Fairy Knights

Fairy Knights: The First Hunt 

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  Fairy Knights
The First Hunt


It happens at Midnight

A sanguine moon rises over the high cliffs, in the valley beneath them a vast untamed jungle stretched out in all directions as far as the human eye could see.  All of it hidden from the eyes of the world on a mysterious uncharted island.  The whole area seemed out of place and time.  From the highest point a set of eyes as purple as the night sky, quietly watched.  The moon was almost to its zenith.  Quietly to herself the owner of the purple eyes whispered. “Almost time, midnight”…. A deep breath “midnight is when that fool intends to try and force his way in to the Forever Forest.”  Her thoughts drifted to the past, to a girl with a set of orange eyes like that of the setting sun.  A smile crossed her face “I wonder how Aura is doing?  Two hundred years” sighing mournfully she watches the moon as it rises.  “Two hundred years since I last saw her and Gramps….” Giggling “Gramps, man I have been hanging around the humans too long.”  A gust of wind whipped her silvery hair up in the air.  “It’s begun, show me the power of these humans Arcane…show me their power” she shouted at the top of her lungs.  Her words fell silent as a loud gust of wind came up from the valley below her.  Her partner sat silently watching the scene below them unfold.  As he watched he suddenly spoke “now it is time to see if all that junk he had the wolf pack gather is worth a damn!”  His eyes were as silver as starlight but as gentle as the waters of a moon lit pond.  Possessing a strong physical build, he held a pair of binoculars.  Beneath the moonlight his shadow betrayed his true form.  It sat beside him like a caged wolf. 

In a clearing far below them, the trees formed a circle at its center was a hole that descended deep into an inky foreboding darkness.  Listening closely you could hear voices carried on the wind.  “Master Arcane the system is ready and waiting, the noise levels are stable.”  The voice echoed bouncing all over the place.  The man who spoke was wearing a white lab coat and carrying a clipboard.  With the middle finger of his left hand he adjusted his thick rimmed glasses. As he stood overlooking the machinery, a dull hum filled the air.  Everywhere you turned there was either a huge machine or a stalagmite reaching toward the ceiling!  All the lights from the many computers twinkled like the night sky, however you want to look at it, this operation was clearly a secretive one more cloak than dagger. There were many wires crisscrossing the ground all of them seemed to lead in a single direction, a circle of mushrooms basking in the sanguine moonlight lay at their exact center, surrounded by a metal circlet.  Each of them connected to a different vial or tank, containing liquids that could only be described with the word arcane, like the name of the man who had organized and funded this vast operation.

 His name too was Arcane and it seemed to describe him perfectly.  Across the cave stood a large statue of a hooded woman holding a tray covered by a glass dome, three shining crystals sparkled beneath the dome, one was blue like the depths of the ocean, one was as yellow as the sun and the final one was as red as blood.  The statue appeared to be made of bronze at first glance, but too a trained eye it was clearly not bronze it was another metal alloy one called orihalcum.  Three large computers were connected to the statue.  Seated below it was a man with long flowing black hair, his crimson eyes gazed over the room, practically crawling with men in lab coats.  A crooked smile gleamed on his face.  Deep in thought he watched all of them, these humans may have lost the power of magic but with science look how far they have come.  If enough of them want a thing they will move heaven and earth to get it.  With the power of the microchip I will have it; the Elven Light will be mine.  Laughing as he rose to his feet, he stood towering above them casting a very imposing shadow.  His blood red eyes burned with a desire, a desire shared by many hidden in the darkness.  To return magic to the world, Arcane himself was very old he had walked the earth since before time began, more or less his vampiric lineage has served him well through the countless ages he has survived.  He was not a pure blood, but being an ancient had its perks though he was powerful, and highly feared by the pure bloods.  If you asked for him to be described, many would say he is chaotic and too loud, spending far too much time among humans.

 The truth even though they are his food he had always admired the human spirit.  He was one of the few creatures that gave humans some respect, he knew all too well not to underestimate them.  Even after so many years as a vampire he had never forgotten what it meant to be human.  Arcane had never really liked being a vampire; living forever can get pretty damn boring as he would put it.  And now this, a grand experiment using their science combined with his power to gain entry into another dimension.  He had a dream, something so human and to achieve his dream he needed something from the forgotten home of the Elves the Forever Forest; it would bend to his will this night.  Smirking he looked up through the hole at the moon.  Tonight magic and science collide.  These humans using what they call Scalar Physics and Quantum Mechanics will help me.  Science provides them an explanation of the world and how it works.  Thing long and hard this scene looked so familiar to him, then he recalled it Alchemy, oddly enough these two sciences shared quite a bit in common with it. 

“Master Arcane” it was the man with the clipboard again.  “We are ready to begin, if you are ready?”  Looking down at the man whom he towered over he spoke “So all I need to do is put a few drops of my blood in the middle of that Fairy Ring?”  The man adjusted his glasses and looked up.  “Yes my master, with our combination of Alchemic principles, other sciences and your power, we should be able to breach the Faye Barrier protecting the Forever Forest.”  Laughing Arcane walked over to the Mushroom ring and said “let’s begin those Fools will never know what hit them.”  Calmly he drew a knife and slit one of his fingers.  As the blood made contact a pillar of light rose high into the sky hitting the sanguine moon and refracting back down at the earth, slowly it began to spread. 

A world away, a young man sat petting a cat, out of sight of everyone and everything.  This in itself is nothing special except the cat is a spirit that few can see.  He knew he was real and that is all that really mattered to him.  The cat had walked with him as long as he could remember.  It had always been by his side.  As a child everyone thought it was an imaginary friend that would vanish with age.  The cat had been his only friend for a very long time; his parents had died when he was very young.  Kurt grew up self-reliant; he had short well-kept jet black hair a muscular build and the deepest green eyes anyone had ever seen.  Looking into his eyes was like looking down upon an endless windswept meadow.  Something he had always remembered.  “Take good care of Twilight; he will guide you to your destiny.”  These were his great grandmother’s last words to him before she died.  The most shocking part of it was not that she could see the cat but that she knew his name.  Kurt was a known loner; he really did not mesh well with normal people. The only ones he seemed to get along with were psychics and mediums, mainly because they could see his cat.  For as long as he could remember he had problems with and many dealings with anything supernatural.  He even learned he had a technique called the mystic eyes, his eyes could see through the veil straight to the truth.  They gave him the power to just know.  With nothing more than a glance he would know the true nature of anyone he met or just casually encountered.  Over his life this got him into trouble; with all manner of different beings many of which were not human.  Time and time again the only reason he escaped was due to Twilight’s protection.  His cat proved to be more than he seemed, shapeshifting from a small house cat to a large saber toothed tiger, as well as various other forms of large cats.  The cat seemed to love eating demons at least that is one of the ways he protected Kurt.  A demon would crop up threaten Kurt Twilight would devour it.  Then just sit looking smug with himself.  Kurt could only guess at how many dark entities Twilight had saved him from.  What he did know; you did not want to mess with this cat. 

On this particular evening he was seated at the outside bar of his favorite hangout Lucy’s Bar and Grill, drink in hand just gazing at the stars.  Basking in the light of the sanguine moon, as he raised his glass to toast the moon, his cat Twilight was seated on the stool next to him.  Before he knew it a beautiful woman was standing at the bar between him and his cat.  Without missing a beat she petted Twilight and said “It happens tonight!”  Kurt was too shocked for words, her hand gently cupped his chin; she was an inch from his face.  Her eyes were silver, strikingly beautiful; they reminded him of starlight, but the only thing he could think was I’m staring into the eyes of a beast.  Her presence was ominous; it sent chills up and down his spine.  She seemed to give off the same type of energy as Twilight.  She spoke again “You haven’t awakened yet……..I hope you are ready!”  With a sudden gust of wind she was gone.  As the shudder faded from his spine he realized all he could remember of her was she could see his cat, and those piercing silver eyes.  She had left crippling fear in her wake. 

He was visibly shaken muttering to himself “those were the eyes of a beast” in the midst of his panic he became aware that someone was talking to him.  He looked up with relief to see it was just Lucy the bar’s owner and almost single handed operator.  “Can I get you another Bud Lite?”  Pausing a moment to think, He calmly answered “No thanks, Can I get a Long Island Iced Tea instead?  With a smile the bartender turned and said “coming right up Kurt.”  It was the fact that Lucy remembered his name and gave him the space to breathe that kept him coming to her bar.  To him it was a peaceful place, not like those noisy night clubs downtown.  Here you could hear yourself think and relax.  He had managed to put up a calm front but the calm demeanor he had shown the bartender could not be farther from the truth he was still really shaken up from his encounter with that woman.  Looking down at Twilight he could not help but ask “that woman who was she, what was she?”  Twilight not unlike most cats just looked up at him with those bright yellow eyes and mewed.  “You are no help!”  He could think only of how unnerved she had made him.  In an eye blink his new drink was in front of him, squeezing the lemon into the drink and stirring it with the straw he took a huge gulp and breathed a sigh of relief as the tension left his body.  The moon had reached the midnight alignment, in mere moments Kurt’s life as he knew it was going to come to an end.  The Date was the 13th, Friday the 13th.  Twilight jumped up to the bar and walked till he was in front of Kurt, he stopped and sat down, looking to the sky.  There was a bright light on the horizon and it was moving this way.  As Kurt looked up at the approaching light the silver eyed woman’s words came back to haunt him, her haunting voice echoed “it happens tonight!” 

The Light

The light was now upon them, everyone around him was panicking, as for him he was frozen in awe, He and Twilight were standing in the middle of a vast forest the likes of which he had never seen before, standing less than three feet from him was a woman with long flowing silver-Blonde hair covering slightly pointed ears.  Her eyes were as orange as a sunset; she had shapely hips and a very nice muscle tone.  Looking to Twilight who just meowed “she is so beautiful” those were the words that escaped his lips and just like that he was standing next to the bar staring at a blank wall.  Everyone around him was lying on the floor unconscious.  All of the power was out too.  It was as if everything and everyone had just stopped.  Suddenly fear gripped Kurt as the thought crossed his mind am I the only one left alive.  To his great relief he realized everyone on the ground was still breathing.  It was then he noticed, he could feel a pair of eyes watching him “Who’s eyes are those” he yelled.  Just like that the feeling vanished.  Behind him in an upstairs window curtains fell back into place.  In the distance a loud wolf like howl echoed through the air as he just stood there staring at the sanguine moon. 

Out in the forest alone, the owner of a pair of pretty orange eyes stood frozen.  “What and who was that?”  These words were spoken aloud to herself as animal calls sounded the alarm.  Her breath drew short her eyes dilated, and then she heard it loud and clear “INTRUDER”………  “A VAMPIRE HAS BREACHED THE BARRIER!”  She took off running for the village by the time she arrived it was in flames, many lay dead or dying.  The attack had been brutal, she knelt down next to one of them placing her hands on his chest, he looked like nobility but what was he doing so far from the Royal Court, “Light of life come to my humble hands and deliver us!”   The man had been bleeding to death, the blood flow stopped and his breathing returned to normal as he regained consciousness.  With a passing breathe “Thank you” she turned to him, “Don’t thank me yet, we are still under attack.”  The barrier around the village prevented the fire from spreading to the forest but at the same time was churning the flames even higher.  She looked into his eyes, “Can you stand?”  He answered weakly, “I think so; your name is Aura right?  I have heard of you, this is the first time I have ever seen you though.  You are nothing like what they say about you.”  He realized who she was when he saw her orange eyes.  Even in the world of the elves orange eyes are out of the ordinary.  Aura knew who she had saved; though it had taken her a few minutes to figure out, this man was the only son of the king of the elves.  She was shocked at how nice he was being to her, a mixed blood one quarter elf on her mother’s side.  Traditionally since all ties were cut between the world elves have hated humans and anything to do with them, the mixed bloods were no exception.

Aura stood about 5’5” had long flowing silver-blonde hair, a very well-proportioned muscular body and these beautiful orange eyes like the color of the setting sun.  She always wore this leather based armored outfit, and was usually seen carrying a long bow and quiver full of arrows.  Today however she did not have her weaponry with her, she had been in the forest visiting her grandmother, mother and father’s graves.  Her Grandmother and Father were the only humans ever deemed worthy enough, having been buried in the sacred home of the Elves was proof enough of this.  To shake things up even more when the light hit she had seen a man in the forest that should not have been there, all she could remember of him was his deep green eyes and the spirit cat that had been by his side.  She could not get his eyes out of her mind they were like an endless windswept meadow.  The man and the light vanished, soon after that she had realized there was an alarm.  

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