1313 Cemetery Way 13 John's Inner World

1313 Cemetery Way 13
John’s inner world

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          All I remember is Gustav hitting me, the wall and blood.  But now I am not sure if any of it was real.  Claire and a team of our new friends had gone to Victorian London to take on Jack the Ripper.  However this version of him is more dangerous than the one I am familiar with.  I was left with Gustav whose purpose was to teach me how to fight.  They have been gone for about five days our time.  I am not sure how much time has passed in their time.  But none of that matters right now.  Right now I am in a lot of trouble.  These wraith like things are everywhere and there are more coming.  Why would Margo dump me into a place like this?  It is dark dismal and full of a dreaded darkness only broken by the occasional flash of lightning or the swinging of a scythe.  Claire got one thing right time is relative in fact I am beginning to believe it does not really exist, it is no more than an idea invented by mankind.  Just a meaningless though form when you look at the grand scheme of things.  All of these thoughts swirled through John’s mind as he held back the first attack from one of the wraiths looming over him.

Several Hours Earlier:

            “That’s good John you are picking this up fast.”  John had caught both of Gustav’s fists and was about to try and throw him.  But Gustav threw in a little surprise “You must be able to defend against rites as well John!”

            “Gustav no I am not rea’…”  It was too late He had already begun the rite.  “Dragon of the depths.” John had to think fast, what had Gustav told him about a caster’s greatest weakness.  “One who dwells in flames.”  In the stress of the moment John could not think.  He knew and dreaded the attack that was coming fear had quickly begun to overtake him.  The rite was almost finished “let the beating of your tail become the hammering of my fists.”  John was desperate so he let go of one of Gustav’s fists as he drew back to throw one last desperate attack but it was far too late.  “Rising dragon nightmare!”  A terrible wind engulfed them both as Gustav made eye contact with John, Gustav’s form faded away leaving the visage of a mighty dragon beating his tail.  The tail which was really Gustav’s shoulder hit John who was frozen by fear.  Too Gustav’s horror John flew across the room bouncing off the wall.  To his amazement John had crossed his arms in the shape of an x at the last second taking the brunt of the impact.  But the wall was very dense and John had hit it hard enough to dent it.  Joh was bleeding badly from a cut on his head and was coughing up blood.  Gustav quickly scooped him up and got him to a bed.

Several minutes and a healing Rite later:

            In a very nondescript room a man stands next to the bedside of a heavily bandaged man.  “Crap… Crap … Crap…  I hit him too hard.  Claire will kill me if he dies.”   Gustav stood over a badly injured John Ravenwood.  They had been training nonstop for several days and Gustav had even become acquainted with John’s parents in this world.  Explaining to them that Claire was keeping him extremely busy and he would stop by to see them soon.  As of the moment john and him were house sitting for her while she was on a business trip. 

“You have to pull through this kid and you have to go see your parents in this world.  Your soul may have endlessly incarnated over and over again but you still share blood ties to them.” 

            “Merlin says hello Gustav.”  A feminine raspy voice burst from behind him as the room went ice cold.  It sounded like a blender with rocks in it.  As he went stiff as a board falling to the ground the voice boomed again.  “Don’t worry he is merely on the brink he will not die this time he’s gone visiting.”  Gustav knew all too well who was behind him and he was terrified beyond all belief.  In a single meow and flicker of a small black cat’s tail the cold presence was gone.  as he stood thinking that could not have been Jack’s cat the tail was too long that must have been….?   He’s gone visiting what was she talking about? 

John awoke in darkness:

            As john was assessing his current situation he noticed a path leading through the trees ahead of him.  This place was dark and foreboding but relaxing at the same time.  The place he had been living in had rubbed off on him.  To a normal person this place would have been terrifying.  “Where am I” he muttered “I remember Gustav hitting me my head bounced off the wall as I slid to the floor bleeding…  And”  “Hello John!”  The voice was sweet and familiar as the memory surfaced as to whom it belonged to the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.  As the electrical charge chilled his spine he found his voice “Margo?  It can’t be… you’re…”  “Dead John!  Yes I am, we’ve been through this already.  Right now we are Hansel and Gretel the path awaits us my brother come let us go.”  Marge whimsically took his hand and ran toward the forest.  “Margo…  There is not an evil witch waiting for us is there?”  “You are already dating one my brother but Claire is not really evil.  Yes I know who she is because before this life me and you were one being, doomed to reincarnate into the different ages so she would never be alone.  Most of the memories are sealed away John until we are one again even I don’t have all the answers.” 

            “I am sure you have realized it but neither of us can use ritual magic in the state we are in but you can use tools and weapons.  However, before you can we must find your fighting spirit; you will need to be much tougher and stronger to survive this.  I know it has reawakened but…  But to the point I am here to guide you on your way to helping Claire the woman you love, the one you have loved from the beginning of your eternity.  I am just a flicker of your soul.  What I can tell you, the one who killed me is one of your dark souls.  In fact it is far worse than you think; he is the same as us.  You might even say he is us.  John everyone has a dark side except you there is not even a trace of darkness in your heart nor was there in mine, for the short time it was mine.  John the man who raped and killed me is our darkness.  As one we have endlessly reincarnated and regained our memory of past lives over and over again.  John the mind and spirit are one and they can go insane.  The weight of all those memories, all those deaths, what would that do to a mind over an eternity?”

            Her voice grew louder “John what does the mind do to protect itself?  As you begin to suffer a nervous breakdown what happens?  John it fragments, that’s why we were born as twins.  There is a relic called the Elven Light at one point it was ours but at the point of our original death we used it to make a wish so Claire would never be alone.  Since then we have existed outside the bounds of death.  Well my point is it has returned to the world but it has been fragmented it split between two of our Elven family members I suspect this may have also triggered our being born as twins or it could be the other way around.  But our mind being split aloud the darkness within us to take on a life of its own.  He still wants to help Claire but will stop at nothing to do so.  He sought me out and He will eventually come for you.  The second he penetrated me and began his assault I knew everything our full memories lie in his psyche.  I am not mad at him because he is me and you but I do feel sorry for him he is the very worst of all of our past lives.  Everything we have suffered he has taken on alone.  He told me to help you when you find yourself at the crossroad of life and death.  Violent ends leave scars and our soul has so many it is more scar than soul.  John he can use ritual magic he is the real reason we can’t.  You will need a power beyond the ritual to face him.  Come with me!”

             Taking his hand again she led him deeper into the forest.  “I told you we are Hansel and Gretel.  The power is yours to take if you can beat the witch.  Down there you will face three horrors these demons exist between the worlds of dreams, the living and the dead.  The power they guard is called lineage, if you succeed you will be one of four wielders.  The power is all powerful but it is limited.  ahead of you are three choices you can give up denounce it as a dream and wake up with no memory of it, you can lay down and die or you can overcome and the means you use too becomes your power.”  John was highly confused what was she talking about; the entire conversation was a huge information dump.  It was all almost too much to handle.

            They had stopped at a sheer cliff with a good fifteen foot drop, below John could see several large hulking monsters as he turned to Margo to ask what they were she mouthed “I’m sorry John” as she pushed him off the cliff.  As he fell he managed to spin around and dive into a roll out just like Gustavo had taught him.  The cliff he had stood on with Margo was gone.  “Just where the hell am I?”  As he stared upwards he had failed to notice one of the hulking monsters had crept up on him and was poised to strike.  The thing looked like a wraith carrying a large scythe in fact it looked like the common depiction of death.  As it bought the scythe down John ran forward and stopped the scythe’s motion by blocking the arms of the beast.  The time for wondering was over it was time to fight…

Atop the missing cliff:

            A lone woman stood staring at empty space “What will you do John?  My brother!”

Victorian London:

            “Claire this man is dangerous we have to take him down.”  Jack looked up at her from a crouched position his skin still steaming from Jack the Ripper’s attack.  None of them had a clue how much peril John was facing.  Even Gustav had no idea what kind of trouble he was in, the only ones who had any clue were Assedo, Jeremy Torchwood and Raven Magumi the other three wielders of lineage.  Claire and the others had their own life and death battle to face the Alchemist Jack the Ripper awaited them.  Along with an uninvited guest who had been watching them since they arrived.

A world away:

            “Wendy what is happening?  The voice came from a young woman with slightly pointed ears as the wind whipped its way around all three of them.  “I am not sure Aura?”  The man standing with them just watched the darkened skies as they raged his voice cut like thunder “One thing is for sure you two things are changing out there.”  Forces from all of existence were on the move.  Time is relative and may not even exist?!

To Be Continued...

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