1313 Cemetery Way

1313 Cemetery Way

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A. J. Phillips

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            It all started one dark and stormy night.  Funny how these sorts of things always start like that!  I was sitting alone in my favorite corner of my parent’s coffee Shoppe.  My life had taken a turn for the worse so I for now am back home with mom and dad.  At age 30 this is a little embarrassing but that is how life goes.  As for how I got here let’s just say a few bad decisions and a girl were involved, end of commentary!  This place is not my home town but it will due for now.  When I moved out they sold their home and moved here to start over.  Before I graduated high school and thought about what to do next we suffered a terrible tragedy.   I had a sister we were in fact twins. 

            My older sister to be exact, she was the first born; the real facts: They did not know my mother was pregnant with twins.  Here doctor was a bit of a quack.  In our last year of high school my sister was taken and murdered.  Mom and Dad still don’t believe me when I say I saw it through her eyes.  They don’t believe in the powers of the spirit or the mind.  It is said by many that twins share an incredible bond that goes beyond space and time. 

            We were all on the run from it, mom and dad moved and so did I.  I ran away to college which was a waste of my time and money.  I could have learned the same things with a library card and the internet.  Tonight I was off unless it got busy so I was enjoying the storm while reading my favorite book, a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales that I have had ever since I was little.  My sister and I would take turns reading the stories to each other.  This sparked her interest in theatre and mine in mythology, folklore and the occult.  This was the first real difference between us.  In a flash and clash of thunder the front door burst open like an explosion.  The wind whipped our indoor wind chimes and the clock struck the hour as the distant church bell rang in the wind swept night.  Then she appeared, dress and all!

            The dress looked to be Victorian inspired with some modern flare added.  It was black and grey with a hot pink scarf.  She seemed very apologetic it was obvious to me the door had gotten away from her in the wind but to everyone else she might as well have been Dracula himself.  The locals seem to be afraid of her.  Her skin was very pale with long black hair framing her deep green eyes.  Her lips were colored a light shade of green complimenting her eyes.  She kind of reminded me of those porcelain dolls you see in gift shops.  Our local help seemed to be ignoring her as she stood at the counter so I took it upon myself, book and all to go and see to her order.  “Welcome to the Black Cat miss can I take your order?”  As my parents stepped out from the back they saw her.  “Do you serve tea here?”  She politely asked!  “Yes mamm, we pride ourselves on having a wide selection of different teas, coffees and soft drinks.  Let me get you our tea menu!”  It was here she noticed my book.  That is a well-worn copy, so you like Fairy Tales young man?”  It did not dawn on me till later that she had addressed me as if she was far older than me.  Looking at her she had to be fairly close to my age.  “I have been meaning to come see this place since it opened but this is the first night in a long while I have not been too busy.  I love what you have done with the place’” She said this staring right at my parents.  Then it occurred to me she probably knew their names too.  This was after all a small town teaming with out of town tourists and the like.  The locals seemed to be afraid of her and the tourists just seemed to ignore her entirely. 

            “I will have the Darjeeling tea.”  “Coming right up miss.”  As I turned to begin making the tea she whispered a question to me.  “May I borrow your book while I wait I forgot mine? “  As I turned my eyes met hers the chill that shot through me was unreal, was I looking at a human being or something else? Her hand was already on it, as the wave of cold cast off of her I managed to answer reluctant because it was mine and my sister’s favorite thing my last connection to Margo.  “Sure I answered as she turned she went to my favorite spot by the back corner near the stained glass window.  At the time I did not know it but she was reading me scrying my memories through a beloved object but not just me my lost sister too who was this woman and why was everyone but us afraid of her?!  Since she was new to our shop I broke out the special tea set.  I carried over a tray with a teapot one cup and saucer a bowl of sugar cubes and a few fresh slices of lemon.  The storm had intensified and our business had slowed way down it was getting near closing time.  “Would you sit with me John?”  “How did you know my name?”  She opened the book and showed me where my sister and I had written our names as children.  I looked back at my parents and they motioned to go ahead. "I would love it if you share a moment of your time and have tea with me."   Before I could answer my mother had placed a tea cup and saucer before me with the coffee Shoppe’s logo.  The silhouette of a black cat.  As for me I was still in shock at this point.  A strange girl had barged in and in a subtle bit of trickery Loci himself would have been proud of manipulated me into what must have looked to my parents as a date.  I on the other hand in my mind am staring at a vast open expanse with meadow like qualities with a dumbfounded what the hell look on my face! 

She seemed to be having fun.  The smile on her face looked a little sinister and gleeful at the same time.  Now that the initial shock had worn off, I took a good look at here.  Damn she was cute.  Scarily cute, as in the sort of beauty that did not belong in this world kind of cute.  The moment she showed up it was if time had stopped for me.  We sat in an awkward silence for several minutes before she proclaimed: "I like you John, so cautious, so handsome and polite, if only this world was not so cruel to people like you."  "You don't even know me!"  Was my response to her absurd statement.  "But I do know you, I can tell instantly about people it is a gift or a curse which ever.  And, I know you want more than this life, serving coffee and tea in your parents shop.”  She was right, hit so close to the mark it may as well have been a bullseye.  Then she left me with the real kicker "you should not worry about your sister Margo she is at rest and her killer will soon face either man's or God's justice both are closing in on him.”  While I sat there my mouth wide open she rose to her feet and went to pay out.  "How much do I owe you for the tea?"  "Dear it is on the house."  My mother answered.  "But..."  My mother interrupted "Look at my son I have not seen that smile since his sister died 13 years ago.  I don't know what you did but I thank you!  "His sister they were twins weren't they?"  I heard her ask.   "The look on your face answers all my questions."  My mom looked as though Margo had suddenly walked through the door.  She turned a little pale actually. 

We had finished all of our tea the oddest thing I don’t remember drinking it. As I started to get up she turned and caught me in her gaze I swear I heard it, her voice in my ears "I'll be seeing you soon John Ravenwood."  With that she was out the door vanishing in a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder.  As mom came around the corner I had begun to pick up our table when I saw my favorite book sitting in the seat where she had been, my favorite spot in the whole shop.  As I picked it up a small card fell out of it. With an address and a note from her.

Dear John,

Wait isn't too early to get one of these we are not even dating yet...  As the bit of humor passed and I read it.

Dear John,

I enjoyed having tea with you.  If you like come by my house tomorrow afternoon.  I would like to discuss a job with you.

The letter was short and left me wondering when did she write it?  I never saw her do it.  On the other side was an address 1313 Cemetery Way with lip prints of the green lipstick she had been wearing.  As I stared at it I heard mom's voice "did she leave you a tip?" That card was in my pocket before an eye blink.  I may be 30 but it still would have been scandalously embarrassing if mom had seen it.  This reminded me of something from a Victorian based novel I had read once but in reverse.  Instead of the man leaving his card the woman had.  Then it finally hit me I never got her name.  What an Idiot I am.  Of course I was going, I am too curious by nature to pass up such a strange invitation.

The next day I got up early and was gone before my Parents were awake I had to figure out where this place was.  There was no information on the internet about it nor was it on any city maps.  As much fear as everyone had shown this place had to exist and it had to have been covered up by the locals for some strange reason.  No one would even talk to me about it.  In fact I was told by everyone to drop it and leave it alone.  It was then I noticed a small black cat had been following me the whole way.  Considering how strange last night had been I stopped and picked up the cat and asked it while I stroked its ears "Do you know where 1313 Cemetery Way is my little furry friend?"  The cat bolted from my arms and hit the ground running stopping until I would follow it. 

The day had worn on it was now just after noon and we had entered a forested area the path was overgrown and gnarled like a dogwood tree.  Ahead of us in a clearing was an iron gate with huge worn letters Cemetery Way.  The path led on through a graveyard, a long forgotten graveyard.  As I walked I counted the graves lining the path there were 36 pars equaling 72 in all a very significant occult number.  Before me stood a gate that looked as if it had not opened in years.  Written on the plate covered in dirt 1313 Cemetery Way.  As I was about to push on it I noticed there was more on the plaque than the address, it looked Latin.  As I brushed off the dirt and took a better look the phrase only those who have been touched by death but have not died may enter here crossed my mind. 

The gates screeched open as I made my way to the house hidden by the graves.  It was a Victorian styled manor.  Or, a Victorian modeled manor there were several modern features too. The place well was out of place.  It looked off to say the least.  As I reached up to knock on the door it flew open and a hand grabbed mine yanking me inside "you came I am so happy"

As my eyes adjusted to the inside light it was her but what was she wearing?  A form fitting black lace top a too short for words skirt and bunny ears, she even had a powder puff for a tail.  "I knew you would come, John."  "You know I never got your name?"  "My name is Claire Graveless, John Ravenwood I hope you know how special you are if you don't you will soon learn." 

"Claire what is this job you mentioned in your letter?"   I was almost horrified to hear her answer all she was missing was a whip and in this environment she would look like a dominatrix.  My left eyebrow was already twitching with the shock of it all.

  "Why being my personal assistant of course.  This way John!"  Before I could object or run she had wrapped herself around my left arm griping it like a boa constrictor with a smile on her face as she pulled me forward "my very personal assistant” I heard her mumble "What was that?" I asked "nothing... nothing" was her answer.  As the front door came to a close and my only chance to run vanished I felt as though I had been caught in a rip tide being dragged out to sea what had I gotten myself into in this town I knew nothing of!?  “I think you will love it here John!”  All I kept thinking was I need an adult… Crap I am an adult!  Help me!!!

To Be Continued...

Also checkout my other works. Amazon Author Page


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