1313 Cemetery Way 12 Jack the Ripper III

1313 Cemetery Way 12

Jack the Ripper III

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          John now stood squared off against Gustav.  “Your training begins now John Steal yourself and come at me!”  In the room filled with the graves of John’s past selves Claire was digging in a side closet gathering clothes for everyone to wear.  Calyst sighed as she looked at the clothes “I feel as though I have fallen into a steam punk nightmare!”  Jack put on his clothes and Raven was speechless all he had done was put on some dark colored trousers and a white button up shirt topped off with a black Frock tail coat and a top hat all he needed was a snazzy cane and the look would be complete.  He had been careful to choose clothing he could move freely in.  The girls choose dresses that would surely help them to blend in.  Raven complained the loudest I feel like I am in a bird cage in this thing.  It is a pastel horror.”  Claire choose a provocative look, it was low cut and showed a bit too much of her assets but after all she said she was the bait.  Jack the Ripper as they knew of him liked to target ladies of the evening.  Local prostitutes were like a delicacy for him.  Claire looked a little out of place in her dress but perhaps he would see her as exotic.  “Are all of you prepared?”  As they all nodded their heads she turned to the graves.  “Gates of life, gates of death open upon the crossroads between all worlds take us to where the ripper dwells!”  As Claire closed and reopened the closet the path to another world was now open.  Seconds later they all found themselves in a defunct old church.  Outside its walls they could hear quite a clamber as people yelled the Ripper has struck again this is number twelve.

            Jack looking out the window catching sight of a man covered in fresh blood fleeing the area.  With the smell permeating his nostrils, he exploded out the door in hot pursuit.  As his hat rolled to Claire’s feet she seemed pleased “so soon, Raven do you have a way to contact Jack?  None of us can keep up with his speed.”  Calyst loudly and in shock burst out, “How did he even see that it is dark as a cave outside?”  Raven spoke up “Sis he is a beast and not just any type he is a cat type.  Night vision comes with territory.  To answer your question Claire no I don’t he will probably follow the bastard to a point of origin and come find us or he will catch him and bring him to us.”  The word alchemist kept cycling in Claire’s head there was no way this would be that easy.  And, as Jack stumbled back into their midst her fear was realized.  His clothes were tattered and burned his injuries had already begun healing but it was clear he was in lots of pain.  “My eyes won’t stop burning he threw something at me when he noticed me chasing him.  Raven knelt down to touch him Claire was quick to stop her “Raven don’t touch him!”

            “Water that flows gently across the lands of the four corners of the worlds.  Aqueous create.”  A miniature rain cloud appeared above him washing the irritant from his eyes and neutralizing the acid he was covered in.  “What happened Jack?”  Raven was frantic as she dried him off.  “That was our man I have no idea how he knew I was on his trail but he baited me into a narrow alleyway and threw an ampule with a greenish pulsating liquid in it.  As it hit the ground in front of me it shattered and burst into flames blowing me backwards the fumes stung my eyes and the water in the air turned acidic.  I’d be dead if I was just a regular human being.  I thought I had the bastard but it looks like he had me.  This is not going to be easy.”  Calyst was busy listening to the clamber coming from outside.  The area Jack had returned from was in flames.  As she watched the fire lap at the street like a cat drinking water from a glass.  It finally hit her, the flames were an odd color they were neon green.  Everyone who inhaled the smoke was dropping to their knees.  The Ripper had released an alchemic weapon to escape Jack. 

            “Claire we have to do something” she yelled “the flames are spreading and the reaction Jack described is spreading with them.”  Claire came up behind her to watch the carnage.  She could see something Calyst couldn’t the flames had distorted faces swirling all through them.  They had been made from negative human emotion distilled from human remains.  A vile forgotten art of war, this was the darker side of Alchemy.  This science that had given rise to the modern worlds of men like everything else has two sides and it was clear what side the ripper was on.   There was no shortage raw of material.  Men had fought and died here for more than a millennium.  Violent ends leave emotional scares that stain the area and what remains of the body.  Some people at the advent of their end think the most horrible thoughts imaginable sometimes even wishing harm to come to others as they desire to keep on living.  The flames were not spreading like normal fire.  They were chasing the living to consume their life force.  The only things they were burning were things that were alive!  “That bastard has loosed a hoard of evil spirits.  Calyst watch how the flames move!  Fire always rises up these flames creep along the ground crawling like formless death.”  She spoke the truth though these flames seemed to flow more like a river than fire. 

Claire had brought five of the crystals used to generate the fragments.  In times long forgotten these things had another purpose.  But the question remained could one of these contain this creeping evil.  As Claire looked at the crystal in her hand she decided to try it.  It would take blood to activate the crystal.  Quickly she grabbed it like a knife stabbing her left hand with the sharp pointed tip.  “Blood of my blood, flowing like the rivers, currency of life give my thoughts form.  Purify and revitalize.”  She launched the crystal like a bullet, it bored deep into the ground in front of the mass of pain seeking life.  As it crossed it to get to her the trap was activated. 

            The crystal rose into the air as a whirlwind formed around it, sucking all of the green flames into it.  “Claire never broke eye contact with it.  As the last of the flames were taken in a whispered thank you echoed hanging low in the still air.  Claire calmly walked over to the crystal catching it as it fell.  As she looked down she noticed a message written in runes.   The chaos had uncovered something far older than the oldest stones in Stonehenge.  The language was not a human one this was Elvish but what did it say?  “Jack can you rip that stone from the ground we can’t leave that here.  It represents powers man should never have access to at least not as they are now perhaps one day!”  Claire calmly turned to walk away as Jack walked up to the stone carefully squatting over it.  Jack gripped it firmly and began to pull.  The ground began to tremble as an image of a woman with pointed ears appeared “Son of man that is not for you.”  She was speaking some lost language but Jack understood.  As Claire stepped back into view she saw the woman.  Who clearly knew her!  “Claire! You cannot have this either it concerns you not.  Hell spawn...”  As the shock of being called Hell spawn wore off Claire managed to speak do you know me?  Not the me in front of you but the me that once was my past is lost to me my first real memories in this world were the sights of John Ravenwood dying and death looming over him in that blood soaked battlefield.  The ghostly imaged puzzled over what Claire had spoken for a few moments “You’re Human now…  you have become light so where is your darkness?  I knew you, leave your past focus on your love and I am sorry Claire!”   The image faded and the rock with the runic writing began to melt as Jack scampered backward to get away from it.

            Back in the necropolis John slammed against a wall as Gustav punched through it right next to his head.  “That is better John.”  “You could have killed me!”  “It seems that you can’t use magic directly in this form but your memories of combat are with you, you just evaded my blow like an experienced swordsman.”  During the whole incident Johns eyes had changed from an inocent gentle look to a powerful glare his fighting spirit had reawakened.

In yet another world two women and a man watched the sky as it darkened.  The lightning danced from cloud to cloud.  The one with the thick rimmed glasses just smiled thinking to herself, looks like they have met once again.  The other two just watched the skies one with the eyes of a windswept meadow and the other with the eyes of the setting sun.  Something was changing out there as the things the weapons of old began to move once more.  The woman with the thick glasses spoke startling the other two “What was will be!”  

To Be Continued...

1313 Cemetery Way 13

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Blog Series
Forget Me Not


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