In a flash of light I lost myself.
It all just slipped away,
fading into memories of the past

Is this an illusion, or is the clanging thunder reality?
I remember as a child,
 the head waters of the sacred river.
As rivers seemed to flow from me
I am Fading away!

The Echoes of training and discipline filled my thoughts.
As I grew older
I learned of duty and honor!

Gaining two constant companions,
cold and razor edged.
In a flash and a thud, my first duty was carried out!

Years later it was arranged,
I would marry the youngest daughter of a wealthy Lord.
My son was born in the 12th year of Tensho.
Those eyes looking up at me.

I am a Samurai bound by Honor!
In a flash of light I lost myself.

In a flash of light!

A. J. Phillips 

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