Forget Me Not 6

Forget Me Not 6

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Note 4
Clandestine Rivals

Wolf Pack:  A group of beast masters that are all dog types.  Powers are heavily amplified by the phases of the moon.  Clearly the origin of the stories of werewolves.

Forelorns:  A group of evil minded doom bringers.  they are highly secretive and hard to find.  They enjoy death and destruction.  It is rumored they are trying to end the world convinced mankind is too imperfect to go on.  But it is unclear wheter or not they have minds at all or for that matter if they even have souls

Celestials: These people are usually high ranking members of religious groups.  They wield holy power.  Most likely they are the descendants of the legendary clerics of old.  Polar opposite to the Forelorns.  However they may take their name from a far older time.  A time when Man, Demon and and heavenly beings called celestials shared this world.

My information on these subjects is haphazard at best I will update as I learn more. Finally…

Then there is this group as far as I know we have no real name.  This group seems to consist of a Celestial master, the elder and several outcasts who do not fall under the umbrellas of the other groups.  I wager this place is a haven for people with rule breaker born abilities.  In any case these groups do not seem to get along.  I also believe I may be the only one who has realized this fact.   I suspect Gustav is also a celestial.  The two of them have this purity about them.  It is clear to me that they founded this group.   And, I thinkthe sole purpose behind it is to protect the rule breaker class of magical beings.  Man everyone gets mad when I use the M word but they can just stick it…

Journal Entry 5

Today I met the Forelorns.  They are dangerous and insane.  Raven and I had been teamed up for what they called a routine outing.  Today I also found out the reason/reasoning for this group's existence.   They finally told me the name of our group or at least what the others call us.  We are the Peace Keepers.  A type of law enforcement/troubleshooting team, this is why there seems to be no particular power focus in our group.  Thanks to the way we are setup we are one of the more powerful groups.  I was supposed to just be an observer today but that was before things got out of hand. 

The elder had received word of a rip in the fabric of our reality.  I had no idea how serious this was, Raven kept looking at me throughout the meeting so I was a little unreversed.  Before we got ready to leave Calyst pulled me aside and told me why Raven kept looking at me.  "Jack the last one of these that happened was the night we met you!  Once we are in the field anything can happen these rips can spawn monsters they can heal themselves they can even open others.  They are basically doors into other dimensions.  Every now and then a person comes through one and you can imagine the trouble that causes!”  This was news to me but after all I had seen and felt I knew she was telling the truth.

As we were preparing to leave the sanctuary, Raven seemed unusually on edge then I saw who was in charge of creating the teams.  Gustav was not my or Raven's favorite person.  Jack and Raven will be on recon.  A fancy way of saying he does not trust either us in the field.  As we were about to leave Gustav pulled me aside.  "I know you are new to this I want you to follow Raven's instructions and watch out for her.  The Forelorns are on the move."  Raven was clearly unnerved by something but I had no idea of what her sister was probably right the last time she screwed up and got me involved.  

It was on this night I first began to suspect there was more to Raven's power than just erasing or altering memories I saw her sister Calyst knock a pedestal over breaking the vase which had been sitting on it.  Calyst was in such a hurry she never looked back.  Seconds later Raven came out to meet me.  I remember she looked at its broken pieces and saying I don't remember that being broken.  At this point nothing happened.  What I do know is all of us left even the elder.  I was last out the door and the vase was still broken on the floor when I closed the door. 

Raven's Revelation

Jack was gone, this and other thoughts were finally settling in.  As Raven read on in his journal she began to see a pattern the journal mostly contained notations about her.  Jack had been totally in love with her and she had not really known how deeply he felt.  Now that he was gone and she began exploring her own feelings she let it slip "I love you too Jack".  The real question was why he had the journal with him that day.  The elder forbid him from carrying it around outside the compound.  So  why on that day did he disobey orders and have it with him?  Jack was many things but this was out of character.  For the first time she began to question "what is my power exactly?" As soon as she said it a small black cat jumped up on her desk.   As it nosed the back of the journal a passage appeared which had been hidden.

 Dear Raven,

 If you are reading this something has clearly happened to me.  You should know I don't hate you nor could I ever.  I fell in love with you almost as soon as I saw you.  I kept hoping you would open up to me.  I know your life has been hard.  Your power is amazing, scary and chaotic.  But I think there is more to it.  At this point that is all I can say for sure.  By now you have probably met him and by him I mean the little transparent black cat.  He is connected to my power somehow.  This is still a mystery to me.  It was he who helped me hide text within text that would only open if the right questions are asked.  This entire journal is for you.  I am with you in spirit.

                                                                                         Your friend,
                                                                                         Jack Rhodes
People never really die as long as they are remembered.

Raven was sitting in shock it was as if Jack had spoken to her from beyond the grave.  She knew now that she had to finish reading the journal.  Jack was on the trail of unlocking her power's true might.  He had left her a trail of bread crumbs to follow.   And there were signs Jack may not be…?

Journal entry 5 continued

Today was my first field assignment, I had been paired with Raven since her sister was with Gustav and the elder was on his own.  Technically we were the B-team but I guess we just have that kind of luck.  We were the ones who found the tear.  But someone had beaten us to it.  I remember her voice and the shudder in it "it’s the Forelorns" at this point they had seen us.  And, we now had two choices run or fight.  The choice to run was quickly ruled out they had us surrounded.  One of them cast some kind of fire spell...  I know they hate the word spell but calling it a rite is so odd to me...  It was headed right for Raven.  She was frozen like a deer in headlights.  I charged in front of her yelling "not happening” much like I did the day we met.  It hit me and dissipated.  The lack of an impact took the fight out of them they stood in shock as my fists flew.  As Gustav and Calyst yelled for us they all vanished.  Raven was busy checking me for injuries.  I had taken on a hellfire blast head on.  I should be dead according to her but instead I did not even have a single scratch.  Gustav told me to report to the elder as soon as we got back.  Raven was to go with me.  As for myself I had no idea this was such a big deal.

Back at the compound Raven and I were headed to the elder's room when I noticed the vase we had passed on the way out was no longer broken.  Raven did not even see it.  It was like her memory of it being broken was gone.  I know it was broken!  What was going on?

Raven stopped reading, asking herself aloud "Why can't I remember the vase being broken?  I know Jack is not a liar and I know he was incredibly observant.  Am I able to overwrite my own memories?  Or, is it something more?" 

Jack had left her one hell of a Pandora's Box paradox.  At this point she even began questioning: what was Jack's real power it had to be greater than that of the beast.  No other beast magic users were immune to rites like he was, whatever it was it had to be extremely powerful.  The kind of power able to corrupt reality like her own rule breaker ability.  As the night drug on she continued reading and before she knew it she had fallen asleep.  In the world at large several hours had past but in her dream only seconds.  She swore she could hear Jack's voice calling her "Follow the cat Raven!"  "What cat?"  She yelled "meow"  "That cat never mind!"  The air around her was getting hotter.  What was happening?   She suddenly became aware of a lake of fire and horrible screams all around her.  This was... Before she could finish her thought she saw it.  There was an area of solid rock with seven whirlwinds spinning around it.  In the center seated in a meditative position was Jack Rhodes.  Demons of every shape and description were trying to get past his tornadoes everyone who tried was immediately shredded and reduced to dust.  Even the flames were being snuffed out.  She could hear him mumbling "there is neither heat nor flame."  This was said over and over like a mantra.    As his eyes opened his chant stopped. 

"Raven how are you?  Yes you are dreaming and not dreaming.  I am truly lost in the realm of fire and you have entered here through a dream.  You are not really here just your spirit.  I am alive Raven believe it!  My time is running out remember me my love!"   His wind suddenly blasted her away as she flew back she yelled "I love you Jack"

"Remember me Raven!"

Raven awakened as her chair fell out from under her.  Her door burst open like a clap of thunder as she headed for Gustav's room.  Though they had never really gotten along, he knew more about what had just happened than anyone else alive there.  She could barely contain herself.  Gustav had to wake up her sister to calm her down.  Once they got her to slow down she said it.  "I saw Jack; he's alive trapped in the middle of the lake of fire.   I saw him, his cat guided me. “Neither Calyst or Gustav had a clue what she was babbling about.  Calyst was the first to doubt her "Raven there is no way he could be alive not in that place!"  Strongly Gustav was on Raven's side "Calyst it is possible the elder and I suspected the power of the beast wasn't Jack's only power.  "Raven tell me exactly what you saw."

"Jack was in the center of a mass of rock with seven whirlwinds swirling around him.  He was seated in the position you taught us for meditation chanting, there is neither heat nor flame.  He was being attacked from all sides by demons.  None of them could get close though.  He told me I was dreaming and not dreaming.  I was there in spirit only he called me his love and told me to remember him.  Oh yeah his cat led me to him.”

Gustav was amazed Jack had made a seven barrier and with it and a made up mantra he had cooled a spot to sit amidst the lake of fire.   Raven interrupted his thoughts "Jack said his time was running out!"  Gustav suddenly realized it Jack had left the answer "Raven keep reading his journal you have to finish it.  That fool bet everything on you, he believes in your power.  That journal is his proxy he empowered it with his thoughts feeling and the might of man’s first magic… words.  We are bound by all kinds of chains in this world and words are the only one we can control.  He is counting on a rule breaker that he believes only you can pull off.  The cat is also a part of him.  All beast users have something similar.”  One thing was abundantly clear She needed to help Jack.  

To Be Continued...

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