1313 Cemetery Way 18 The Doll House II

1313 Cemetery Way 18

The Doll House II

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The twisting Hallway

Jack and John found themselves alone in a long and twisting hallway.  The best they could do was scrambling to their feet.  Jack began sniffing the air.  “Getting anything Jack?”  As Jack looked up at John the air shook as a voice boomed “Find them… Find them before it’s too late.  Once again welcome to the Doll House.” The voice had been so loud this time both of them had gone to their knees covering their ears.  Jack had already begun to show signs of a spontaneous beast transformation.  His claws were out and his eyes had already changed.  His clothes were still the tattered rags from his previous encounter with Jack the Ripper.  John’s clothes were in better shape.  However they were not very suited for fighting.  They were far too form fitting.  Sensing the danger they were in John began to loosen the buttons and lose a couple of layers.  He even ripped his pants around both his ankles.  “Jack you had better go full beast you are halfway their already!”  Jack just looked at him he had not realized how much of his beast form had come out.  Calmly he stepped to the center of the room and began his rite. “Supreme beast who prowls the jungles cutting the air with your roar lend me your power forever more.  Jungle king!”  Once the wind died down John was able to see through the dust a large hulking cat in the figure of a man.

John and Jack were now back to back and on guard.  Fists raised and ready to fight.  The temperature was falling fast.  It was clear that something supernatural was happening.  It was unclear whether or not this was a reaction to Jack’s transformation.  The attack outside left them quaking in their thoughts.  What was around the bend?  They had no choice but to move forward They needed to find the others.

The Winding Stairs

Raven and Claire found themselves alone in a long winding stairwell.  The stairs spiraled onward and upward.  The door they had run through was gone.  As they stood on the landing before either of them could speak a voice echoed.  “Find them… yes find them… or is it already too late?”  This voice had been wispy like the wind.  Setting a chill inducing tone to go with the dimly lit stairs and the cold air, the space they were in was small and made of what looked to be red brick.  Raven started on a rite but Claire stopped her.  “Conserve your strength we don't know what waits for us just around the bend.”  Raven quickly looked around them “where is everyone?”  Claire calmly placed her hand on her shoulder “we have been split up on purpose.  We walked into a classic trap.  I have not seen one of these since John’s twelfth incarnation, it been several hundred years actually.”  In a structure like this you build it with magic and those who belong here are taken anywhere they want to go upon entry.  Intruders like us trigger security systems like those dolls and gnomes outside.  We have been scattered into a maze like structure.  We need to be on guard.  There is no telling what kind of traps are set in this place.”

The Room of Many Doors

Gustav was on his feet reaching out his hand to help Calyst up.  Unlike the others they were in a large open space.  The room had unusually high ceilings. Or was it just too dimly lit to see them.  Calyst took a fast frantic look around “where are the others…  We all shot through the door at the same time.”  Gustav smirked “we have been baited into a clever trap.  Our late master told me about places like this.  We need to be on our guard.”  Almost on cue “find them… ha ha ha find them or is it already too late?”  This voice growled out of the air air.  Its beast like tone left both of them searching the room for signs of danger.  As their eys focused on their surroundings they noticed the room was full of doors.  Doors everywhere some on the walls some in the middle of the room not connected to anything.  Each door was flanked on either side with a floating flame.  For now they were both safe but were the others?

Hidden Spaces

In a dimly lit room a crystal ball sat centered on a table on the ceiling above and the floor below a clear flower of life pattern.  A single being was perched on the edge of a chair watching all that was and had occurred.  Creaking, groaning and dragging a door opened as light poured through three more joined the fray.  The lone one muttered “we have guests after all this time.”

“How many are there?” asked one of the illuminated figures.  “There are six” answered the one staring into the crystal ball.  “Gentlemen it is time” bellowed the second one to enter the room.  We have three teams of two who will die first?” Take your seats and place your bets”  muttered the one with the crystal ball.  “Let’s move this game along activate the flame serpent and the watery hands.”   The fourth member had just taken his seat quietly and placed his hands on the table.  Unlike the others he was aloof calm and collected.  The whole situation did not seem to even interest him.  Still all four stared into the crystal ball. 

In seconds all six of them heard the click, clack and clunk as the building shook.  John looked behind and caught the light of a flaming eye from the corner of his eye, he screamed, roared was more like it “run!!!”  Both of them took off down the winding hallway the flames licking their heels John panted “is it just me or do those flames look like a snake’s mouth?”  Jack glanced over his shoulder “it is a snake!”  The hallway narrowed to a small right angled turn.  They had to turn sideways and inch their way through.  “Jack you go first.  I’ll defend our rear there is no telling what may pop up in front of us so be on your guard.”  Jack turned sideways to step his way through as John turned to face the Flaming serpent as it closed in.  The eyes were a burning white hot flame and its tongue a laser etched blue flame.  The fangs were made of a scarlet red flame.  John knew if it touched him it was all over.  Jack had gotten through and the hallway was wider on the other side.  “Come on John we need to get out of here.”  John backed his way through and just as he exited he summoned the Death scythe he had commandeered from the dream demons.  Slashing and smashing the walls as they crumbled they began to glow red.  This would only buy them time.  Both of them turned to run again. 

“Our players seem to have some interesting powers!”  The fourth had finally spoken.  “That man wields a Death Scythe and his companion is a member of the forgotten beast tribes.  I wonder if the other four will be as fun to watch!?”

Back at the winding stairs Claire and Raven were back to back surveying their surroundings when the water started to flow from the walls.  It was more than just water.  It flowed like disembodied hands crawling across an icy floor.  Raven was the first to spot one of the hands “Claire it’s a hand.”  Claire saw it sink back into the water.  “So it is.  Raven run up the stairs I will be right behind you.”  Raven started to argue.  But Claire silenced her whispering I am immortal you are not…  Run dammit.”  The stairs wound upward in a seemingly never ending spiral.  As they ran the water engulfed the steps behind them.  Every so often a hand burst forth grasping at their heels.  No matter how fast they ran the water was right behind them.  Suddenly a hand shot past them landing on the steps in front of them.  Claire grabbed Raven around the waist and ran across the wall to get past the thing.  “Raven if I carry you can you perform an Ice rite to freeze them?”  Raven smiled “I will give it a shot.  “Frozen in time the giants loom, once having been the quiet doom.  Ages of Ice Glaciation!”  The waters behind them froze all the way back to the landing.  Claire was surprised “Raven How do you know, How did you know that rite?  Not only is it forbidden it has been lost to antiquity.”  Raven smiled “There is no such thing as forbidden there is just a right and a wrong time to do something.  “When I became our Covens leader I inherited the master’s Crystal ball which contained his entire library.  It is more than an amplifier.  There were several rite that were listed as forbidden to use unless in extreme situations.  It is just like your over kill Hammer of Thor move.”  Claire put her down “You are truly worthy of him.  Merlin the mater of masters.”  They could both hear the ice cracking behind them.  “We need to get moving” yelled Raven.

“Wow theye even have knowledge of forbidden rites, who are these people?”  The four stared in ghoulish delight this game would be one to remember.

In the room of many doors Gustav and Calyst circled studying the doors.  Both of them thinking the same things behind every door could be a death trap!  “Your friends are in danger behind two of these doors are their salvation.  Choose wisely behind the wrong door are your deaths.”  As the remnant of the voice echoed two images appeared on one Jack and John being chased by flames on the other raven and Claire being chased by water.

“Gentlemen the game is afoot place your bets round one.  Who will die, who will live.  How many souls will you wager?”  The one staring into the crystal ball laughed.  “This is the Doll House and we play with lives here!.”  His voice was heard by the whole house. 

To Be Continued...

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