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The Ghost in the Mirror

The Ghost in the Mirror

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The Ghost in the Mirror
              When I was little my mother and grandmother owned and ran a little antique shop in my home town, I grew up around all kinds of old and neat things. Most children can be destructive but I had a sense of reverence for these things, it was inspiring to me.  The older an object was the more interest I tended to pay it.   There was this one piece however that always made me uncomfortable.  I am not sure if it is a vanity or a dresser all I do know is, it is a Victorian era piece and is very old.  My mother still owns it even now it is one of the few pieces we kept when we closed down the shop.  Now that I am older it is not as scary to me as it was as a child.  The dresser itself is not the object I feared it was the image I had associated with it. 
              The d…