1313 Cemetery Way 23 Fairy Knights Lament Strikes!

1313 Cemetery Way 23
Fairy Knights Lament Strikes!
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           As everyone arrived in the room downstairs it began to change.  Brief fading images of coaches were being replaced by a large round table.  Even Wendy was surprised.  The only ones who weren’t were the last to arrive in the room.  Claire and Nicholai came through the doorway and as they did he went from a human shaped talking shadow to the image of a man.  His hair was surprisingly short for the time period he was supposedly from and his eyes were deep sky blue like Wendy’s.  You could definitely see a family resemblance between the two of them.  He was still nothing more than a shade, a transparent shadow.  Wendy was the first to be seated, Dusk sat to her left and Aura to her right.  Kurt sat next to Aura and Raxe next to Dusk.  Then Calyst sat next to Raxe and Raven next to Kurt, Followed by Gustav next to Calyst and Jack next to Raven.  John sat down next to Jack and then Claire seated herself beside him.  Nicholai took his seat directly across from Wendy. 

            Wendy had grabbed a bag on the way down to the room, as she reached in it all sound seemed to have stopped.  She produced a crystal ball very similar to the one Raven was carrying.  “Master Oakwood I call to you, we are in need of your advice and wise council.”
“Hello Wendy Ravenwood.”  “Who are you, you’re not…?”  “Yes I’m sorry you have never spoken with me.  I’ll go get him for you.  Is Aura with you?”  Her orange eyes widened she knew who it was but what was he doing in Grandpa Oakwood’s house?  “I am here.”  “Glad to know you are okay, I hear you have teamed up with a living spirit.  I wish you all well.  Thank you again for saving my life.  Here he is…” 

            “Wendy, how have you all been, sorry there is no picture, Arcane’s Light did something and it is still causing interference.  I take it your guests have arrived!  There is no need to explain them to me.  A long time ago Merlin asked me to watch over Claire, John and his disciples as well as step in if it was ever needed.  The time for me to act has come.  A dark form of John has risen up along with a set of twins, one of which is seated with you all.  His sister is dead and traverses the nether worlds and dream worlds hiding from Death to help her brother on his quest.  Their split is tied to the Necklace called the Elven Light.  It may have just recently happened but in other dimensions time is relative the dark John has been alive longer than the one with you he also has all of John’s past life experiences.  He purged himself of everything he considered weak and that became John and Margo Ravenwood.  The John who walks with you was left with nothing but potential; he can become just as powerful as his other self but will have to train for it.  Also I do not know what will happen if he dies.  Their split may have nullified the reincarnation loop that was created.  Claire whatever happens it needs to be settled this go round or it is all over.  Arcane’s Light tipped the scales and the balance your life held as a pillar has been broken.  Death will never admit it but what was done out of spite and John’s reaction to it was necessary.  The universe makes its own solutions to problems.  I am sorry that you are the one that has to clean up this mess.  Claire it is unfair for you to have to make up for the aftermath of a war that happened so long ago that it is not even legend.  Only bits and pieces of it are even recorded hidden in many religious texts.  If you can find a complete record it would greatly aid your cause.  Arcane and Daykin were created as living bioweapons of intelligence.  Arcane was a man once, Daykin was never human.  That is all I know of them.  I have fought Arcane multiple times but know next to nothing about him, other than he is a vampire and all vampires in existence can trace their origin back to him.  The beast people like your friend jack were also an artificial construct made to fight.  Claire I know you know of Assedo his people too were made for battle.  The war ended long before the events set forth by Assedo.  In fact the breakdown which is held in check by your immortal life may have been a spiteful last move by a forgotten enemy.  Splitting the realities to beat Daykin was the trigger.  What I know of the war is vague but it was Existence versus non-existence.  Daykin and Arcane were made by one side and the Beast people and Assedo’s were made by the other.  Arcane was a failure he was too human and turned on his masters in favor of his own agenda.  Daykin was programmable and loved to resurrect the dead and take control of weak minded people.  The way the war ended was abrupt.  The plan may have been to convince existence to call forth non-existence.  It is possible Arcane knows, you may have defeated him but he is not destroyed I know from my own experience it’s not that easy.”

            “I have one last gift for all of you, please join hands.  Claire I want you to concentrate on the story you were going to tell them.  Now everyone close your eyes.  Can you see it?”  All of them answered at once as their minds eyes saw Claire’s past and the burden her and John both bore.  Their romantic tragedy unfolded before everyone’s third eye.  “You all are connected now this mind’s eye technique can only be used by people who have awakened.  Claire this version of John will never remember his past lives beyond fragments in dreams and imprints in objects but through this technique you can show him his past from your point of view remember he is pure potential.  I have to go Dusk are you with them?”  Yes grandpa I’m here, I was so surprised to learn you were alive.  I got your letter but it was a little late.  You and Aura take care and don’t be strangers you can contact me.  I have to go now I am late for my class.”  “Class?” asked Aura.  “I am the head of the Elven magical arts, after Arcane’s attack it was decided that we needed to get back into practice so the King is teaching swordsmanship and archery and I teach magic and our history.  That is why the prince was here…  Bye for now!”

            As he signed off the building began to shake.  Wendy turned to Nicholai “What’s going?”  He turned the table into a view screen, looking down from a satellite view of the Manor.  “We are surrounded by what looks to be werewolves.”  Dusk yelled “Can you get me a close-up of the one by the front door?”   “Coming up!”  “Raxe do you see what I do” Raxe stared blankly before commenting “Shit its Lament and her entire pack!”  “Is it possible they are still following Arcane’s order to hunt us down?”  “Probably she was not there when we all kicked his ass and blew up his fortress.”

             Everyone was listening intently but had no idea what was going on.  Dusk looked at them “To make a long story short the Elven light was sealed away by our grandmother in a box that could not be opened by anyone without Ravenwood blood.  After Arcane stole it he realized he could not open it.  So he knew I was here in this world and began hunting me.  When he could not find me his attention turned to Wendy.  He had no idea my sister had also come to this side.  She is probably after me and Wendy; I would bet she does not know Aura is even here.  Wendy I don’t have my gun!”  Wendy giggled “That’s the other reason I wanted you here I made you a new one compatible with my ammo and yours.”

To Be Continued...

1313 Cemetery Way 24

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