result of love and John's defiance.  Our story is as old as history I have lost count of how many ages I have lived through.  We were born in the world that followed the severing of magic and science.  A being known only as Daykin had been seemingly destroyed by a plot of a predecessor of the Ravenwood family line and the sacrifices of the light and darkness.  Assedo now lay dreaming as his wolves run forever through the land cementing the seal his soul now powers or should I say powered.  Arcane's light also has reawakened Daykin!"  "The coffee is ready Claire."  "I am sorry how do you take it?" 

"I got off topic.  I am being punished for stealing from death.  When I first met John he lay dying on a battle field.  He was so handsome; he had been speared and stabbed while shielding a young Elf girl.  She was desperately trying to save him but your father had staked his claim.  So I stepped in with a relic I should not have had!

 I was in possession of a necklace that later became known as the Elven Light.  I used its power to defy death and save John's life.  Your father was furious the sky trembled as all the light left the world.  The wraith lorded over me and he reached his skeleton hand out placing it upon my forehead.  Then he took it not my life but my death.  Unknown to me at the time but he had made me immortal unable to die.  When I woke up my head was in John's lap, my necklace was now around his neck.  It had chosen a new owner. 

When our eyes met, man I will never forget that sunset.  I was in love at first sight we both knew we were destined for each other.  He stayed with me for months in the mountains until his little brother found us, I think his name was Merlin.  He begged his brother to come home, something I am sure he regretted later.  Their parents had declared John dead and to learn he had been alive and off gallivanting with some common born unknown woman.  They were furious and tried to force him to marry a woman of their choosing.  Your father was there threatening to punish them for the transgressions of one of their own, they did not know it wasn't John.  I mentioned the splitting of magic and science.  The mastermind of this had been a member of their family and it had unintended consequences.  The split sent forth an echo causing many worlds to suddenly exist where only one had been.  Causality had been broken and eventually this echo would bring about total destruction and all would return to nothing."

"John utterly refused his parents on the issue of getting married he was in love with me.  His mother actually murdered me or so she thought.  When I woke up being cradled by John his mother lay dead the very dagger she used on me buried deep in her chest.  The woman I thought was his mother really was his step mother; his real mother had been murdered when he and his brother were young.  Merlin told us to run and so we did.  John grew older and I never aged.  As he lay on his death bed death came for him.  Your father felt he had won so gloating he told me what he had done to me.  Since I had taken from him he took form me."

"Forever more you are the pillar; your immortal life holds it all."

"I had no idea what he meant but john did."  "You bastard that is far too cruel for one soul that would be yours in time."  "John's anger was limitless."  "Claire one of my kin set in motion the end of all time.  He has made you the anchor that will stop it your frozen time keeps the end at bay."  "I fell to my knees crying soon I would be alone forever.  Never again to know John's touch his warmth.  He had stayed with me though I never aged.  John had forsaken his family who forbade us from being as one.  He had chosen me above all else.  Our life on the run had been happy.  But now I was going to lose him.  It was here John summoned the last of his strength.  He stood up from the bed and clutched the necklace in both his hands,"

"Upon this, this power that should not be I swear to you Claire you will never be alone.  I will return again and again until you are free.  I love you Claire!!!"

"With that his body turned to dust, the look on your father's face told me he did not have John's soul.  Death was beside himself two humans had defied him and their souls were forever out of his reach.  Through the ages John found me or I found him.  Every time he had to relearn who he had been as magic waned the odds of beating our curse grew larger.  My magic has not waned your dad froze my time so I am unaffected by Assedo's legacy and thanks to Arcane his efforts are a moot point, but also thanks to Arcane we have a chance this time to activate John's device  making this place the pillar of the universes.  We need 72 fragments of souls 36 good and 36 evil.

"So those graves out front are part of the device!"  Caty's echoing voice rattled the books and many of the stacks tumble over.  Her coffee had grown cold.  Claire's story had entranced her.  "Let me get you some fresh hot Coffee Caty."  Caty just sat in silence John reminded her of Bobby their devotion was amazing.  He had waited until he died to see her again and John doomed himself to endlessly reincarnate to be with Claire forever.  It was souls like theirs that had changed her father.  Over the years he had grown to love the humans and many others had defied him or struck bargains with him.  The most recent was a girl named Anna Ravenwood on behalf of her dying friend Jack McCrae.  Daddy took half her life at her request but instead of flat out taking it he split it between the two of them.  The Ravenwoods are definitely special. 

"Caty I need a favor" Claire had returned with more coffee. "Can I borrow Seraphim tomorrow to guide John to me?"  Just then the lights dimmed and the windows rattled Caty was horrified Daddy is coming I know it.  As the door to the room opened it was not death instead it was an old man.  Speak of the Devil hello Merlin!  "Claire we have avoided a worse case scenario."  "Old man your..."  He interrupted "I know child I am dead!"

"Jack Rhodes defeated him but was lost to his fiery world."  What of Raven?"  "She is alive but heart broken."  Caty had gotten to her feet "I took you to the other side how did you get here?"  Turning to Claire "you should not worry Jack Rhodes will return!"  Smiling she walked over to the old man "I think I have stayed too long seraphim will guide John to you.  One last thing how many times has he returned for you?"  "Caty I have had to watch him die more times than I care to remember my only comfort is his undying love for me!"

As the old man and Caty started to leave he turned to Claire tell my brother hello and goodbye for me!

To Be Continued...

1313 Cemetery Way 3

Also checkout my other works. Amazon Author Page


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