Forget Me Not 2

Forget Me Not 2
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      Jack left me his journal.  A written memory of his life with us, why did he have too…  All I have been able to think about is the man who saved the entire world.  The man only we would ever know of because of an accident involving Me. 

Journal entry 1

            Yesterday my life ended, not literally but figuratively.  Have you ever seen something you know you should not have?  Or seen something you really wish you hadn’t.  Yesterday was one of those days!  I was running late for my shift.   As I was walking I passed by an alley.  I have walked past it more times than I can count.  However, this time I noticed flickering light.  Like that of a fire.  I like an idiot let my curiosity get the best of me.  As I rounded the corner I saw it.  Two women about my age fighting with some kind of a creature.  The shorter of the two was holding what I thought was a torch but soon I realized the fire was in her palm.  She had short dark black hair.  The fire reflected in her blue-green eyes.  I thought she was cute.  The other one was a little taller with light brown hair I never could get a good look at her face.  I heard her say an odd bit of verse then watched as shards of ice pierced the creature's body.  I gasped like a moron.  They both turned and saw me as I stumbled back falling over an overturned metal drum.  As I scrambled to my feet the dark haired Cutie was already next to me.  I voiced my only thought "this is not happening!"  She asked me "are you alright?"  As I got a better look at her I just blurted it out "wow you are cute!"  With the speed of a cat pouncing on a mouse she kissed me on the lips.  On instinct I embraced her as we made eye contact again "but I don't even know your name?" I about half serious and half joking also said something about going to get coffee.  Her eyes got huge in fact I finally got a look at the other girl they both had a shocked look on their faces.  She let me go and ran and I did the same.  Again I heard the other one saying an odd bit of verse.  I just ran, ran all the way to work.  Here the nightmare deepened.  As I ran I heard the other one say the cute ones name.

            “Raven we have to go the outside world’s police are coming!”  The sirens blazed all around them as they made their exit unseen by anyone but me.   I rounded a corner to the back entrance of work but my ID card was gone.  I know I had it.  Some of the guys saw me but to my horror No one knew me.  I pleaded my case thinking it was a joke.  That thought ended as security escorted me off the property.  What had happened to me?  I suddenly got the urge to look at my notebook that I always carried.  It was completely blank.  The pages looked new was I dreaming I know I had written in this one.  I ran back to the alley where this all started there were cops everywhere but no sign of any of what I had seen.  I was lucky not to be taken into custody.  Next I decided to go home.  When I got there I got the biggest shock of the night.  My apartment was labeled as storage.  My key was gone too.  I decided to find the apartment manager but the office was closed.  I tried to contact the night desk but had no luck they had never heard of me and had no record of me.  I was warned to stop calling or they would call the police.  So I did the only thing I could I went back to the alley where this all began leaned a couple of shipping pallets together and made a makeshift shelter. 

            Needless to say I did not sleep.  Instead I sat and pondered my situation.  I came to a conclusion what I had witnessed was indeed magic.  Once I got over that hurdle and admitted it to myself the next leaps of logic were obvious.  In the simplest of terms the cute one who kissed me was attempting to erase my memory and something must have gone horribly wrong.  The looks of shock from the two of them made that a reasonable conclusion.  The burning question was what about me that changed her intended outcome?    Then I remembered the taller one did something as I was running off.  I thought to myself I bet that was some sort of tracking spell or whatever!  As I lay there beneath the stars I realized how meaningless all of it was.  As the clouds broke a full moon peeked through, my heart raced.  I felt as though I should be running free through the night for that one brief moment I felt truly alive.  The feeling passed as the clouds closed and it began to pour down rain.  My shelter kept me reasonably dry.  Still as I lay there musing over it all in a flash of lightning the answer hit me, I had hidden abilities.  These must have directly shielded me from her power thus causing that indirect effect.  The move was to erase but my mind was shielded so it had to go somewhere.  So it erased all memories of me from this world.  I was now nothing not even a memory!

Six months earlier

Raven just sat amidst the burning rubble clutching Jack’s notebook to her chest.   The last words of his first journal entry circling in her thoughts.  Her tears had run out, there she sat eyes wide open awake but not seeing the horrors in front of her.

Her sister shook her and as her mind returned to reality.  She sat in silence clutching his notebook.  Her last tear still running down her face, her heart was breaking burdened by grief and guilt.  The pain of memory was almost too much for her as she stared at the blood clawed rock.  Jack had inscribed.  Her sister broke the silence “we have to go.”  I am not going without that” Raven was pointing to the rock containing Jack’s final message.  She was grief stricken but could still think Jack had left a cryptic message in the front cover of his journal with the words remember me and there they were again made by his own blood and claws.  She had only read the first page thus far, maybe the answer lay deeper in?!  Jack had left her a challenge it was so typical of him.  He was easy going and at times seemed a tad…  It was hard to describe he loved to just mess with people.  Those beautiful burning green eyes of his though could either entrance you or break you.  It was hard to tell if he was looking at you or through you. 

Gustav was standing next to the elder’s corpse “we need to get him down from there and lay him to rest.”  Like a dream the spikes began to vanish as he touched them.  Unlike Raven his born ability was more useful.  He had the power to channel his energy into objects and change their form.  Granting him the power to make, break or just repair objects as long as he understood their mechanics.  As he laid him on the ground in tearful but mournful gesture he uttered the elder’s last rites.  “Master Merlin we won, Jack saved us all.  You can rest eay We will keep up the fight rest well master!”

To Be Continued...

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Blog Series


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