1313 Cemetery Way 10

1313 Cemetery Way 10
Jack The Ripper

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Forget Me Not

In another world, another time death stalked the streets of a great city which had once been known as Londinium, now known merely as London.  "Police help murder!  Help police there has been another murder."  As the police constables gathered one of them took his hat off "that is the third victim we have found missing her organs. 

Deep beneath the streets stands a man covered in blood.  Whose blood who knows he has become so accustomed to killing that the devil's grin has permanently etched itself on his face.  As he stood he yelled at the top of his lungs "Smile at babies!  Hello my children my babies soon I will breathe life into you all, soon!"  His demonic laughter echoed off narrow passages.  "But I need a living woman to give birth to them damn forty-five day limits.  Women quit being fertile if kept under ground for more than forty five days.  Pathetically week things.  Smile at babies!"  The room was lit by the eerie glow of oil lamps reflecting their dull light off of glass containers holding things that looked to be fetuses.  Glass tubing crossed all over the room.  All manners of occult objects lined the walls and on one close to the corner were several newspaper clippings. with headlines like:  Murder in the streets and Jack the ripper strikes again. 

In another corner a man was chained facing the wall his shackles bound him tightly in place.  "My babies need a soul; you look like a man of action Police Constable Williams."  The man still had the strength to bark back at his captor "you will never get away with this you bloody monster!"  "My good, man we are hundreds of feet below the streets no one can hear you.  I need your soul and I will find it.  Make a list of six people you could count on to carry your casket at your funeral.  If you cannot come up with six, develop some new friendships or plan to be cremated!"  As he fell silent the officer’s face froze in sheer horror as his back was sliced to pieces. 

As his blood filled the jars on the floor the man slowly pulled his spine from his body one vertebra at a time starting from the tail end and moving upward.  In one last loud cry the man ripped the spine out entirely "Smile at babies!"  A glowing bit of flesh fell to the floor “That’s it I found your soul but wait what do you care you are dead.  His laughter would have even chilled the pits of hell.  "My babies I have the spark you will soon live.  The powers of Excalibur will make it so."  Clutched tightly in his left hand was a shining fragment of a sword.

The Necropolis/Home of Claire Graveless

In another world four wayward travelers found themselves in a horrific place they were still inside but all around them were graves.  A chandelier slowly swayed to and fro.  As Gustav, Jack, Raven and Calyst got back to back to defend themselves Claire burst out laughing you children are hilarious, what could hurt you in a Cemetery?"  Raven took note of the piano "Why is there a piano in a cemetery for that matter why is there a cemetery in doors.  "In this place rests the bodies of my beloved John.  Every incarnation I have ever met of him is here."  Tears began to flow down Claire’s Cheeks "I am sorry John because of me you have endured many horrific things."  John hugged her to him "Claire it’s okay my love because of me you have had to watch as the man you love dies over and over again slipping just beyond your grasp."  Gustav had slipped away from the group he was busily studying a sword jammed into a stone.  Raven soon joined him.  "Look at this my dear" as she did she saw it the elders rune was inscribed on the blade.  As he looked up he noticed the chandelier had a similar conduit structure flowing around it.  There was a large space in the center of it similar to the size of the crystal ball "John” Gustav yelled as Raven pointed up to where he was looking.  Claire was surprised in all the years she had tended this place she had never noticed that spot hidden atop the chandelier.

 Jack as sharp as ever saw how it all worked "I see this place uses the collective power of his many incarnation’s deaths to rip open gateways to the other worlds.  Using the one destiny we all share equally death!"  Everyone stopped to look at Jack "what?"  He yelled.  Everyone was in shock, as Claire whipped her tears "I would not have put it like that but you are right!" 

John pulled the bench from the piano and tried to reach the spot but it was far too high.  Jack grabbed the crystal ball and jumped as high as he could barely reaching the spot.  As the ball circled the spot like water going down the drain it eventually settled into place.  As the light flickered off and back on a booming voice called to John reclaim your sword arise my brother with this, so shall it be whole."  John fell to the floor dropping Merlin’s book of prophecy.  "With this I am now part of the necropolis, Claire as I lived through the ages crossing world to world I thought long and hard about the flaws John and I placed into our system and my conscience could no longer bare that thought that I doomed you and my brother to failure out of fear of death.  As my time drew nearer my fear vanished and I made up my mind to corrupt the system from the inside.  No longer will you have to start over if John fails to gather them in one lifetime and no more will you have to randomly just find the fragments at least when it comes to the Dark evil ones.  I will guide you to them.  You four, will you help my Brother and Claire accomplish this task?"  In unison they answered "of course elder!"  

Claire stood in silence lost in thought.  That crafty old bastard found a way to corrupt John's system.  She remembered it was John who set the original parameters, the flaws as Merlin called them.  Merlin was right though we have already angered death so what's the harm?  Time may be against us though if Daykin has truly revived! 

Something else had changed as well.  Along the back wall a mockup of the graves outside had appeared.  There was even a spot about the size of Merlin's book of prophecy.  John had wondered over to it and without thinking set the book in the space.  As he let it go it flipped open to a page that seemed to be instructions. 

How the changed system works:

With the addition of my soul fragment to the necropolis you have gained the ability to save progress.  To do this instead of placing the fragments on the graves out front place them on the mockup instead.  By this point you two should have at least four fragments other than mine.  John a bit confused turned and ran right into Claire.  She had been reading over his shoulder.  In a whispered voice he asked "what fragments?"  Claire smiled and answered out loud pointing to their new companions "theirs!"

John looked horrified as Claire began laughing "John my love we don't have to kill them.  We just ask for some of their soul.  It will not harm them.  The evil fragments are not as easy those we may have to kill.  Just ask them John."

John turned to face them "I know you guys are confused.  And, I know you don't know mine and Claire's history.  This place is the key to saving all of existence it needs seventy-two soul fragments split evenly between good and evil.  Currently Claire's immortal life serves as a patch her existence stops the expansion of reality.  This was her punishment for stealing from Death what she stole was my life.  I as a result of a wish willed myself to continuously reincarnate so she will never be alone.  We have both suffered greatly.  Before I ask you know you have the right to refuse."  As they all looked at each other Jack was the first to break the awkward silence.  "How do I give you my fragment?"  The rest of them left it to Raven "we are with Jack on this."  John had no answer he really had no idea on how to get their fragments.

Claire walked over to them and handed each one a crystal.  They looked like miniature obelisks.  "All you need to do is dribble a small amount of your blood on them.  Blood is the currency of life so it will create your fragments."  As John watched the ritual he realized why the dark fragments would be so hard to obtain.  They needed the blood to make the fragments.  Blood was the key!

“Dark soul found!  Location: London England Designation: Alchemist Name: Unknown Title: Jack the Ripper”

            This voice had boomed from out of nowhere making everyone jump.  The real fight was soon to come.

To Be Continued...

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Blog Series
Forget Me Not


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