Forget Me Not 3

Forget Me Not 3
Journal entry 2

Forget Me Not 2


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          It has been a long sleepless wet night.  Just as I dozed off I began hearing voices “Raven he is over there under those shipping pallets.”  My first reaction was what now?  But that quickly passed as my eyes locked with hers, they really were blue-green.  Before I could stop myself I uttered it “you are even prettier in the light.”  She turned bright red as her sister ran up on us.  Looking at me in a very accusing manor, all I could say to her is “bite me all I did was compliment her.”  She looked at what I had now figured out was her little sister who was smiling.  She had already prepared for me to be very angry, which I will admit at first I had been but seeing that moon and feeling that rush had blown all that away.  Now I was curious and I knew that they would have to bring me with them, into their world since I no longer existed in mine. I reached out my hand taking hers.  “Hello again my name is Jack Rhodes and I don’t believe I got your name?”  She answered me in shock “my name is Raven.”

            The car ride was very awkward.  For some reason the older sister made the cute younger one sit with me in the back seat.  The most I ever got out of her was a smile.  Already my life had improved.  Back in my old life I could not even get a girl to talk to me little lone smile.  I could tell both of them were more than just a little creeped out at how well I was taking this.  But my life had been going nowhere all I did was exist, no wonder it was so easy to erase me.  I was carefully watching where we were going and a large estate ten miles out of town left a little to be desired I guess I was expecting a scifi’ish dimensional worm hole to open as we passed into another world.  The man at the gate was not too happy.  He yelled at both of them and before the older sister could explain he had me out of the car holding me by the collar of my shirt, yelling at me.  I did not hear a word though something within me broke as I crushed his hand.  Pealing him off of me like the skin from an orange.  Before I lost my thoughts I lifted him up by his twisted arm and his throat.  The next voice I heard was that of an elderly man “young man I know he is quite rude but can you find it in your heart to let him go?”  As I came to it was as if I had woken up from a dream.  As I looked down I saw the man who had threatened me lying horrified on the ground.  “I did it again” I mumbled.  The man who had threatened me scrambled to get away from me.  “Gustav means well but has no manners” was all the old man had to say about what had just happened.  He looked at the dark haired beauty “Raven his being here is your fault is it not?”

            Her voice was shaky “yes sir” “then the both of you follow me.”  I was busy studying everything I could see.  Then we came to a doorway.  I could tell she was fully prepared for the coming lecture but I decided to stand up for her.  I did something neither one of them expected.  I stopped the elder from griping her out.  “Let’s talk about my options she feels bad enough no need to try and make her feel worse.”

            The elder as they called him was completely blind but seemed to get around just fine.  “Very well young man if you would stand before me.  You are extraordinary, up until now her older sister and myself were the only ones resistant to her power.  She has the power to affect memory.  It is a very chaotic ability and I hope you will not hate her for it.”  In her I saw a familiar loneliness; my violent out bursts like the one with Gustav had isolated me.  “Do you understand what has happened to you my boy?”  The question was like a loaded dare.  “Yes sir I do…  Her power was repelled by a power within me so it struck out at me in a roundabout way it could not affect my memories so it altered the memories of those around me thus erasing my life from this world!”  Both of them were shocked beyond words.  My deductions were one hundred percent accurate.  “You are very quick on the uptick, good I have less explaining to do.  You my boy have the power of the beast within you, an adaptable hardened survivor.  This power is largely unaffected by other powers in fact it is the most elemental of all abilities.”  Those few words made everything in my life to date come into focus.  I had survived a car wreck that ripped my parents to shreds with nothing more than a few scratches.  I could vanish into the background like a cat almost at will.  And, finally that burst of overwhelming strength I got when I was threatened.  It all made since now.  The elder had more to say though “there is more another power sleeps within you!  Raven do be a dear and show him to his new home.”  He left us alone in that room.  As her eyes met mine she turned cherry red again “lead the way beautiful.”  At this point I was messing with her trying to get her to open up to me. 

            The room was nothing special it had a bed and a desk plus one chair.  The elder had apparently beaten us there.  A single book lay on the desk.  It looked really old; raven picked it up and quickly laid it down.  “Looks like he left you some study material Jack.”  Before I could say anything she was out the door and down the hall.  As the door swung closed a foot stopped it and I heard a light knock.  “I am sorry for the rude look earlier Jack My name is Calyst, Raven’s older sister.”  She was a few inches taller than Raven and had a similar completion.  Her hair was a lighter brown and her eyes not quite as striking.  She was pretty too.  “I expected you to be mad, but you surprised me.  If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask me.”   With that I was left alone.  Just me and my journal.  My foster family I grew up with taught me to keep one and to always carry it with me.  It has come in handy but due to Raven I have had to start all over.  Most would be mad at her over this but really what good would it do?  I was taught to look for solutions not goats.  This was no one’s fault.  So now I have a new challenge I feel alive again.  I am ready to learn all I can.  I have decided to ask the elder to teach me the ways of my new world. 

I noticed that everyone keeps a distance from Raven.  I wonder if she is lonely?  I wonder if we could be friends or maybe...  She is damn cute!  Her power, man what a mind trip.  She has the ability to either consciously or unconsciously effect causality.  There has to be more to it?!  Hopefully there is a limit to it like distance or time.  Otherwise what happens while she is dreaming?   I have decided to keep this journal as a written record of my new life.

To Be Continued...

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