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The Reaper's Love

The Reaper’s Love

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Fairy Knights The First Hunt
Ghosts and Graves
The Reaper's Love

In life he was unlucky, but will his luck change afterlife?!

Here is a sample of my latest creation I hope you enjoy.  

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            All I remember is a cacophony of noise, crunching metal, crackling glass and then the sky so blue and endless.  Looming over me was a shadow, the silhouette of a beautiful woman.  She had long elegant features, skin as pale as moonlight.  Her long raven hair was blacker and darker than the deepest night.   Her piercing eyes glimmered like starlight.  She was…she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen!  For some reason the world looked a little off in comparison to her.
          “The park…crap I must have fallen asleep!  What time is it?”  The young man glanced at his watch “What a day…How did I manage to do that?”  Its face was cracked into a spider web pattern and tim…