1313 Cemetery Way 9

1313 Cemetery Way 9
Claire's Horrifying Strength

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Forget Me Not

John had emerged victoriously from the black flames. As he looked around the realization hit him.  This was serious and dangerous.  He now stood alone holding the crystal ball he had strived so far and so hard to obtain.  All around him the entire structure was shaking.  However, he now had a new problem the doors to the room had slammed shut once he entered and now it was as if they had never existed in the first place.  He needed to get back to Claire.  The only question was how.

On the other side of the building Claire stood towering over a begging Gustav.  "Can you guys buy me some time?"  She stood smirking slyly.  "If you can keep them busy for a few minutes I can help.  If I were you guys I would try and direct Jack their way.  The beasts have all left due to his enraged state.  Raven He may be in a Beserker state but I bet he still knows who you are."  Raven turned to face her with her blue-green eyes full of tears.  "He transformed to protect you dear!  Remember the Forelorns are no longer people they are empty shells driven by one of the seven deadly sins.  The courtyard lay broken as supporting pillar after supporting pillar fell over.  One even came crashing down behind Claire, blowing her dark hair forward covering her eyes. 

Calyst took the initiative and charged forward.  As she assumed a defensive battle stance a fireball hurtled past her singeing her hair.  The change that followed terrified everyone watching.  "Thats it, do you bastards know how hard it is to maintain my hair.  All the brushing and conditioning!  I am going too...  As the seasons change and the leaves turn crumbling to dust.  Wind burst!"  A great wind torn through the remains of the courtyard picking up the fallen roses and Forget Me Nots, swirling the so fast it was like a purple tidal wave as it poured over them slamming them against the opposite wall.  "Oh no I'm not done!  I'm really pissed off you come into my house and do this...  The snow melts once upon the spring. Deluge!  Already hurt they never saw the next move coming as a wave of water swallowed them all.  Jack had jumped to the top of a lone standing pillar as Calyst chanted her next rite.  "Even the gently falling snow can become the flood.  Frozen like glass.  Icy rage!"  In anger she had pulled off a combo fusion spell the water from the previous attack was absorbed into the ice of the next producing a field of frozen spikes.  Calyst had destroyed most of the Forelorns.  Those that remained just stood in shock, odd for beings without souls.  Raven and Gustav were also in total shock where had Calyst found this kind of strength?  Claire blurted out "oh yeah these kids are definitely Merlin's!" 

With no more wasted words or motions Claire took her battle stance.  "Loci I Beseech thee grant me your guile.  Thor grant me your courage.  And, Odin share with me your wisdom.  Raise me to Asgard.  Amplify!"  As the light encircled her Jack ran behind her grabbing Raven and Gustav running down the Hall John had ventured through.  Calyst could feel the power building and soon joined them.  Turning to Gustav "what rite is she using?"  "The master told me of moves like that one they were rarely used because the user is too exposed while powering it up."  Raven was busy watching the flow of energy.  Jack had been reduced to his human form, exhausted he collapsed to the floor.  Raven shivered as she realized what was happening.  "Gustav she is absorbing all of the power in this place.  It is all leading back to her.  We need to get out of here."  It was far too late to run though.  It was then Gustav noticed where they were.  "The master's room!" he yelled looking around  he finally noticed John was gone the only place he could be was in that room.  "We need to get inside."  As he bent down to pick Jack up the door finally opened for John all of them screamed in unison "get down!"  Barreling past him they quickly slammed the door.  "Pile everything you can find in front of the door and run!"  Gustav yelled.  John had no idea what was happening but even a novice like him had noticed the flow of energy in the place had changed.  But what was causing it?

Outside back down the hall Claire stood in a circle of light.  The werewolves had returned with more Forelorns.  But it was far too late for them to stop what was coming.  "Mjolnir I summon you."  Raising her hands high overhead a large battle hammer appeared as she grasped it she screamed "Ragnarok."  Bring the hammer crashing into the ground with the force of one thousand exploding stars.  Bolts of lightning danced all around her as the Forelorns and werewolves burned to ashes.  The force of the blow shattered the entire house.  There was absolutely nothing left except the door the others had been hiding behind. 

In front of Claire was a crater and in all directions from it was utter and total devastation.  Even the dimensional barrier that shielded this place was gone.  Claire quickly realized she had over done it.  It had been so long since she had performed any sort of rite she forgot her own strength.  John stood in awe remembering once upon a distant memory he too had been that powerful.  Could he ever regain that power?  Did he really want too?  The devastation was total and horrifying.  The fact that human had ever been that strong scared him.  Clutching the crystal ball he recalled his promise.  I swore to free her and so...

Calyst was looking at the remnants "where are we going to live?"  Shaking Gustav viciously, he had checked out though the scene was too much of a shock.  Raven just sat quietly cradling Jacks head in her lap.  Then it hit her we have no more connection to this world so...  This was Claire's fault...  "Claire!!!"  She yelled and continued to yell until Claire appeared.  "The attack was not your fault but this... this mess is, where are we supposed to go?  It won't be long before this world's authorities get here.  We can't let them catch us.  As their leader I demand you take responsibility for making us homeless refugees." 

Claire was impressed by Raven's resolve.  All four of these people were special Merlin had in one way or another chosen all of them.  "There is nothing more for any of you here so why not come with us and join our quest in Merlin's stead?"   Before any of them could argue they heard the sirens approaching.  Their time in this world was over and they had no choice but to follow Claire Graveless and John Ravenwood.  Where to none of them knew but what was clear the adventure had just begun.  As Claire assumed the stance "say your goodbyes after we leave, this world will be lost to us.  "Gates of life gates of death open upon the crossroads between all worlds Door to the necropolis open!

To Be Continued...

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Blog Series
Forget Me Not


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