1313 Cemetery Way 11 Jack the Ripper II

1313 Cemetery Way 11
Jack the Ripper II

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John stood in silence staring at Claire.  She could clearly see he had more questions than she had answers for.  The necropolis now had the ability to track and find the dark fragments.  But John was clearly not ready for a fight like the one that was coming.  Claire knew who the ripper was or at least the history surrounding him.  In the multiverse that john's ancestor triggered time was relative based on where you observed it from.  If they were just hunting a serial killer this would be easy, but it said Alchemist making this much more dangerous.  Depending on how advanced his alchemy really was.  The man who created Daykin, Arcane and the beast people like the werewolves was an alchemist.  Who also happened to be John's ancestor.  It all boils down to the two camps of the Ravenwoods the protectors and the shadow rulers.  The one that created the sons of man was a protector type, however his plan went horribly wrong as he became Daykin's first host.  This Alchemist is harvesting human organs.  What the hell could he be up too?  Claire shuddered at the thought.  Alchemists had always creeped her out.  Too many of them were willing to cross the line between God, Man and demon. 

John suddenly spoke breaking her stream of thought.  "Claire this one screams dangerous to me.  Since blood is necessary to get the fragment we have to get it and create it while he is still alive?  Blood from a dead person is useless I am guessing because their soul or spirit is gone!"  As she took a deep breathe "you are correct John this is the real reason the dark fragments are so hard to get.  For this one I think you should stay here you are not ready to face off against an Alchemist.  Gustav will you stay here with John teach him how to fight?"  Gustav did not know how to respond but as he collected himself he answered "I will do my best."  Gustav was a very serious regal person.  He was used to the elder showing him this kind of respect but no one else had ever shown this sort of behavior.  Claire clearly respected his skill and ability.  As for everyone else it was clear that Claire's request made him very happy.  John tried to argue but Gustav as he walked past grabbed him by the back of his shirt "Come with me!"  As the door closed behind them Claire looked at the remaining three "How would you three like to help me obtain a dark soul fragment from a very evil man?" 

Jack was again the first to answer "I'm in, this sounds like fun!"  You could hear the sound of a growl coming from deep within him.  Raven was the next to answer "What do you need me to do? And her sister "Me as well?"  Claire looked at all of them here is the plan I have time period attire so we can blend in at least I hope we will every world is different so this worlds London may not be like it is in the history books of this world or the world you guys are from.  But here goes I will be the bait for Jack the Ripper because I am immortal.  I let him kill me and Jack will track him to his lair.  You two will keep the police occupied while I revive.  This plan will work and allows for several unknowns."

"Claire why do we need to use you as bait?"  Raven had asked a brilliant and very obvious question.  Calyst and Jack seemed to be thinking the same thing.  Jack with his beast senses could just track him by the scent of blood.  Claire smiled "I can see what the three of you are thinking, Jack your sense of smell though beyond human would be useless in Victorian England, London is a very dirty place.  Are you confident you could isolate that one smell above the cacophony of smells from pollution and everyday life of that time period?" 

Jack took a step back he had not thought of how dirty a Victorian era city was.  "As for you two I am the bait because I cannot die and all of you were important to Merlin so you are important to me.  John will not be coming on this one due to how dangerous our target is, he is an alchemist.  As above so below, this is the guiding principle behind alchemy and many religions.  If this bastard is taking human organs he is up to something horrible.  The last one I know of that did this ended up making the beast strain which you are a member of Jack and the vampire Arcane as well as Daykin the viral one.  The science of alchemy turned an ordinary man into a perverted monster.  These were his creations they are the sons of man.  They were once intended to be protectors but most became destroyers.  But the principle I mentioned can also help us find him.  London is a sewer up above so it must be one below as well.  The bastard is hiding underground.  We may be up against magically enhanced weaponry or he may also be a full blown magic user.  The darkest secrets of alchemy as a science was it fused both magic and science.  It found a way to tap the same power as magic without magic.  Science is the why of the world, magic is the faith!  Both draw upon the same understanding which is why the seal Assedo went into living death was flawed from the very beginning.  “Claire who is Assedo?”  Raven had asked the question.  As Claire looked at them she realized none of them knew the truth behind the worlds.  Merlin had never told them.  “This explanation could take a while if you please I will tell all of you about it later.  Let’s focus on the task at hand.”  Claire knew she would have to disclose a forgotten yet awful truth.  John and Merlin’s family was both blessed and cursed.  Thinking to herself I can only hope they will not think less of their mentor for keeping this from them.

“Back to the matter at hand” as she walked over to a closet Jack sighed “so what you are saying is he could be a normal human using science to tap magical forces or he could be like us using science as his tool to achieve his dark goal?”  Raven placed her hand on Jack’s shoulder “the ripper was a prolific killer who was never caught.”  “What you two have failed to understand is there are multiple Jack the Rippers existing in multiple worlds this one is just a single possibility of him.  It is possible the others were never caught because they transitioned into a Forelorn.”

In another room John stood before Gustav sizing him up.  Gustav was not exactly heavily built but he was quite muscular.  He was a powerful master and on par with a sage when it came to magical and brute like might.  Above all he was a born teacher even though he could be quite an ass.  “John I know you want to help Claire but she is right you are not ready for this kind of fight.  Your magical ability is cut off with your soul in the condition it is in so using rites for now is out of the question.  At least the type we use however with a magical totem like that sword you are carrying some rights based on its aspects may be possible.  Your sword is made of electrum making it ideal for channeling and gathering external power.  Let me borrow it for a moment.”  John handed it over without a fight.  As Gustav analyzed it he noted it was damaged.  “Your sword’s astral form has been damaged.  Meaning it cannot use its full power in its current form it needs to be re-forged by a skilled alchemist.  I bet the other half was infused into Excalibur which no longer exists.  Damn!

 You carrying that huge sword would stand out too much anyway.  First I need to teach you to fight!  Here put these on Gustav handed him what looked like a gold and silver bracelet.  Apart they are a shield as one they are a sword these are the relics of Arc simply yell Arc shield while taking defensive action and a shield will appear hold your hands as if you are holding a baseball bat and yell Arc Sword and you will have a sword capable of a few slashes.  Anyone can use imbued items.  These are a last resort.  You must refrain from using them unless you are in dire peril.  Defend yourself John Ravenwood.  As the sun warms the so too does fire warm the hand of man.  Fire run!”

John stared in horror as a wall of flames lapped its way toward him like a tsunami crashing on a craggy shoreline.  Gustav watched his eyes this was his defining moment what would he do?  The shock wore off quickly as John held his hands high above his head clasping them as if he had a sword.  What was he doing “Arc sword” he swung it hard and fast in a downward motion cutting a path through the flames.  Before Gustav could blink he was in his face throwing punches which Gustav caught.  “You could have killed me you crazy bastard.”  Gustav burst out laughing “You did wonderfully my boy, how did it feel to wield them?”  For a non-magic user to be able to use imbued items sometimes a catalyst must be used such as a life or death situation.  You should know I would have saved you if you had panicked.”

John stood dumbfounded he had just stopped a wall of fire.  Gustav called him over and whispered “please don’t tell Claire I did that and don’t tell her I gave you those either.”  Pointing to the bracelets “they have side effects”  “Gustav why am I so hungry all of a sudden.”  Looking down at his new jewelry “oh… never mind!”

To Be Continued...

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Blog Series
Forget Me Not


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