1313 Cemetery Way 3

1313 Cemetery Way 3

Her Name is Claire?!
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          She's in a bunny girl outfit, why is she in a bunny girl outfit?  These were my thoughts as I imagined her cracking a whip telling me to call her queen.  "Why are you in that outfit?"  I thought it a good question.  "Silly boy...  too mess with you of course!"

The two of them stood in a large entry room the ceiling seemed to go up for miles due to all of the shimmering light.  It was unclear where exactly the light's origin was.  The walls and pillars seemed to be made from black marble, but clearly lacked the veins marble has.  By all rights the blackness of the walls should have absorbed and dampened the light but it didn't.  Could these walls be the source of the light?  To John's left was a small but noticeable indent in the wall containing a single door.  John however was still in shock looking at the sexy bunny girl in front of him.  What had he gotten himself into?  Calmly he reached behind him to try the door and found it to be locked.  As he turned around in a panic to pull and push on it he realized there was no keyhole or for that matter no deadbolt either.  A chill ran over him as he felt a gentle but firm grip on his right arm.  As his eyes met hers "This way John lets have some tea and I will tell you about the job."  John felt as though he was being swept down a river and out to sea.  The look in his eyes was comparable to the echoing final scream of a murder victim. 

As she pulled him down the hall his curiosity got the best of him and he began studying the lay of the land so to speak.  The light seemed to follow them wherever they went.  John already on edge had taken an interest in this strange phenomenon.  Busy looking for infrared sensors he failed to notice a small flight of stairs in front of him.  As he fell he bent his knees to control his fall, landing in a seated position at the bottom of the stairs.  Somewhere on the way down Claire had let go of his arm.  She stood just off to his left clapping her hands "well done John" he popped to his feet in less than an eye blink.  Rushing forward a little red in the face but with the attitude of I meant to do that!    Without a word he just moved forward as she opened the door into the library.  Books were still just randomly stacked everywhere. 

There was even a pile that had fallen over.  Everything was exactly where Claire and Caty had left it.  "Excuse the mess I have been trying to reorganize my library."  Her voice was startling.  The sheer number of books lying around was overwhelming.  John was lost, what was this place.  The ceiling in this room also seemed to go up forever.  The light was the same here too.  As John looked around he noticed there were crystals mounted to the shelves every so many feet.  Every now and then he could swear he thought he saw them glow.  John could not shake the feeling he had seen this room before even Claire seemed familiar to him.  But there was no way he could have met her she had always lived here and he was born and raised hundreds of miles from this isolated place.  "What's wrong John?" 

"Claire could we have met some place before?"  All she did was smile.  "How do you want your tea."  John was surprised he had been staring at the room and never noticed her making tea.  As he looked at her his answer just blurted out "with three sugars and a slice of lemon."  His answer even surprised him; it had come from nowhere and without thought.  John could not shake the feeling.  This was all too familiar, all too... 

His thought was interrupted by the sound of a saucer being sat in front of him.  The cup was beautifully hand crafted and inlayed with gold and silver.  The table was the next thing he noticed.  It seemed to be made from chiseled lime stone.  It was smooth and a light gray.  A huge contrast to how it looked.  By sight it appeared to be roughly finished.  In fact the flooring seemed to be the same material.  The only things in this room that appeared to be new were the couches.  Both were light blue and curvy.  Their round features accented the squareness of the room.  The only things out of place were all of the books.  The bookshelves were completely bare.

As John collected himself the question had to be asked.  "You said you needed a personal assistant what would I be doing?"  "You would be my very personal assistant."  She was now almost nose to nose with John.  As he slammed backwards he almost went up and over the back of the couch.  As soon as Claire stopped laughing, "You see the books I need help putting all of this back in order.  And, many other things like this.  I promise you will be handsomely rewarded for your services."  John calmly let his eyes trail up to her bunny ears pausing a bit too long along the way.  Damn she was cute... Is she flirting with me or messing with me? 

Something about her seemed so inviting.  It was like a memory hidden just beyond the bend in the road.  Then his mind trailed back to the path of graves he had walked through to get here.  This place was strange and it's address even stranger but perhaps the strangest thing here was the woman Named Claire Graveless!  "So John would you like the job?  I really just need help around here.  This place is just too much for me to manage bymyself."  Her voice was inviting.  This place was huge.  John could not help but wonder.  Why was everyone afraid of her, they had gone out of their way to bury this place and her existence.  There was something about her, this place, he just could not let it go.  Something about this was necessary.  It was like the missing piece to a long forgotten puzzle.  "So what would I be doing first?"  She clasped her hands together and hopped forward like a bunny.  "Great so you do want the job?!" 

"That makes me so happy!  To start Can you place these books back on the shelves I'd do it myself but I am just a cute 'ittle Bunny Rabbit."  The look on her face was devious.  It was plain to see she had more planned than just...  Just these books scattered all over the room.

Several hours later John had managed to organize the books by size.  He had decided it would be best to do it this way so the biggest and heaviest would be on the bottom.  As he handled the books he could not help but wonder why this seems so... So familiar.  "I can't shake the feeling that I know this place, that I know Claire."  He mumbled too himself as he moved everything around.  As one of his stacks fell over, before he could utter a few choice swear words he noticed a sword hanging on the far wall.  It was a medieval broad sword style but it had the appearance of a folded metal sword similar to the Japanese swords.  The metal had a black hue to it.  Stepping past the fallen pile he noticed a plaque below the blade.  Here hangs the blade known as Dark Thunder crafted by Merlin and wielded by his older brother.  The older brother's name was illegible but it appeared to have four letters in it.  The sword was sealed behind an odd crystalline substance.  Directly opposite the sword on the far wall was a mural of a man holding the sword high above his head, the only odd thing in the mural, the sword looked to be glowing. 

As John shook off the daze he began to pick up the books from his toppled pile.  Setting them on the shelf one at a time as he did with every book the light in the room would flicker.  One by one he placed the books over 2000 by his count.  Several hours later he was done as he slumped over on the couch without a breathe he was out.

"Hello John."  Mmmargo you can't be her you're..."  "Yes John I am Dead I know.  Weird huh?!  I have come to show the way my brother, my other self.  You have something we both need to remember."  The female version of himself now stood in front of him, his sister had been dead for 13 years but here she was just out of his reach.  "Margo wait!"  "Follow me John, this way."  No matter how fast he ran he could barely keep up.  The scene began to rapidly change and as suddenly as his sister had appeared she was gone.  John now stood at the top of a hill looking at a burning castle.  Atop a hill he caught sight of a glowing object something was oddly reminiscent of a scene he could not place. 

"Claire get down, Dark Thunder I call upon you, your might to defend us."  A man stood alone in a field atop a hill with a woman running toward him as he raised the sword the tip pointed to the skies above them the woman dove towards his feet.  She looked ...it was Claire Graveless.  What was this, a dream or was it more, a memory.  The sword had begun to glow brighter and brighter.  In one swift motion the man slashed the air.  the force of the slash sent a shockwave of wind with a clap of thunder immediately following it.  The ground just ahead of them began to break apart.  Five men stood directly in his path in seconds they lay battered and broken at his feet.  Their bodies showed signs of burns along with the cuts and bruises caused by the shredded earth.  One of the men was slowly getting to his feet.  "How could you betray us, you murdered your own mother you monster."  "That woman is not my mother and I consider anyone who tries to hurt the woman I love an enemy.  I held back don't make me regret it.  Merlin has also left this..  This shell of a family our time in the sun is over it is time to let them live for and decide for themselves.  I wield the blade Dark Thunder and here and now I vow no longer will I bow before my father's will."  As he raised the sword one more time his gaze crossed over to the burning castle.  The sword began to glow again and as he brought it flying the tip slammed the ground.  A crack opened and charged toward the castle.  In seconds it hit and the castle split in half and then exploded.   As the two's pursuers looked on in horror an echoing voice could be heard.  "Castle Ravenwood has fallen stop now or join it in its ruin."

"Come on Claire let's go."  As her hand joined his John realized he was no longer watching the dream he was now the man wielding the sword and the woman before him was Claire Graveless his new employer.  What was all this?  As the images fade and his eyes opened he found his head in her lap.  All of it felt like it had happened before.   "Did you have a nice dream John?"

To Be Continued...

1313 Cemetery Way 4

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