Forget Me Not 7 The Summer Light Festival!

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Forget Me Not 7

The Summer Light Festival!
What lies at the farthest reaches of one’s memory?

            From the very beginning this has been about memory.  What is it really?  No different than information stored in a computer’s hard drive.  And, Just like a hard drive memory can be corrupted or changed.  Through this process it is possible to alter the past giving birth to a reality of new possibilities but does that erase the previous timeline or does it merely create an alternative one?  This particular entry is for myself.  So like me it will exist outside the bounds of time and memory.  This journal has been to date a list of my observations and a compendium of my interactions with a beautiful young girl.  Yes Raven I am talking to you.  I feel it something is closing in on our time together.  It has been nagging my thoughts for weeks now something is changing out there like long scattered forces begging to resurface and converge.  I know the elder may try to stop me but….

            Jack’s thought was cut off he had trailed off in the middle of a thought.  Raven leaned back in her chair muttering to herself.  “Jack had seen his final battle coming.  I shouldn’t think like that for now I feel he is alive.”  Her sister burst into the room “We have a problem!”  Raven’s eyes met hers “What kind of problem?”  “Three elders have arrived representing the other groups and they are demanding Jack’s journal.  Gustav is stone walling them but…”  She heard him yell “they got by me” Before she could blink Raven was down the hall and in their collective faces.  Her stance was defensive and they all halted.  As the standoff pressed on one of them spoke “Give us the journal young lady!”  Her tone was forceful and completely devoid of its former politeness.  Raven had met her before though it had been many years ago.  “Your group has fallen without him and we are…”  “You are what?  Going to throw your tough talk around!  Jack left that to me and it is mine.”  Once she had uttered her ownership of the journal a familiar silhouette of a black cat appeared skirting in and out from between Raven’s legs.  “We will take it by force Raven.”  Gustav and Calyst were hurriedly running toward them but Raven struck first.  “The snow melts once upon a spring.  Deluge!”  The hall became a raging white water river as the elders were washed out into the entry hall.  “Get out of my house while you still can.”  Raven yelled “Even the gently falling snow can become the flood.  Frozen like glass.  Icy Rage!”  To the three’s horror a wall of Icy daggers was headed right for them and there was nowhere to run.  Because of the two consecutive rites no one could counter it they would have to all use the same rite to even achieve the same level of effect.  The spikes stopped just short of their throats lightly pressing against them.  As their scratches began to bleed Raven raised her left hand as if to cast another rite.

            “If you kill us they will come?!”  “Was that a threat or a question?”  A cold breeze filled the entire complex.  “Now that I have your attention my dear elders why do you want Jack’s last word and testament that he left solely to me?” 

            “Talk or….!”  “Jack was too observant he was dangerously close to unlocking his and your true power.  We had known of him for years and done our best to keep him out of this world.  He is a beast but his real power is on a whole different level and so is yours that is all I can say.  I will probably be put to death for what I…”  Raven stopped her “You other two have been awfully quiet do you have anything to add?”  “We are sorry Raven your answer is in the memories of last year’s Summer Light Festival.”

            “What lies at the farthest reaches of one’s memory!?  I am so sorry Raven.”   The old woman yelled. Raven fell to her knees clutching her head as she contorted to a fetal position a flood of memories flowed through her mind. With one simple sentence she remembered it all.  There had been a seal restraining her power and the dam had now broken.  With her concentration broken the Ice melted quickly away.  The three of them collected themselves “He never really did like what we did to her but it was…”  Calyst interrupted her with her hands grasping her throat “it was what!?  Tell me or you die here and now that is my little sister you old bitch.”  Gustav had knelt down next to Raven “Calyst she has a high fever” Calyst looked as if her puppy had been hit by a car.  “Calm down child she is beginning to remember her true memories a truth that we shamefully altered.  You are really her sister so don’t worry over that she is remembering how powerful she really is, how powerful Jack Rhodes knew her to be.”  “What do you mean?”  “You two knew him before now but due to an accident and a timely attack that followed it we chose to hide Jack in the world of man and the two of you were taken in by the most powerful one of us to ever exist.  We sealed all of your memories and even altered them but her power fought us, it is memory itself.  Not just hers but the collective memory of all who live and have lived.  She is a living link to the Akashic Records.  One day she may even turn out to be more powerful than your fallen mentor Merlin.  The might she unleashed against us showed me that.”  “The accident you mean our parents?” “Yours and Jack’s.”

            “We could not stop destiny though the two of them belong together.  So here they are once again.  We wanted the journal to close the door forever.  That demon could come back through the gate Jack left behind.  Gustav knows nothing of this and your memories will return soon.  With our seal she can only recall the times she consciously willed her power to work without it she will remember everything.  I am sure it is in there find it and read it aloud to her.  We are sorry for all of this.  With this our lives are forfeit but our karma is cleared.  You are running out of time so please hurry!”

            “Jack is waiting for you Raven.”  Gustav and Calyst stood ready to attack.  Her hands still tightly gripping the old woman’s throat she stared into her eyes.  With a single tap of her right index finger she broke Calyst’s hold.  Then the odd old woman turned to Gustav “she will make a fine leader guide her well.” Gustav looked down at Raven and then back to the old woman.

Like a Shinto priest she clapped her hands together twice in front of her face and then they were gone.  Two of the three elder had never revealed their faces nor had they spoken or had they?  This thought was tormenting Gustav.  There was a gap of time before he and Calyst had made it out into the entry hall.  However, for now they needed to get Raven to her bed and find the information in Jack’s Journal.  Calyst on the other hand who had been several steps ahead of him had heard it all and was desperately searching Jack’s journal for the pages containing the Summer Light Festival.  As she read she noticed there were large gaps in time missing from the journal.  It really was for Raven it was more of a scientific note book analyzing her abilities.  Then a familiar silhouette of a black cat jumped up on the table to look at her.  With several flicks of its tail the page she needed was revealed.

The Summer Light Festival

            The elder told me of an upcoming festival.  Its name sent a chill through my soul it was as if I had heard the words Summer Light Festival.  Somewhere deep in my memories a lingering echo has begun to stir.  I have begun getting flashes of memory with two little girls that remind me of Raven and Calyst.  But there is no way… Or is there?  From what he told me the girls ask the guys to go with them if no one asks you can go but not enter the inner circle of light.  I hope she asks me. 

Raven has seemed preoccupied today like she has something on her mind.  She seems nervous and guarded like she did when I first got here.  I had better put this thing up before the elder sees it.  I feel my time growing shorter…

Calyst slipped back into the chair sinking to a seated position.  “Jack knew that fight was coming?”  Calyst had yelled out so loud that Gustav burst into the room.  “What’s going on?”  “Look at this.”  After he read it “he knew and still acted.  It seems we have walked alongside an epic hero and never knew it.”  Calyst began to read the rest aloud so Raven could maybe hear it through her struggles.

Raven finally worked up her courage as we walked down the hall near her room she quickly grabbed my arm and before I knew what happened we were locked behind her door.  “Jack I have something to ask you but I am worried about your answer.”  I started to speak but she took her index and middle finger on her right hand and gently closed my mouth.  “Please listen, will you go to the Summer Light Festival with me?”  With no hesitation I answered “I would love to Raven.”  Her arms wrapped around me so tightly I thought I might pass out.  Then another flash of those little girls ran through my mind one of them had gripped me just like this it felt so familiar. 

The festival was happening in a few days and I had nothing to wear.  So I resolved to ask Gustav for help even though I knew he did not like me but I had no choice.  Strangely he was very helpful.  Maybe that tough guy routine was all an act.

The day of the festival had arrived and we left for it arm in arm.  Again this felt oddly familiar like we had done this all before but deep in our pasts.  Upon our arrival we were turning heads left and right, mainly the heads of the elders.  I could not help but wonder if they knew something we did not.  They seemed horrified to see the two of us together.  And, they instantly spirited our elder away.  Before I could think about what I had noticed Raven had dragged me to the center circle of light.  “Jack do you know what this festival represents?”  I stared blankly.  “This is a festival of light to celebrate the first light, the mother of all things that is why the girls must ask the guys to come.  Through positive thought we will fill all of creation with energy.  Our feelings become one and as one all things are possible.”  Seconds later she pulled me into a dance “Just follow me Jack one, two, three and one, two, three, four.”  This pattern repeated and soon I had it.  As we circled in the light I felt and odd calm as my cares just melted away.  As the night wore on we had failed to notice it but we had been isolated the other dancers had gradually moved away from us.  Suddenly a couple of elders moved close to us and I swear I heard the words “What lies at the farthest reaches of one’s memory?”  Before anything else Raven pulled me down to her face.  It was just like that night in the alley, but something was different.  As her lips pressed against mine I saw it.  A Summer Light Festival in flames, two crying little girls and myself looking at the bodies of our parents who had sacrificed themselves to save us.  I was pulled away by a group of elders as our elder swooped in and gathered up the two little girls.  I heard him say “damn I was not quick enough to get the boy too.  Now all three will forget I hate the connectivity of all things sometimes.  At least I was able to save the sisters from them sleep now Calyst and Raven sleep!  When you awake this won’t even be a memory.” 

An attack by the forelorns occurred shortly after destroying what was left.  I knew then Raven had not erased me from the world she had freed me from a false reality.  I had never been a part of that world from the very beginning.  Her kiss and power broke the false flow of time freeing my mind.  Now it is my turn to free hers, Raven wake up you know what you have to do use my journal as the catalyst.

Once upon a crossroads, through ‘ever expanding seas of green and gold we met.  One life ended as many had forgotten.  A time to begin anew.  Again we met hidden by the roses and Forget Me Nots.  Life moved forward told on the winds.  As life passes from one world to the next death is obtained and with it a memory.  Remember me!

            That was the end of the journal.  As Calyst sat back in the chair Gustav set his hand on her shoulder.  Before anyone could say a word Raven had grabbed the Journal and was on a dead run to the rock where Jack’s Claws and blood had left his last message.  Gently she placed the journal on top of his words.

            “Jack Rhodes I remember you!”  The ground began shaking violently and his journal burst into flames mixing with his blood.  “You are more than a memory you are my everything” harshly the wind began to blow, a tear like the one the beast of beasts came through was opening and Jack was clawing his way through.  His wind was holding the monster back but at the same time it was slowing him down too.  One rock at a time his wind made and one claw hold at a time he clawed his way to Raven.  Raven called to him “I am memory incarnate” Jack called back “And, I am the power of words.”  A faint red light formed between them as it grew brighter a windless tunnel formed.  Jack jumped colliding with Raven as they rolled aside she yelled “seal it!”

             “Jack give me your hand” Gustav called to him.  As he helped him up Jack turned to help Raven. “I had faith in you to save me.  You did not erase my life Raven you erased the lie it had become.  I Love you!”  As they kissed a shockwave rolled over the earth the rite that buried their pasts had been broken. 

Unlike most great stories that ended with a kiss theirs begins with one. Jack had returned and so had all of the lost memories.  Words are alive and they are the only chain man is bound by that can be controlled. 

Signed by Death

Be seeing you…

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