1313 Cemetery Way 24 Fairy Knights Lament Strikes II

1313 Cemetery Way 24

Fairy Knights Lament Strikes II

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“Nicholai!  Why the hell did you not notice an army of Werewolves surrounding the house?  The house is you and you are the house!  Aren’t you?”  A pissed off set of eyes as purple as the night sky stared blankly at him as the owner of the eyes crossed her arms.  “I’m waiting for your answer.”  Her left foot began to angrily tap the floor.

“Dusk what do you thing I am?  I am not Schrodinger’s cat nor am I a god.  I was a human once and now I am nothing more than a reawakened site bound spirit that has taken possession of a magical system called Ravenwood Manor!”  Wendy yelled at both of them but before her voice could form words the house shook they were already inside.  Nicholai began to fade away “Too late for the external defenses I will take the fight to them you should all either hide or fight.”  The house continued to shake as if a giant had grabbed hold of it.  The reality, thousands upon thousands of Werewolves were charging all over the manor looking for Wendy or Dusk.  It was clear that Lament and her forces did not know Aura and Kurt existed nor did they know Arcane had been defeated. 

“Lament, we’ve got trouble.”  One of her soldiers reported to her.  “What is it?” she growled.  “The House seems to be alive and has begun fighting us and there are more than just our targets here.  We have smelled eleven distinct scents.  Four of them have Ravenwood blood when there should only be two.  One of them is the traitor Raxe.”  “That makes our job more simple kill Dusk capture Raxe and the other three of the Ravenwood bloodline.  I will take my payment early and Arcane will get his way.  It’s going to be a good day!”

Upstairs Wendy and the others prepared for what might be their final stand.  The houses trembling had grown worse and all of them knew the mangy dogs were closing in on the upstairs area they were in.  Their howls were getting louder and the odor of wet dog filled the air.  The outside walls had numerous cracks in them as small bits of ceiling fell to the ground all around the group.  Wendy looked at Claire “Sorry for dragging you all into our fight.”  Claire and her group just sat smiling as they answered in unison “It’s our fight too!”  John who had been calmly seated stood up “this is an excellent opportunity for us to gather some fragments.”  Wendy suddenly remembered why they were there and that they never got to fully explain it.  “Raven, hand me your pouch” As she placed it in John’s hands, he reached in pulling out five shimmering crystals.  Calmly he spread them out on the table they had been seated at “I need a drop of blood from each of you, one drop per crystal.”  They all look stunned Dusk looked at John “why don’t you…”  John stopped her “they already have, we need this to activate it or all existence will be no more!  Please help us and we will help you.”  John dropped to one knee bowing his head to Dusk.  She turned a little red as Raxe slapped her on the back “just breathe.”  “You are such an ass Raxe!  Okay John we will help you.”

An echoing distorted voice boomed from the air calling to Dusk “She is coming to kill you Dusk!”  It was Nicholai his voice faded out like a forgotten dream.  Part of the floor cracked open collapsing into the room below them.  They could hear the explosions coming closer and closer.  Wendy interrupted “We need to hurry.”  Within seconds they had pricked their fingers and dripped their blood onto the stones which to everyone’s surprise instantly vanished “Raven studied the table “Dark John’s handy work I’d bet.” she muttered. 

Wendy suddenly pulled a large hard plastic case from under the table as she opened it Kurt began to smile.  She had made him a new gun.  As she handed it to him he dropped the magazine and racked the slide, this one resembled a 1911 45 but there were distinct differences.  Most of them had to do with the slide it was heavily reinforced and had a greenish tint to it.  The frame was of a familiar golden metal.  Kurt had to ask even though they were pressed for time.  “I see you made the frame from Orihalcum, and the palm safety from a transmuted crystal, but what is the slide made of?”  Wendy took a deep pride filled breath “it is made of Electrum.  The gun’s energy coefficient will be heavily improved but you can still over heat it you know how powerful my crystal core ammo is.  Here take this bag it has a thousand rounds of the ammo preloaded into the magazines.  You and Twilight go, try to slow them down.”  Kurt began to head for the door and so did Aura.  “Aura I need you to stay her.”  Wendy yelled “your cluster shot is the last line of defense for us and in a tight space like this would be devastating.”  John looked at Aura “I’ll go with him” and Jack yelled “if you’re going so am I.”

Jack stepped to the middle of the floor giving himself plenty of space “Supreme beast who prowls the jungles cutting the air with your roar, lend me your power forever more.  Jungle King!  His muscles began to bulge as his clothes ripped, the tips of his fingers turned to claws and his hair grew into a lion’s mane.  He now looked more like a cat than a man.  Jack let forth a roar that froze Laments forces in their tracks.  It had been centuries since the last time they had heard that roar.  They were now just two floors away, within seconds a loud bang was heard and one of them burned to ash and then a wall exploded.  Lament had seen it all a man with a bizarre gun had just killed one of her comrades and three more had just been ripped apart by the shadows.  Just what was he, before her eyes more of them fell as another man wielding a large scythe spun out of the darkness!  With a loud roar and the grinding of claws on stone ten of them at once were reduced to a bloody mist caught in a whirlwind.  Lament growled in anger “Who are you people, what are you people?”  John smiled smugly “I am John Ravenwood the Lord of Nightmares welcome to your bad dream! 

To Be Continued...

1313 Cemetery Way 25

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