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Forget Me Not 5

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Raven's Silence

"How is she Calyst?"  "Gustav. I thought you did not like my sister?!"  Calyst stood with her hands on her hips as he stumbled over his words.  "Not liking her and being afraid of her are two different things Calyst!"  He left her standing outside Raven's door in an uncomfortable hurry.  "Looks like Jack changed him too!"

She knocked twice and then barged in finding her sister asleep at her desk.  Jack's journal was under her right hand and the letter he had given her was clutched in her left.  Her sister quietly grabbed her blanket from the bed and draped it over her.  She could not help but be curious of Jack's final gift to her little sister.  After reading a page all she could think was...   "Damn he was methodical!"  Silently she slipped out the door.  As it closed she swore she saw a black cat dart out into the hallway.  She rubbed her eyes but there was no cat just an empty white hallway.  “I swear I saw a cat… I must be losing it, I’m Even talking to myself not good!” 

A few hours later Raven woke up.  As she looked at the letter in her hand.  She suddenly jumped her chair bounced off the floor.  She had just heard Jack's voice as if he was standing right there.  Shaken she looked all around there was nothing but her messy desk and her chair lying next to an unmade bed.  "Why is my bed unmade I know...” she finally noticed her blanket in the floor by her desk.  "Calyst must have come by..."  her eyes fixed on something out of place here pillow had an indention like something had been laying on it.  Something about the size of a cat! 

Weeks had passed but Raven had not spoken to anyone.  Gustav and Calyst crossed paths later in the courtyard.  Both stood in an awkward silence.  Gustav cleared his throat asking the question again.  "How is she doing Calyst?"  As she forced eye contact "How is who doing?..."  “Your sister!"  "I know who you are talking about Gustav.  And, to tell the truth I don’t know she was asleep at her desk.  The last time I checked on her.  All I could do was cover her up." 

"I really don't hate her I am afraid of her.  Her power is too chaotic.”  After a brief silence he spoke again.  “Still she cared for him more than just a friend Calyst!"  This was news to her.  With her sister’s power as a liability she had never considered that she might fall in love.  As she thought about it more it all made sense.  She had seen how close they were.  It had been gradual but day by day they moved closer to each other when they meditated. She had caught her watching Jack's strength training.  "Why did I not see it sooner Gustav?"  As she let slip a few tears "she is suffering in silence and there is nothing I can do.  I feel so…so useless!"  Gustav patted her on the back "she is resilient Calyst she'll be okay just not soon."

“She is clutching his journal as if it is him Gustav!”  “Calyst we all deal with grief in different ways let her do it.  Besides he went out of his way to give it to her and insisted for her to read it.  We should honor his last wishes.  Jack tried to explain something to me he realized about her power but I like everyone else underestimated him.  I thought how could a new comer like him know anything?  But I think because he was new to this he could view it more objectively than us.  I suspect he left the answer in his journal for her to discover.  I often saw him watching her and writing something quickly in his journal.  What we do know is her power affects memory and it can alter reality in the process Jack’s case made it painfully obvious how little we understand her power.”  She just stood there lost in the sea of new information trying to find her voice.  As her words found her again “I wonder what gift he left her.”

Raven sat her chair back up and stood staring at her pillow.  “What could have been there?”  The indention was troubling.  Soon she just let loose a sigh and sat back down to read more of Jack’s journal.  The next few entries were notes and observations. 

Observation 1

Raven is much prettier than her sister.  That long dark hair around those blue-green eyes and pale skin tone.  She is just gorgeous.  She is driven and takes her training very seriously.  Today I am going to try and get her to have lunch with me!

She is a skilled hand to hand fighter as well.  I don’t know which martial art it is but I have been told I am to begin my training in it as soon as I am more mentally disciplined.  She is sharp and merciless while sparing.  I have noticed that this is the only time anyone else ever gets close to her.  In fact they seem to be overly aggressive toward her maybe that is why she is so good at it.  Everyone but the elder and her sister seem to ostracize her.  They treat her as if she is a leper from the old days.  There are many more people in this place than I have met but they all seem to come and go.  The only constants are the elder, Gustav, Calyst and Raven.  Now I guess I am one of the constants as well.  I have been among them for a while now.  I am not really sure how long though time passes differently in this place.

Note 1
The Rules of Magic

     You must possess the right thinking with an unquestioned belief in yourself.
     A clear visualization of your goal.
     Perfect concentration, the slightest distraction or waver of your heart and the rite just will not work.
     You must feel the energies around you as if they are your second skin.

Looking at it, it sounds too simple but who in this modern world has perfect concentration.  You would be hard pressed to find someone without an ounce of doubt in their heart.  From what I see my abilities and Ravens lay outside the rules.  Which clearly makes them chaotic and dangerous.  According to the elder our powers lay in the rule breaker class.  I have also been told since my awakening is still in process I could be affected by moon phases.  I have a distinct feeling I know where the stories of werewolves come from. 

Raven could not help but lean back and laugh.  Jack and his assumption were dead on.  As she slipped back to the reality Jack was dead or as good as.  Left to the Pitts of hell, all for her sake.  Why did he do it and with a smile no less?  As she sighed heavily she took on deep breath " no more crying Raven girl, he left this for you.  You know he cared and he had a habit of taking notes.  He wanted me to know something and I bet it is somewhere in here."

“Raven!”  A loud whisper had boomed from behind her.  There on her pillow was a small silhouette of a black cat.  Its image looked like static on an old TV set.  Could Jack still be alive?  Just like that the image faded away, leaving the imprint of a cat. 

Note 2
Rule Breaker Class

Any ability that directly violates the rules of magic is considered a rule breaker.  There are many of these on record most notably the beast abilities.  These abilities are not rite based they are emotionally ruled and can trigger on their own depending on your emotional state.  A rite can be used to enhance them but is not the cause of them.  These are born abilities. 

The elder also informed me that it is possible for some people to overcome the rules and enter this class.  Like all things the rules are not set in stone.  Generally when someone achieves a rule breaker they are in dire peril.  This reduces their minds to their most elemental state allowing for a rule breaker.  There are even rites with such powerful effects that they are considered rule breakers.  Very few people possess the ability to summon these.  Also objects can be imbued with rule breaker abilities.  Such items or relics would include weapons of the old Gods like Thor’s Hammer.  Through the rule breaker rite some of these weapons can be summoned for a brief fleeting moment in time.  At least that is what the elder has told me.

As raven let her thoughts return to reality she remembered how much time Jack spent with the elder.  He would just sit and listen to him.  Even the elder considered Jack special.  Jack was allowed access to the elder’s library.  To the world at large his library would be nothing more than a dream.  I know Jack must have read the Emerald Tablets.  I wonder what epiphany they led him too.  I was allowed to see them but I had been much to scared to even try. 

Journal Entry 4

Today I learned there are factions in the magical communities that do not agree with one another.  I am fairly certain I was not supposed to hear this but the elder was having a heated debate with an old woman out in the courtyard.  I was out there doing Gustav's bizarre training.  I will write more on that later when I have a better understanding of it.  Let’s just say it was working and no one seems to notice me he called the ability mimic.

I will admit I did not understand half of what they were arguing about but the part I did get was an approaching darkness will bring a great and apocalyptic disaster.  The clock is ticking and the stars are already aligning. 

The argument was over how to handle it the woman seemed really aggressive as I watched her I saw the same glimmer in her eyes that was in mine she was a beast too.  I also heard her refer to me and demand I be sent with her but the elder spoke up that is for him to choose.  "He is wasted on you, you will make him weak."  The elder just stared blankly at her and then insulted her "what would you know you mangy mutt."  Then they were both gone.  I am a little concerned neither of them noticed me.  After all I am a novice.  I just started doing this training earlier today Gustav dropped a bomb on me.  He wanted me to choose an animal to mimic.  I am not sure what he means.

Gustav told me this: Mimic the spirit its essence...

 Whatever that means!  Being that I am a feline based beast.  I probably should choose a cat of some sort.  The only cat I know though is that black one I used to feed.  Think and act like a cat that sounds like all kinds of awesome. 

Note 3
The Power of Mimic

The basic explanation: Since I am a beast I need to act like one in order to take control of the power and make it subject to my conscious will.  Instead of a subconsciou reaction.  I have chosen the form of a house cat, a black house cat and now I have begun seeing that spirit cat more often.  Cats are able to suppress their presence so that was step one and due to the conversation I overheard that I am sure I was not supposed too. It is working extremely well.  I have begun attempting it on the move.   I must become the cat, become the cat. 

Raven burst out laughing “Now I know how he was able to just suddenly appear.  It was not really magic just a mental mind over matter technique.  Jack was amazing!”  She could not shake the feeling the surprise of his voice and the spirit cat her had mentioned.  Was Jack still alive?

To Be Continued...

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