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The Reaper’s
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In life he was unlucky, but will his luck change afterlife?!

Here is a sample of my latest creation I hope you enjoy.  

            All I remember is a cacophony of noise, crunching metal, crackling glass and then the sky so blue and endless.  Looming over me was a shadow, the silhouette of a beautiful woman.  She had long elegant features, skin as pale as moonlight.  Her long raven hair was blacker and darker than the deepest night.   Her piercing eyes glimmered like starlight.  She was…she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen!  For some reason the world looked a little off in comparison to her.

          “The park…crap I must have fallen asleep!  What time is it?”  The young man glanced at his watch “What a day…How did I manage to do that?”  Its face was cracked into a spider web pattern and time had stopped.  Slowly he began to take in his surroundings.  Nearby a horrible scene rose out of the background, sirens blazed as a young man covered in blood was lifted onto a gurney and rolled into an ambulance.  As suddenly as he saw the scene he happened to glance up locking eyes with a beauty not of this world.  She seemed out of place, she stood stoic and timeless.  She had dark black hair, a pale skin tone and striking elongated but elegant features.  As soon as he saw here a chill crept over his entire body, like a snail over taking a turtle in a race.  As his heart beat gained speed the coldness was soon forgotten.

            A man in the ambulance injected a stabilizer, “I’ve got a pulse.  We need to hurry he is in bad shape.”  The ambulance roared down a side street, screeching to a halt outside the nearest hospital.  Like the start of a horse race two men shot out of the ambulance carting a broken and disheveled young man in his late twenties.  If he could stand he would be about five feet and seven inches tall.  He had blood soaked dark brown hair and seafoam green eyes.  Soon there were nurses and a doctor swarming all over him. 

            A world away from the hospital a young man of a similar description sat in a park.  “Wow she is gorgeous” his words came to an abrupt stop. “I just said that out loud didn’t I?”  With a questioning look he stared upward.  As she looked down on him she could not help but smile “thanks for the compliment” the song of her voice was ominous in its foreboding beauty.  At the mere sound of it all other sounds ceased.  The air was electrified but still, it was as if the whole of the world had just stopped.  Too the young man it was sweet and peaceful, he was trapped, lost in her gaze.  He continued to stare, both his palms were face down on the soft grass beneath him, she could not help but be a little self-conscious “What?!”  At the sound of it the sky darkened as if a storm were coming!  Her voice did have a melodic quality to it much like the knell of a requiem bell.  Regardless of how ominous it seemed it felt so peaceful to him. 

            “I am sorry for staring but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  Would you like to go get some coffee?”  The young man nervously ran his fingers through his hair as he waited for her reply.  He could not take his eyes off of her.  Never had he ever seen a woman like her.  There was a strange glow to her.  He could not explain it but something about her was different.  With a shocked look she replied without thinking “I would love too!”  Her voice had something he could not quite place, it wasn’t an accent.  It was…it defied explanation.  The young man rose to his feet reaching out his hand “my name is Bobby” again she looked puzzled.  Her hands never moved, she had no idea what to do or for that matter what was even happening.  She had come for his soul; it was if he did not know her and Bobby?!  Where did that come from?  As she stood mulling over the name he had given, Bobby just kept staring at her.  He had caught her off guard.  Bobby gripped her right hand with his and shook it gently.  She jerked back in surprise no one had ever tried to touch her before.  She was … Anyway?!  Humans are supposed to cower in fear.   

Bobby seeing her odd reaction apologized “You’re not from around her are you?”  She just smiled “something like that” her voice just seemed to echo on forever.  Her striking visage stood out above all other things.  The buildings behind her were blurred by her presence.  Even she noticed the world looked off and it unnerved her.  However, there was a more pressing issue.  Under the surface she was desperate, searching her memories trying to remember something she had long forgotten.  Buried in her thoughts was one running question that filled her with…not fear; the feeling could only be described as anxiety.  What is my name?  He will ask soon!  Her pale cheek began to flush as she remembered how to smile, unaware that she was already smiling.  Her thoughts were interrupted as bobby took her hand again.

            “This is how we say hello, now grip my hand firmly and lightly shake like this.”  Slowly their hand went up and down at the rhythm Bobby had set.  In an instant she made the connection she had seen numerous humans do this strange ritual countless times.  “I never got your name?!”  His voice had startled her as her eyes trailed upward they met his.  She found herself lost in his seafoam green eyes.  The question she feared had been posed and begged an answer and then it just rolled off her tongue “Caty!”  The second she said it she… To make it worse she had given him some cutesy form of her real name?  In her thoughts a singular thought took front row and center, why did I do that, my name is Hecate!  But he is the first mortal to ever ask me for my name.  What is it about him that makes me lose myself?  And, who is Bobby I came for Cecil Aloysius Schumpert!  Have I got the wrong guy?!  Why did I do that? No one has ever…?!

This was a question no one had ever asked her before; a single tear drop ran down her cheek as she became aware of Bobby’s change in demeanor.  “I’m sorry…I’m so sorry” he had this horrified look on his face?  She could not help but wonder “sorry for what?!”  Still staring in to her eyes he answered “I made you cry” she wiped the tear away as shocked as he was; her chance meeting with this young man had stirred emotions she had long forgotten.  Never once did the thought enter her mind that he might have finally figured out who she was!
After all she had been around almost as long as time itself.  She had roamed the earth alone but never forgotten through countless ages.  She was a servant of Death, what many would call a Grim Reaper.  Why does this mortal not fear me?  Her thought summoned a small black cat with eyes as yellow as the sun.   The cat had caught her off guard but had appeared at an opportune time she just needed to pass it a message without the mortal seeing her.  While lost in thought she had failed to notice Bobby was standing square in front of her staring deeply into her eyes.  “Now, about that coffee?”  The tone of his voice was verging on bouncy. Too her amazement he was not the least bit afraid.  He turned away from her trying to figure out what direction the coffee shop was in, mumbling to himself “we are in the park so we need…”  This was the moment she had been waiting for “Seraphim go get my father something strange is going on?!”  The cat vanished as Bobby turned back around.  I must have the right guy, death does not make mistakes.  So what is going on?  Her thoughts were racing and she was not prepared for what happened next!

            Bobby quickly took her hand “it’s this way” noticing it as if for the first time “your hands are like ice?!  Some hot coffee can fix that!”  With a smile he led the way.  She seemed to forget herself when he was around.  With her hand in his he urged her to follow “I know this great little shop.”  The world began to shift; he did not seem to notice.  However, Caty did and it scared her…her, a harbinger of death afraid?  She was tongue tied.  A collidescope of color swirled all around them.  Just what is happening?  What is Coffee, where is he taking me?!  So many questions filled her head.  This was all new to her.  

At the same time in what seems like a world away.  In a hospital emergency room a battered and broken young man lay on the brink, clinging to life.  “Doctor we are losing him, respiration is falling.”  Clambering voices surrounded him “I’ve lost the pulse!”  “Defib!”  “Charging…Clear” his body wriggled and a few heart beats then flat lined “Clear” “I’ve got a weak pulse!”   The Doctor just looked down at the young man “come on son come back to this side?!”  Out in the waiting room sat a lone dark figure reading a magazine.  Suddenly a cat appeared in his lap “Hello Seraphim I am aware!”   “Nurse the young man is stable but we need to move him to intensive care, he is not out of the woods yet...! I can see what you are thinking and his fate is out of our hands only time will tell?!”  The doctor’s voice echoed down the hall.

            A crooked smile spread across the dark figures face as he rose to his feet.  The black cat darted in and out around his feet.  Steadfast as a gravestone he watched the white coats vanish around a corner.  With a silence that can only be found in graveyards.  The dark figure of a man crept over to the room.  Pausing for just a moment to look down both sides of the hallway, he entered the room.  Looking down at the broken young man “who knew this one would be special?  Well I had better get to work!” 

Also checkout my other works. Amazon Author Page

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