1313 Cemetery Way 17 The Doll House

1313 Cemetery Way 17
The Doll House

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“Margo that was not a very nice thing to do, stealing the power of Lineage for John really what were you thinking and even Death has given him his blessing.  But after seeing what has happened to your souls I do understand.  I cannot help him as I did for the other three or rather as I tried for the other three.  But now there are four of them and the path to Death is open.”  Margo stared at the strange being for several seconds his form was indescribable constantly changing from multiple forms.  A man, a cat the shifts went on and on.  “I am sorry but who are you?”  “I am the source of the power you stole for your brother.  I forgot my name long ago but I have been known by many names to the ancients I was called Thoth.  I have guided man for countless ages.”  “Are you God?”  “You speak of the source of All, no I am not.  I am merely a being farther along the path than most striving for oneness with the all.”  “What did you mean the Path to Death is open?”  “Dear I can explain it to you later but for now I need to train you to help your brother along his path.  The other one full of the dark has set them on a paroles journey.  He broke their connection to the Necropolis.  Now every time they jump it will be to a place with a fragment but never home.  He has set in motion what needed to be done.  Every fragment collected will automatically take its place at the Necropolis.”  Margo stood in silence as the being motioned for her to follow him through a sudden doorway.

In catacombs of reality the group had safely been transported from the Ripper’s Lair only to find themselves not standing in the necropolis.  The familiar graves were nowhere to be found.  Instead a large gothic mansion stood before them.  There were all sorts of ugly lawn gnome sculptures scattered everywhere.  They almost looked alive. None of them had noticed yet but the Ripper’s fragment was gone.

Raven was the first to speak “Those lawn gnomes are creepy, evil European yard clowns bur.”  She wrapped her arms around herself as the chill engulfed her.  Jack hugged her to him as all of them looked up at an oversized mansion.  “Welcome to the Doll house” a voice boomed!  As all of them jumped clutching their hearts John having just been through the most terrifying experience in any lifetime sighed “that's just what we need?!  More creepy bullshit!”  Claire was shocked by his language but understood his thought. There were two Johns and three souls that were once one.  For a normal person this would be too much but not for John.  She felt ill at ease this place radiated power.  It somehow felt familiar was it like the Necropolis?

As Raven surveyed the scene she swore to herself one of the Gnomes moved but quickly discounted it as a trick of the light.  Still goose bumps crept and crawled up her legs slowly caressing her back until she felt as though they were clinching and hugging her.  Jack was the first to notice something was not quite right “you okay my love?”  As he placed his hand on her shoulder the feeling vanished.  Her glance said it all.

John was the first to ask “just where in the hell are we? I know the voice said welcome to the Doll House…?”  His voice seemed to be swallowed by the field of dead roses and lawn gnomes.  Calyst looked long and hard at the house “this place looks anything but welcoming is it safe where we are? I swear I have seen a few of those gnomes move!”  As everyone looked at the house Gustav was turned facing the opposite direction.

“Guys!” His voice quivered.  His hand Shakely rose, his finger pointed.  “What the hell are those things?”  As everyone turned their hearts went bump… … …  bump, bump, bump “we need to run” John yelled. Four androgynous manikin like dolls were crawling, dragging and limping their way toward them their arms out stretched reaching for them.  Gustav had just narrowly dodged one of them as it dove at him clinching its hands as it skidded past him.  The only place to run was the house but was it safe? All of them but John turned to run for the door.  A door that seems richly out of place it was bright red with yellow trim.  It just seemed to focus all attention on it.  At this point none of that mattered.  It was the only place to run!

John took up the position of anchor. “As marked by death himself I John Ravenwood am the Lord of Nightmares.  I welcome the bad dream.”  Holding his hands in front of him a small dream catcher appeared.  A ball of blue black energy shot out if it shattering one of the dolls.  This only seemed to anger them.  Raven yelled out to him “John those damn gnomes are moving toward you.  In seconds he was surrounded.  Claire started to move into a castor’s stance but Gustav stopped her.  “Give him a chance.”  Her eyes gave him a horrified go to hell stare.

Claire watched in horror as the gnomes and manikin sized dolls closed in on John.  They were tightening their circle but John was surprisingly calm and composed.  His eyes were closed as if he had resigned himself to die.  Gustav whispered “that's good John don’t resist the flow be the flow.”  Raven reached up and placed her hand on Claire’s shoulder “he will be fine.”  Her hand slid off as she turned to survey the door they had all run too.

Claire gasped as they all jumped at John.  In one statement he destroyed them “spinning razor shield.”  It was as if they were thrown through a wood chipper and then placed in a blender set on puree.  As the dust settled Claire caught a glimpse of John’s new power it was a shield with thousands of blades protruding from it.  In shock she blurted it out “so it is true My John has gained the power of Lineage.”  John quickly summoned his dreamcatcher and absorbed the malignant energy as he lowered his guard.  Though he had won the fight was not over more of them began growing like trees from the ground.  John knew it was time to run.  His shield surrounded him once again as he ran for the door.  Claire ripped open the Door and was through in seconds followed by Calyst, then Raven, then Gustav; Jack stood holding the door watching the swarm chasing John.  As John dove past him he jumped through the opening holding the door slamming it as hard as he could behind them.

Jack and John were alone, not a single trace of the others.  The door was even gone.  All that lay before them was a long twisting hallway and many questions.

To Be Continued...

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