1313 Cemetery Way 27 Voices in the Rain

1313 Cemetery Way 27

Voices in the Rain

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                “This place is not creepy at all” Ravens voice echoed out into the gloom.  The swamp land around them was quieter than a grave.  This was a no man’s land where not even birds dared to tread.  Wendy stood in silence staring at their surroundings through her thick rimmed glasses.  Something had gone horribly wrong.  They were supposed to be in a desert not a swamp.  Jack being the most agile of the crew had decided to scout ahead a little ways to see what he could find.  And, what he found sent chills down his spine.  Not far from where they landed was a thick over growth of mangrove trees as if a tree standing above the water like skeletons above their own graves wasn’t spooky enough a thunder storm was rolling in off of the nearby sea.  But this was not what dismayed him Jack had found a town or what used to be a town.  The houses cut a gaunt profile against the grey skies lying open like freshly dug graves.  It looked recently abandoned.  That was until he found the first body, like what he had seen happen to Lament’s pack it was desiccated mummified to an extreme extent.  In just a few steps he found more bodies all in the same condition.  As the wind picked up a bit of shredded paper hit his leg after calming his breathing trying to hide the fact a bit of windblown paper had nearly made him run screaming like a little girl.  He reached down to grab it, as he examined it he realized it was a torn piece of newspaper  the headline read fifth desiccated corpse found near the edge of the old ruins May 13, XXXX.  The date made his heart sink.  Quickly he scanned the area around him looking for somewhere they could fortify.  He saw what looked like a church with a sand bag wall built around it, maybe there were survivors there?

                Jack crept slowly closer to the church calmly studying the walls for signs of movement, but there was nothing, no sound not even a leaf rustled in the still breeze.  Then he saw why, on the far side close to a stream of water the sand bag wall had been shattered like a wine glass hitting a concrete floor.  The stream looked very new like it had been cut by recent water flow.  Not just any water flow it looked drilled out like the damage a whirlpool could do.  The water had been swirling at a very high speed.  As he scanned up stream he saw the source it looked as if the retention dam designed to curb flooding had suffered a catastrophic failure.  As he crossed the broken wall he found them, about thirty people had made their last stand here.  The church was full of guns ammunition and even had lots dehydrated and canned food items.  It was then Jack heard it a faint sniffle of a crying woman, there was a survivor.  Jack scrambled toward the sound as a shot rang out narrowly missing his right shoulder.  There huddled in a blanket crouched in a corner was a small pale woman holding a large precision style bolt action rifle pointed right at him.  Or was it, something was off as Jack studied her he noticed her swing the rifle wildly pointing it a random as his eyes made eye contact with hers he realized it she can’t see me she is blind.  She looked a little dehydrated and even had a bruise that looked similar to how he remembered the monster grabbing Lament’s pack members but she was still alive?!

                “Jack where are you.”  He could hear Raven desperately looking for him.  But he had bigger problems.  The business end of a rifle was pointed his way and a scared blind woman was in control of it.  As Raven’s called got closer the woman seemed to calm down “you’re not that monster are you?”  Jack took a deep breath “No I am not my name is Jack…  Jack Rhodes and that woman calling for me is Raven.”  “You two are lovers I can tell by the tones of your voices my name is Sarah Windcraft and this town was called oh what does it matter the town is no more.”  By this point Raven had found Jack and was looking at Sarah “you found a survivor.”  Quickly she flung her arms around him tears running down her face “don’t ever leave like that again we did not know where you had gone or that you had even left.”  Jack was shocked he really had just wondered off without a word it was as if he had been summoned?! 

                “Never mind my wanderlust Raven look at this.”  He handed her the torn piece of newspaper as she read it her eyes widened “if this is what I think it is this is really bad.”  By now the others had all joined them; John, Kurt and Gustav were all hurriedly rebuilding the sandbag wall.  Night was coming soon and so was a thunderstorm.  Claire and Calyst were busy diverting the stream away from the church with their powers.  Aura, Dusk and Raxe were on lookout duty, watching for any signs of movement on the horizon.  Their situation was in a single word BAD.  The creature they faced was made of water and where were they in a swamp bordered by a salt marsh on one side and the ocean on the other.  There was water everywhere.  But thus far the only signs of the child of the Ripper were all of the desiccated corpses.  Finally Wendy made her way over to Raven and Jack as she spied the date she grabbed the piece of newspaper ripping it from Raven’s hands “No…  No this can’t be we left Ravenwood Manor on May first!”  She quickly knelt beside Sarah “Hello there I am sorry we had to meet under these circumstances my name is Wendy Ravenwood can you tell me what day it is?  We have a newspaper clipping that says May thirteenth?!”  “That is from when the attacks started!”  Sarah answered “I am not sure of the exact date but we holed up in here about a week after that news article.  We were okay until that thing broke the levy with the help of a bad rain storm.  That was about ten days ago, so it must be sometime in June now!”

Wendy waited for everyone to gather inside before she started her speech.  Sarah was resting comfortably in another room it was clear she had not slept well for a while.  “My friends we are victims of lost time, we left the Manor on May First this newspaper is from May Thirteenth and from what Sarah told me it is now sometime in June.  We were supposed to land in a desert area where we would have a clear advantage over the monster but instead we have landed in the worst possible place.  We are in a swamp surrounded by water… water and more water.  We will stay here tonight and at first light we will send a scouting party to assess our situation.  All of our supplies made it so we are good on that front but Lament and her pack are missing I don’t know if they wound up in the desert or if they are here somewhere.”  Jack interrupted her “they’re here I can smell them!”  Raxe simply nodded his head when Wendy looked at him.  “We have some objectives for tomorrow.”  Before she could outline them the storm broke and as the rain got louder Sarah woke up screaming.

That is when they all heard it crying voices echoing through the rain.   Claire knew the cries well “those are the tormented cries of the damned!”  The words came effortlessly from her lips.  Their moan and screams grew louder with the intensity of the storm.  “Water is the universal conduit between the land of the living and the land of the dead, these poor souls are trapped somewhere in between.”  She continued…  There was another voice louder than theirs however and it had a gurgling aspect to it.  The child of the Ripper was coming.  “Smile at Babies” echoed on the wind.  “Make a list of six people you could count on to carry your casket at your funeral.  If you cannot come up with six, develop some new friendships or plan to be cremated!”

“SMILE AT BABBIES!”   “Shield up John It’s here!”  Yelled Gustav!  As soon as John projected his shield came the first hit “you’re finally here” The voice gurgled! 

To Be Continued...

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